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Dhanuka Lakmal Kodikara Kalutara, SriLanka

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

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Feb 06 2009
Message: Error calling tar. - Feb 07 2009
GnoMenu - consolidated menu for gnome

Various Gnome Stuff 146 comments

by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
Thanks for your commitment. :) - Nov 13 2008
I can't open Preferences Menu of GnoMenu by right clicking the menu. Window opens and automatically closes. Pls help me. - Nov 13 2008
New Wave GDM

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Aug 28 2008
Great Great Great !!!

You have done that ( It's fantastic friend (Seems to be you are a professional for this :) ). And I really appreciate, replying for every message within short period. Now I'm using your full suite(GDM theme, metacity theme, icon theme and Lock screen). This is a new design and seems to be like a new generation design. Thank you very much and all the best for your great work.

P.S. : Thanks again for your message also. - Aug 24 2008
I really like the design of this. Specially glass effect you have used. Can you design a screensaver lock-dialog theme which is compatible for this. Then it will be a nice combination. All the best for your nice work. - Aug 24 2008
New Wave

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Dec 14 2009
Thanks for your great help I installed new bzr version and got the icons. Thanks. Keep it up your good work. - Aug 23 2008
Please help me. Following error occurred when downloading, is redirected to
bzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar pack repository format 1 (needs bzr 0.92)\n' - Aug 23 2008
Thanks for your quick reply. But there is no link to download the files. How can I do that? - Aug 23 2008
What is the icon theme you have used for screenshots? Please post the url. Thanks in advance. All the best for your nice work. - Aug 23 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008
Thanks paul92, it works :-)

I hope this can be fixed with next release since it worked in previous releases.

Thanks and Regards
Dhanuka - Jan 24 2008

This is a great work you have done.

I have a one problem also. I installed v 1.05 using my sudo priviledged accout but menu is not loading and it is like in

But if I logged in using root account menu works perfectly.

Can u help me please. This is a really excellent work so I don't want to lose this.

Dhanuka - Jan 23 2008