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Enaut Walmüller
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
I tried to track down the problem by manually installing the theme pack (I looked at the makefile and the modification script and did every step – I was not too acurate though and did some things my own way) I Installed the original Awoken theme.

Everything went fine and smooth. So no messageboxes anymore. I'm sorry that I have not been able to reproduce the error. But I'm quite happy with my theme now.
One thing for your theme: you really should change the background: a pretty beautifull one is the abstract/Flow.png from the gnome original backgrounds ( - Nov 23 2010
Hi I installed the theme on exherbo. A pretty small distribution with a similar spirit as Gentoo.
Basically everything works fine exept that On each login I have about 10 boxes saying "There was an error loading an image: Unknown" In my .xsession-errors the warning is a little more verbose: (gnome-settings-daemon:1498): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale: assertion `filename != NULL' failed

(gnome-settings-daemon:1498): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_error_free: assertion `error != NULL' failed

(gnome-settings-daemon:1498): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale: assertion `filename != NULL' failed

(gnome-settings-daemon:1498): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_error_free: assertion `error != NULL' failed

But I dont get the error...
I can trigger some of the errorboxes by changing the font(yes I have the droidfont installed.)

The errors do not seem to render something disfunctional. At least for me everything seems to work just fine!

Any I dea what could trigger those annoying boxes? - Nov 23 2010
BasKet Note Pads

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Oct 01 2010

I need a note takin app that is kapable od rendering Latex formulas. Is Basket capable of doing so? since I have to take notes for many mathematical formulas this is very important for me. A prety nice aproatch is done in Tomboy but it can nither export the latex images to html nor print it or something else. - Feb 27 2008
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

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Oct 21 2007
my Laptop seemed recently incredibly slow. So I checked what process it is that slows the system down and I discovered about 80 python processes that all use exactly 3.3MB of Ram space. by indicating them with ps -x I discovered that they are all rutines of your copycover script.
While researching how they get started I discovered that each time Amarok is running in the system tray while I shut down or Amarok is not closed correctly there is a remaining process. and cute KDE restarts all of them every time again when I start my computer atempting to restore the last session. even if amarok is not started.

so please include in your script:
# a way to test wether amarok is running
# a way to test wether another rutine of the script is already running - Sep 25 2007
I really love this extension!

But I also have some suggestions to make it even better!

1. It would be cool to copy all covers of the entire Collection into the matching folders by selecting it in a contextmenu or something like that.

2.I have the problem, taht I like the strukture: "/albumname/CD x/files" copycover always puts the cover into the first CD folder and changes the icon of it and not the Album folder. - It would be really great to have that thing working - even though I by myself don't know how to solve the problem.

So if you can find any time it would be really great!

mfg enaut - Jul 24 2007
KIPI Plugin: OpenGL Image Viewer

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by kusi
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Jun 22 2007
Your Plugin is pretty good by now.

but I have a feature suggestion:
I really like the KPhotoAlbum feature where you can set during the presentation different tokens for different pictures and then tag the pictures afterwards according to the tokens you have set.
The (user)documentation can be found here:
So it would be great to find such a thing in DigiKam because I really like it. - Aug 10 2007
Amarok Folder Icons

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Jul 23 2007
you know that the extension you want to have basically exists? try out copycover!

mfg enaut - Jul 24 2007
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