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Daniel Suson

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Jan 13 2018
Dear Martin,
I downloaded the latest version, hoping that it would fix the problem that I had backing up my file system to a single file. The backup appeared to complete okay, but tar -tf generated an error when trying to list the archive. The archive's size is 5,294,187,520.
I tried splitting the backup into logical portions: base, home, local, and so forth. The base backup is 3,339,448,832 and listed okay. The home backup is 4,365,593,088 and did not list okay.
Any suggestions on what might still be wrong? Any thoughts on how I can give you data for troubleshooting? If so, what kind of data do you need?

Dan - Nov 18 2007
I used kbackup to back up my entire filesystem (approximately 150GB across three drives) onto an external hard drive. When I try to view the archive through konqueror I get the error "Could not open the file, probably due to an unsupported file format". Similarly, if I try to use Ark, I get "An error occurred while trying to open the archive". Finally, I tried doing a simple
"tar -xvf /media/Backup/backup_2007.09.22-17.06.21_1.tar".
This failed as well. Why can't I read the backup? I need to upgrade my system, but can't proceed until I know I have a restorable backup in place. - Sep 27 2007