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by tarma
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Aug 13 2019
Amazing. It has been my icon theme for quite a while. Great work. ;) - May 29 2019
Materia Manjaro

Look-and-Feel Themes 24 comments

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13 hours ago
I tried to get it but it doesn't install. - May 29 2019
OSXONE reborn updated

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59 minutes ago
1024x1024 png version. Please share it for KDE users. - Oct 30 2018
I created a png version of your icon theme. Let me know if you need it. All icons are 512x512.
Maybe you could post it along with the svg version for KDE users until this svg rendering problem in KDE is solved. - Oct 27 2018
True. For some reason it doesn't render those clippings correctly. So I rasterized the clippings. :)
It looks like this now:
Hope you don't mind... - Oct 24 2018
I tried but still no change. The original icon still remains and it gets linked like that everywhere.
- Oct 24 2018
Here you are: - Oct 24 2018
Oh, ok. Thanks.
I suppose the one I see in the applications dashboard is from the numix circle theme. :)
One more thing: is the settings icon supposed to be cut on the sides? I'll try to send some screenshots. - Oct 24 2018
I really like your icons, thanks. :)
One small problem though. Whenever I apply the icons, the Whatsapp icon in Latte dock doesn't change. I tried clearing the cache but with no results. It changes in the Dashboard but not in the dock. Anything I can do about that? - Oct 24 2018

Icon Themes
by tarma

Score 87.9%
May 29 2019
Mojave CT icons

Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

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Jan 12 2019

Plasma Themes
by phob1an

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Nov 04 2018
Score 83.2%
Oct 24 2018