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Alex Ibrado , Philippines
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ICOnvert service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 9 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
Mar 16 2007
Interesting theory... and you may have something there. A Google query for 'kde-apps "thank you for your vote"' shows quite a number of entries. Paging Yaba and the webmaster..! :-D - May 17 2007
Glad to know this is still useful after all these years... - Mar 12 2007
Hi, everyone. Just wondering why the score is dropping. Is there some problem with the scripts that I should fix? Please let me know. Thanks. - Dec 03 2003

Developers Apps 8 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
May 14 2007
Comments like yours really make my day. :) Thanks! - May 03 2007
Hi thudfoo,

Thanks! Also, the latest SVN commit (#40; see reply to Rodion) has the things we discussed over email, and more. - Apr 18 2007
I'm currently working on checkable items. For the list of features, etc. that I recently added, please see -- Revision 27 and higher.

Thanks! - Apr 15 2007
What a neat description! :) Thanks! - Apr 15 2007
Vladstudio Kompanion

Utilities 7 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
Apr 20 2007
I think you can just copy vskompanion-add-url.desktop to e.g. ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/ and it would still work. That way, you can still run Kompanion from a custom directory. Haven't tried it, though...

Re other work, if you're a scripter, there's Konch... :-) - Apr 20 2007
Thanks! I try. :-)

1. You're right! I forgot to change the configuration group before reading the destination folder. This has been fixed in SVN revision 15 ( You may want to download the snapshot to try it out:

2. Vlad requested me not to scrape the site, but...

3. The Konqueror service (and drag-and-drop into the Gallery) for wallpaper links and thumbnails has been around since the initial release:

Doesn't it work for you? Please let me know. - Apr 20 2007
AutoYahoo Emoticon Scraper

Utilities 10 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
Mar 12 2007
IIRC, this is a bug with slightly older versions of Kopete. The problem is gone in the version I'm using, 0.12.4. - Mar 12 2007
Ok, I took out LWP and just used IO::Socket. This should make things easier for most distributions. - Aug 28 2005
You're missing LWP, which is rather strange. Try "cpan install LWP" as root. If that doesn't work, "perl -MCPAN -e shell" then "install LWP". - Aug 27 2005
Forgot to mention... you might not have noticed this menu:

Select destination:
1 /home/yourusername/.kde/share/emoticons/AutoYahoo
2 /usr/share/emoticons/AutoYahoo
3 ./autoyahoo-yN1Dps
4 Custom

You can just enter 1, 2, 3, or 4.

#1 is obviously the local KDE path;
#2 is the global path requiring root;
#3 is the temporary workdir, and
#4 allows you to place it anywhere.

#1 and #2 are derived from kde-config and your KDE version. (Check if "kde-config --prefix" gives you "/opt/kde3".)

Enjoy... :) - Aug 27 2005
Actually, you don't need to be root. Just choose or enter the path to your local (~/.kde) emoticons. On my system (FC4 KDE 3.4.2), it's ~/.kde/share/emoticons/ .. The script uses kde-config to get the prefixes, but your actual emoticon path may vary.

Hint: try "locate emoticons.xml" and look at the pattern of the resulting paths.

You can put this script somewhere in your path, chmod +x it, and just run it directly instead of invoking perl. - Aug 27 2005
AutoMSN Emoticon Scraper

Utilities 6 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
Aug 28 2005
Ok, no more LWP. Should have done this in the first place. #:D - Aug 28 2005
That's a bit too much to hope for, but I'm glad you like it. Thanks! #:) - Aug 28 2005

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
Score 63.3%
Jul 13 2006
Try right-clicking not on the contact/buddy name, but on one of the protocol icons to the right. You should get a context menu with "User Info" right away. - Mar 10 2004
BlueXFER service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 10 comments

by dirge
Score 50.0%
Dec 03 2003
Just a couple or so hours ago (silly me), I discovered the KDE Bluetooth Framework project:

and am now a (mostly) happy user. Since this project offers much more than just outgoing BT tranfers, 0.51 will probably be the last BlueXFER release.

BlueXFER is still useful to those who want a simple solution. If you're not averse to fiddling with pre-release code, I do suggest a look at the above project.

Regards to all... - Dec 03 2003
I was thinking of doing something like this, with some media format detection (e.g. formatted for SE P800, camera, etc.) Instead, I just saved a split-window Konqueror profile with the appropriate paths, and wrote a wrapper script to launch that profile and mount/unmount the media automatically.

Anyway, thanks and good luck. Hope to see your script here someday... :-) - Dec 03 2003
Thanks! ... After installing K3b (, I found that it added a "Create Data CD with K3b..." service menu entry. Maybe that's what you need? K3b is excellent, BTW. - Dec 03 2003
Thank you..! There were some bugs in the find/replace routines in the installer which made it fail if Xdialog is not installed. I've fixed that and others in 0.51.

To everyone, please just don't silently downgrade the rating if you find some bugs... Let me know, so I can fix it. Thanks. - Dec 03 2003
Nice to see some (pre-)feedback. :-)

Good luck... Let me know if you run into any problems. - Nov 05 2003