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zoltan emodi Miskolc, Hungary
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Mar 03 2006
I don't know... I know where is the original, well i talk with the photographer. Hi see the different, and Hi like it... - Nov 01 2006
Ok. I try it... - Mar 28 2006
If you like this photo. I can send it for you! - Mar 07 2006
Thank You! - Mar 07 2006
I don't care! :o) - Mar 04 2006
Oh, GFX. Thats your mind... I mean 2313 peoples feeling something. Not like you!!! Something else. Something posotive. You don't like this wallpaper. Thats your business. Don't download.

And thank you, your criticism!!! - Mar 04 2006
Just see the "marbles" wallpaper on the firs page. How that relates, to Ubunto/Gnome, and have so mutch more... Just looking around. I send two link previously, How that relates???

You told me something, but it makes no sense. Thank You! - Mar 04 2006
1861 download. Some people feling something else... - Mar 03 2006
67% Somebody push the BED more and more... - Mar 03 2006
Wake Up Men!!! And looking around. You think, your kids never see same things in the Internet??? Just think about it... - Mar 03 2006
Hi! I upload the new wersion with the photographer name. I think is not sexual content and I can't keep the image off. I don't understad the dissembler peoples, all those who sey this is adult category. Just watch two commercial in the tv and you see more then sexuality... - Mar 03 2006
Thank you Stemp!!! This is the Open Source feeling! I have copyright! Now editing the updated wallpaper with the photographer data. - Mar 02 2006
I think is NOT sexual content. The photographer is reply my e-mail. I edit the new version, this included the photographer data. - Mar 02 2006
I think, this picture is NOT adult category! Just artistically. - Mar 02 2006
I would like know too. Maybe answer to my mail. - Mar 01 2006
Hi! I didn't see the naked girl I see the art and I feel something... I would like sharing this. And now editing the next without naked girl. - Mar 01 2006

I did and I hope the link is work! - Mar 01 2006
Thank you!

I found this photo in the Internet. I send mail to the photographer, but Hi did not answer. I didn't see any copyrigt... Unfortunately I have no bigger size. If i can talk with the photographer, maybe Hi send me a bigger photo... - Feb 28 2006

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Mar 03 2006
Thank you! But the photo is not my work! I would like sharing it. - Mar 08 2006
Thank you! I like this photo too. I do the next. Just push the GOOD button! - Mar 08 2006
This is the picture name... - Mar 04 2006

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Mar 05 2006
I'm not a gay, but i like it! - Mar 06 2006