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Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme

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Nov 10 2019
In fact the problem is not with shadows but with everything that involves transparency wich is basically the entire theme ! Maybe it's a bug with gnome 30 i don't know the only thing I know is that's this theme has changed hisself from gorgeous to barely usable (with disappearing windows and with the top bar blinking sometimes when typing ) please, if you can, fix this it's awful. - Jan 30 2019
(I don't know how a send mails here maybe that's because I created an account to report this and I'm not old enough to send mails - Jan 29 2019
I have a video to explain where can i send it ? - Jan 29 2019
I've got a problem with shadows on ubuntu 18.10 sometimes it looks like it's re calculating shadows and it s really ugly... - Jan 28 2019