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Sep 05 2017
Is there a way to only add videos from a playlist that are shorter than 1 minute (or any length of time?)

Thanks! - Oct 28 2015
Thanks for the quick response! I just meant that the playlist doesn't shuffle endlessly anymore, it actually plays when you click on a video in the playlist.

However, regardless of which video I click Play on, the video that loads is always the same video (the first video in the playlist).

When I Right-Click on any video in the list and select Information, the Location URL is always the first video.

I'm on VLC 2.2 with the merged_playlist_youtube.lua and youtube.lua in the lua/playlist folder. Let me know if I can help debug this any further. - Jun 02 2015
Thanks for the fix! But how did you get this to work? It's now loading the playlist, not shuffling anymore, but when I click on any of the videos in the playlist it only plays one of the videos.

I tried copying into the folder with youtube.lua and playlist_youtube.lua still there, and also tried replacing them with this script and still get the same result. Taking it back out brings me back to the endless shuffling. - Jun 02 2015
Do you think you could post your solution, or post how to do this even if it's a temporary fix? I have a script that generates new links every day, so this would actually work great for me and it could be a while before VLC actually fixes it on their end.

Thanks! - May 31 2015