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Oct 01 2017
The beta 2 crashed when I was trying to convert a directory that had "#" in it. I assume that the # is what caused the crash. - Aug 27 2010
I haven't seen any missed songs when replay gain was off, but I haven't really tried that many. This only happens to less than 1 out of 100 songs.

One thing I have noticed though is another anomaly. When playing a few recently converted songs, there was what sounded like a drum beat at the very beginning of a few songs. When I tried reripping the songs using the same settings, the errant sound was still present, so the glitch is persistent. When trying other ripping software, such as gnome's soundconverter, it didn't show up. assuming that both programs would use the same encoder, oggenc, it seems weird that sound distortions would show up in a song ripped from one program but not the other.
Whatever turns out to be causing it, I restored the old mp3s from a backup and am probably going to try something else to convert them. I just wish gnome's soundconverter had the advanced configurability that SK has. It won't even allow custom bitrates. - Jan 03 2009
The end of one of the logs of one of the failed files looks like this.
SK doesn't even seem to realize that it not being able to move a nonexisting file is a problem.

Output: Writing tags to '/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg'

Output: Analyzing files...

Gain | Peak | Scale | New Peak | Track
-7.33 dB | 37536 | 0.43 | 16142 | /tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg

Output: Couldn't rename '/tmp/kde-enb/vorbisgain.tmp' to '/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg': No such file or directory

Executing next step
Writing tags
Executing next step
Moving file
cp "/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg" "/home/enb/Music/New//Artist/Other/Collection 1/soundtest.ogg"
Output: cp:
Output: cannot stat `/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg'
Output: : No such file or directory

File moved
Executing next step
Removing file from conversion list. Exit code 0
Finished logging

- Jan 01 2009
The .3.8 version won't convert everything that I tell it to and will randomly and silently fail for about 1 song out of 100, and I can't get the .9 version installed because there is no .deb and the source fails with the make command. Anybody know if the .3.9 solves this problem? - Jan 01 2009