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GTK2 Themes

Murrina-Simple Blue

GTK2 Themes May 12 2007
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Graphic Apps

Font Manager

Graphic Apps May 28 2015
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Karamba & Superkaramba
Plymouth Themes
Font Manager

Graphic Apps 14 comments

by Dies
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May 28 2015

What distribution/version?

gtk_shell_shows_app_menu & gtk_shell_shows_menubar must both return true for the application to use CSD, otherwise it uses a regular toolbar. As far as I know only Gnome 3 returns true on both.
- Dec 31 2014
Of course.

Just let me know when the latest gets published and I'll add the links for Slackers.

I see they're still showing it as the last version and the package as unavailable. - Aug 12 2010
Thanks for your comments.

Font Manager now includes an option to ask Pango for a localized sample string and use that instead of the default pangram, this is already in SVN and will be available in the next release.

It's an option in the Interface tab of the preferences dialog and it's enabled by default. Thanks for your suggestion. :-)

As far as translating the program goes, anyone who would like to help on that front, or any other for that matter, is more than welcome to.


- Jul 29 2010
If you are using the latest upload, please file an issue which includes the output you're getting when you compile the program, and when you try to run it.

I also need to know what distribution.

Without this information there is really not much I can do with your comment. ;-)

If you're not using the latest upload then please read my comment in the changelog and download the latest version then try again. - May 05 2010
Thanks. Glad you like it. - Nov 25 2009
"Paw" plymouth theme for Fedora

Plymouth Themes 5 comments

by Dies
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Jan 19 2010
Sure, just do


- Sep 04 2010
M Class - Alpha release

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

by Dies
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Feb 03 2010
I have not done any testing with globalmenu, so I can't say whether it's compatible or not... I can say that the theme as it is will not look right if used with globalmenu, it assumes a normal toolbar is in use. If there were any kind of demand for it ( doesn't appear to be much demand period ) I'd put up a "globalmenu-compatible" version.

You say it crashes with

gtk-window-decorator: symbol lookup error: gtk-window-decorator: undefined symbol: meta_theme_get_styling

How did you install? Did you install from source?

If you installed from packages, please post which ones you have installed on what system, because that should not happen.

That message probably means that you're using an unpatched version of metacity with a patched version of gtk-window-decorator which of course won't work.

- Mar 17 2010
Thanks for pointing that out, I've fixed the removal instructions so other users shouldn't run into that.

As far as your keyboard issues, I have no idea why any of the changes would have that effect? Hopefully someone else encounters and reports it so I can try to figure it out.

If you'd like to help with that I suggest you install packages one by one logging out and back in between each install to see exactly which one causes the issue for you. I would start with Metacity since that's the one with the most changes.

That would at least give me a starting point, somewhere to look.

- Feb 15 2010
Yup, that would probably require some major re-factoring. :-(

Might be pretty cool though depending on how it was implemented... - Jan 29 2010
I'm trying to finish up on a "Mint" variant right now, but I'll put up instructions along with everything needed in svn, as soon as I have a little time, day or two at the latest. ;-) - Jan 20 2010
Thanks, I appreciate your comments and can completely understand where you're coming from as far as unknown sources.

That is why the source is available from the homepage. ;-)

If you ( or anyone else ) want the debian folders or spec files used to build the packages so you can do a quick build for yourself, just let me know, you can file an issue on the homepage.

I'll also be happy to post a quick walk-through if you've never built a .deb or .rpm before. - Jan 20 2010
No need for a script ;-)

It's based on having two separate styles per theme. A dark style and a base style.

It then uses a configuration syntax similar to Metacity themes. So if you want Totem to be dark you would just write.

<window res_class="Totem"/>
<application name="totem">/path/to/your/dark/gtkrc</application>

And now Totem is completely dark while everything else is whatever your base theme describes.

