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Daniel tim Perpignan, France
Painting Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 20 comments

by kness
Score 53.3%
Dec 20 2006
Very nice idea, I was in the mood for changing my KDE appearance...and you made my day! Excellent! May I suggest a few things to the artist? I would like to see a shadow under the icons, it would make them "on top" of the painting.

Do you have other paintings, for the other desktops?

Some icons are missing, and Firefox and Konqueror share the same. Any way to help the artist to produce more icons?

Your work gave me the idea to have a PREHISTORIC kde, cavern like, with Lascault PAinting, dinosaur icons, cuneiform fonts, etc...

Then we could have a Historic KDE contest, like Egyptian KDE, Roman, Gothic, etc...would be nice and fun, and a bit educative, no?

Staying in the artistic style of yours, we could have different styles of painting apply, impresionist, cubic, renaissance, roccoco, all to the glory of art!

Beautiful, I enjoyed your work! - Apr 29 2007
Celtic - preview

Cursors 16 comments

by croky
Score 50.0%
Jun 03 2005
At least, i got rid of that UGLY hand in my mouse theme! Thanks! Moving your celtic arrow make me fell like a barbarian, ha! One question: What are this CLOCK doing in celtic theme? No time to draw one? What are celts using for clock? A Stonage stuff, a rock circular calendar, that would be nice...And also, do you know anyone who can help me get rid of the enerving clock in YAST...I would put someone BUILDING something, some kind of Conan Barbarian moving rocks to build a temple or something...
GREAT WORK! - Apr 12 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 49 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 10 2007
Way too good! I have the comic under my bible verse for the day, which one do you think I read first? - Mar 30 2007