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by bk12
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May 27 2005
Ok! Lexeo works in Gwenview.
Now I try to make it work in Konqueror.
A question? Lexeo suport names with space: P.e: logo kde.jpg? - Oct 05 2005
Sorry, but I have problems:
* Right click doesn't works.
* On a terminal I can asign keywords to a imahe.
* I don't know how integrate it on Gwenview.
Can anybody help me.
Thanks in advance. I think Lexeo is a great idea.
Bye - Oct 04 2005
Sorry by my poor English.
I installed lexeo, with python, but it doen't works. No errors where found in the instalation.
I can't assign keywords in konqueror.
Must I restart Kde?
Thaks in advance. - Aug 29 2005