Anyways, if it gets enough votes, I'll put up .deb and .rpm packages that install everything needed easily. Patched metacity, gtk-window-decorator, and the gtk module which injects styles at app startup.

If not, I'll just throw up the patches and instructions for those who want it. :-) - Dec 20 2009

GTK2 Themes 42 comments

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Feb 15 2015
Then what exactly is doing the drawing?

Are you not using the pixmap gtk engine? or do you just not consider the pixmap gtk engine, a gtk engine? - Jan 27 2010
Glass amarok

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

Score 48%
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May 05 2007
Well, he did something..

because your version looks great while this one looks like .... - May 06 2007
OSD Movies (merged US/FR)

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

Score 71%
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Dec 28 2007
Scroll wheel navigation is perfect, IMO.

It's a widget not a webpage, it's about as big as a widget should get, unless you want to dedicate a monitor to widgets that is.

If that's what you want then just point your browser to Apple's site and be done with it.

KISS - Apr 29 2007
Shiny Black Karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

by Dies
Score 59%
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Apr 09 2007
Hey, you're welcome.

Just happy to see other people get some use out of it. - Apr 10 2007
Kore Suite

Beryl/Emerald Themes 161 comments

by code2
Score 76%
24 Dislikes
Apr 04 2007
I don't think that's related to this theme, I think you're talking about a Beryl issue.

It happens on loads of themes, just like the garbled text, well a least for me it does. - Apr 09 2007
You got me doing something I never thought I would do being a Gnome fanboy, but, just blew away a couple distros to make room for a fresh emerge of KDE or should I say a fresh emerge of KORE.

Still keeping the Gnome install though. :)

Seen a couple of Gnome ports already, kimmik's is actually pretty good, but I want the real deal, start to finish. ;) - Apr 05 2007
Wow, you might actually get me to use KDE more often with something like this.

I can't stand the candy land look of KDE, it's like it's always there no matter what you do but you apparently despise it as much as I do, and unlike me you seem to have the skill to take it out back and put it down for good. :)

Can't wait till it's done.

- Mar 28 2007
Kore for Domino

KDE 3 Domino Styles 10 comments

by code2
Score 70%
30 Dislikes
Apr 04 2007
But can you adjust the tooltips to a grey-ish color, not sure if it was just me but I got Blacked out tooltips until I adjusted it to a light grey, now it's perfect. - Apr 08 2007
Kore for KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu 16 comments

by code2
Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Apr 04 2007
Just in case anyone else runs into it, I had an ugly blue line at the bottom on the right pane but adjusting the Layout>Item Properties>Item Height to +/- 365 fixed it for me, YMMV.

Great theme.

- Apr 08 2007

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Mar 31 2007
"I modified "FC-Fino" because I don`t know how to write a theme from scratch."

I don't either, that's why I modified a modification of a modification for Fino. :D

I did learn quite a bit from it though.
I'll have to try one from scratch when I have time.

I do like your take on it though, nice colors and touches on the menus. - Mar 31 2007
LiNsta 3 (Linux is Not Vista)

GTK2 Themes 96 comments

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Aug 23 2006
and others with text color issues.

Gabriel hasn't been around in months.

I just finished a dark theme based on his work and it seems to work well, I also included a fix for Firefox.

Download the "other" package and extract the dark archive then find the gtkrc and compare it to yours, the section you want is pretty much the first section where text colors are defined, see what you are missing and adjust the colors for your theme. ;) - Mar 28 2007
and others with text color issues.

Gabriel hasn't been around in months.

I just finished a dark theme based on his work and it seems to work well, I also included a fix for Firefox.

Download the "other" package and extract the dark archive then find the gtkrc and compare it to yours, the section you want is pretty much the first section where text colors are defined, see what you are missing and adjust the colors for your theme. ;) - Mar 28 2007

Individual Icons/-sets 6 comments

Score 74%
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Mar 26 2007
Love the folder in the trash, nice little detail. - Mar 26 2007