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Brian Mikkelsen Aalborg, Denmark
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Surreal - Openbox

Openbox Themes 4 comments

by pllb
Score 63.3%
Sep 15 2007
Great clean looking theme.

The osd is a bit empty when switchin between desktops.
Add this, and I would call it perfect.

osd.border.width: 1 flat solid #272c30 flat solid #9394a2

- Jan 27 2010
Last.Fm Genre Tagger

Amarok 1.x Scripts 20 comments

Score 50.0%
May 20 2008
An earlier request made me default to title tag.
It's only a matter of what order they are in on lines 56-58, ill make it an configurable option later.

and perhaps start commenting my code, hehe. its my first release into "the wild" so commenting is not something im used to put to much effort into. - May 23 2008
Actually I was just thinking that last I checked what tags it had retrieved. It will be Capitalized in next release - Apr 24 2008
My guess is that you are missing ruby-taglib (, which in my case (arch linux) was the only library that didn't came with the ruby package.
Almost all suggestions require me to figure out how to make a configuration dialog. So i think i'll implement a possibility for both white and blacklist. - Apr 17 2008
Good idea, ill put i on my todo.
Just need to find out a generic way of doing dialogs. kdialog is packaged deep inside some kde package, and im using gnome. - Apr 16 2008
and by the way, yes, i would like to see your changes - Apr 15 2008
My original plan was to use tags for albums, but i dropped the idea when I saw some albums with top tag like "got this album".
I suspect that single track tags are even worse on that account.
But im not against putting it as a posibillity in configuration - Apr 15 2008