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Ed Adasiewicz Woodstock, USA

GTK3 Themes 122 comments

Score 85.7%
Jul 11 2019
+ - Dec 04 2018
Qogir theme

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Score 87.4%
Jul 10 2019
+ - Oct 12 2018
Obsidian 2

GTK3 Themes 76 comments

Score 80.9%
Nov 15 2018
I think there is a problem with the gtk2 version. I use sublime text (which must use gtk2) and if I start it up with the -w option (which waits for it to totally load before anything is displayed) it complains that it cannot find radio-unchecked-selected.png and radio-checked-selected.png in the assets sub-directory. If I create these 2 files then the problem goes away. These 2 files are referenced in gtkrc. - Jul 17 2018
Breeze GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes 31 comments

Score 80.3%
Sep 13 2018
Thanks for the grub theme but I have 1 question. After I select what I want to boot I get a "rectangle with a grey interior" covering most of the screen. Is this what is supposed to happen? Should anything appear within the rectangle? I am running ubuntu 18.04. Thanks. - Jul 04 2018

GTK3 Themes 66 comments

Score 85.4%
Jul 04 2019
Thanks for the fix. I'll be pounding on it for a while and will let you know if I find anything else. - Jul 03 2018
I really like the looks of the theme but I am having problems resizing windows. When I move the cursor to a window boundary I am not getting "arrow plus bar" cursor and am not able to grab the window frame. I am running ubuntu 18.04 and don't have this problem with other themes. I am running with DMZ-White cursors via Gnome tweaks but have tried others. Perhaps I just need to tweak something else. Thanks. - Jul 03 2018

GTK3 Themes
by eliverlara

Score 85.7%
9   Dec 04 2018
Qogir theme

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 87.4%
9   Oct 12 2018