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Evolvere Icon theme

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Score 81.2%
Mar 25 2018
Thank you for a very nice icon theme. I love the vivid colors and the bit of realism. I appreciate the effort you've put into this. It was easy to load, just by putting extracting and putting into /use/share/icons. I'm leery of icons sets that have their own install routine. I wonder what they're affecting that I don't want changed. I am so sick of the flat minimalist theme that seem to have taken over. They look like computers looked in 1990. I - Dec 10 2018

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Score 84.7%
Aug 18 2019
Great icons overall, but on my computer, running Ubuntu 18.04, The icon for Terminal, Help, Software Updater and system monitor all show up as a purple diamond (square rotated 45 deg) with two meshed gears. What am I doing wrong. I did install Faenza and then uninstalled it when I realized that it had not been updated recently. - Dec 09 2018