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We10XOS cursors

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2 days ago
Very good. Thank you. A little irritating to me: shouldn´t the hotspot of the hand-cursor be on the fingertip? So the cursor would not jump when switching from a link to normal cursor. At the moment the hotspot of the hand-cursor (pointer) is to much on the right side. Same for the nw-, se-, ne- and sw-resize. The hotspot seems to be on the peak of the arrow. Shouldn´t it be better on the middle of the double-arrow? Maybe it´s only a design decision or a matter of taste. :-) Kind regards. - 2 days ago

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May 22 2020
Oh, but not for the shell theme? Darkblue for shell is aqua at the moment. GTK Deepblue works fine. - May 21 2020
Thank you! Very nice. - May 21 2020
I have installed the themes Aqua, Blue and Deepblue. But every theme shows "Aqua" color. Doesn´t matter what theme of Aqua, Blue or Deepblue I set. - May 21 2020

Full Icon Themes 2 comments

by nicke
Score 50.0%
May 19 2020
Thank you. Very nice. But is it right there are no LibreOffice icons? On my system it´ s only a black placeholder. - May 19 2020
Mojave CT icons

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2 days ago
+ - Apr 12 2019

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May 19 2020
Hey vinceliuice, since you added support for cinnamon shell i tested it in cinnamon. But with this theme the menu is responding a little bit delayed. Also other menus on the cinnamon panel (calendar, panel editing mode, etc). With the default themes there are no problems. It's no big thing. Thank you for your work! :-) - Mar 19 2019
Sorry, i mean #71c837 to #315bef (what a pity not to be able editing of posts) - Mar 01 2019
Thank you for the quick update. But the info panel at trash in Nemo was green now. So i changed it to the Mojave-blue.
In gtk.css: { background-color: #315bef; }; I changed the color to #315bef - Mar 01 2019
Hello, Is there a way to get the buttons in window decoration (Close, Minimize, Maximize) more sharp on 4K-Screens? For the flathub app Geary i am using the theme org.gtk.Gtk3theme.High-Sierra/x86_64/3.22 . This has the same PNG's, but with sharp buttons. - Feb 28 2019
i would like to tell you a little bug in Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon: When you open the trash bucket you can see the three texts "Trash", "Restore elements" and "Clear trash" (note this is only freely translated). The text color is white on bright background. By the way in your other theme High Sierra this is no problem. Best regards. Etamuk - Feb 23 2019

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Apr 12 2020
I found a workaround for this bug by delaying autostart 5 sec for this app. - Jan 31 2019
Hello again, i found another "bug": I am using the mail app geary, installed from her PPA. When i use McOS-MJV-Cinnamon-Edition there is sometimes a small black frame around the window. And when i choose McOS-Mint-Cinnamon-Edition there is a very big black frame. Please see my screenshots. AND Feel free to contact me if you need more details. - Jan 31 2019
Thank you for this great themes. Imo this is the best MacOS-theme for Linux! There are a lot of versions, but yours is really great!
But i would like to tell you a little problem in McOS-MJV-Cinnamon-Edition-2.0: I am using it on my Linux Mint Cinnamon system. When i create a new folder or doc, the select-color (directly after creating a new folder/document) is green. I think it should be Mac-like blue?
Why i am not using McOS-Mint-Cinnamon-Edition: This version has not this nice blue dropdown arrows for dropdown-menus. There is also no Close-button in nemo settings window. This version also shows a green color after creating a doc/file. I cannot find more differences between McOS-MJV-Cinnamon-Edition and McOS-Mint-Cinnamon-Edition, so i am using McOS-MJV-Cinnamon-Edition in my Mint Cinnamon. Best regards. - Jan 29 2019

Cinnamon Themes 39 comments

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Dec 22 2018
I am using Qogir theme ( It's available in dark and light. But i use it only for the cinnamon-panel. For window-theme i choosed paulxfce's McOS-MJV-Cinnamon-Edition-2.0. - Jan 30 2019

Cursors 111 comments

by Kaiz
Score 89.0%
Jan 11 2020
I installed this cursor theme on Manjaro KDE. It looks fine. But i noticed the hot spot of the mouse-pointer (on the peak of the arrow, don't know how to explain) is not always the same in the cursor "arrow with circle". The cursor is jumping. Could you please check the position of the hot spot? - Mar 07 2018
Thank you for this great cursor theme. It's wonderful. But on thing is strange: the pointer finger is very thin :-) Sometimes i (almost) can not see it. But it's ok. Good job! - Nov 24 2017
Adapta KDE

Global Themes 15 comments

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Sep 18 2017
Thank you very much for this great theme. It's almost perfect. Can you tell me a site to report issues or problems? - Jan 02 2018
Capitaine Cursors

Cursors 99 comments

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Feb 19 2020
Works fine on Solus Budgie (copied to ~/.icons). Thank you very much!!!! - Aug 02 2017
Bread Cursors

Cursors 9 comments

Score 64.4%
Sep 09 2017
Very nice cursors. Thank you for this good work! It's perfect :) - May 09 2017

Cursors 7 comments

Score 62.5%
Aug 02 2013
Ok, i understand. I asked because it hard to find a clean and neutral black theme. So now i am using your Classicia cursor theme. Best regards. - Nov 19 2016
I know this theme is over 3 years old. But what about a black version of this cursor theme? Best regards. - Nov 18 2016
Alkano Serie for Righties

Cursors 19 comments

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Jun 26 2016
Hello, i like your cursor set very much. But is there a way to get a non-animated version (except the progress cursors)? - Nov 17 2016
Linux Distro Penguins

Wallpapers Windows 5 comments

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Nov 02 2016
Nice! But what about MATE? :-) - Oct 31 2016
BMZ cursor

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Oct 18 2019
I tried it again with the updated set. But it doesn't work. So i tried your Cursor theme "Lambda-black". This works fine. - Oct 25 2016
Seems to be fine, but it doesn't work on Ubuntu MATE 16.10. I copied them to ~/.icons but they are not shown in Settings. Other cursor themes include an index.theme file. Yours not. Maybe this is the problem? - Oct 25 2016
Flat Remix ICON theme

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May 14 2020
incidentally: you don't need to send my some candies. Spare your money :-D - Oct 17 2016
i registered me to this site especially to say "Thank you for this great icon set!". This is one of the nicest sets.
But i noticed the icons for LibreOffice (LO) are showing the icons for Word, Excel, ppt, etc. I think this would be nice to see here the original LO-icons. The second point is, the "office-category" uses the Word-Icon. Is this correct? Is there no icon for generally Office? The last point: The Mail-Icon in the panel next the clock is an bell-icon. Is this also correct? By the way. I donated some cups of coffee for you to keep this good work on :-) Best regards from germany, Etamuk
Using Ubuntu MATE 16.10, Arc theme with Flat Remix icon theme - Oct 17 2016
Mojave CT icons

Full Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

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9   Apr 12 2019
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9   Nov 28 2016