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Eugene Veprytskyi Kharkiv, Ukraine
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High Ubunterra

GDM Themes Nov 26 2018
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High Ubunterra

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Nov 26 2018
Всі іконки, теми та інші ресурси я виклав посилання під відео з мануалом на ютуб. - Dec 01 2018 - Dec 01 2018
Already make all new way to setup wallpapers, i tested it on few languages, all works. - Nov 08 2018
I fixed paths in, and in script itself, so tomorrow will be update, version 1.8 for all languages, i guess so. - Nov 06 2018
ok thanks, i`l try it, Thanks! - Nov 06 2018
I know, its sad, but what i can do, Its only way to make nautilus script with path.
I did this script just for me, then i thought, if people want something same like i like, and i share this. I don't get money for this dont get even dont get "likes" most time. So u want to use it or not. - Nov 05 2018
U really think i didn't try it ?
I could not get, try to do this, maybe u`ll get it! - Nov 04 2018
usr,,, its only way to make avatar at the center of screen. Same issue on native GTM if your name will be really long. U can`t uninstall because your backup was rewritten by new version of "High Ubunterra" i guess so. So u need original ubuntu.css file.
Where i can to send it to u? - Oct 11 2018
I dont know.
ATTENTION: TESTED AND WORK ONLY ON UBUNTU 17.10 with GDM3 (xorg) and 18.04 LTS (ubuntu)
- Oct 04 2018
- Sep 24 2018
- Sep 24 2018
so all your images in Pictures folder disappeared. Hm... well, Try to download some pics from internet, put them in Pictures folder, and use. - Sep 11 2018
it doesn't depend on my theme. Even can't understand about what you talking. Sorry - Sep 07 2018
Thanks man! - Sep 07 2018
Any time! - Aug 31 2018
yes, when u get update of linux kernel your GDM theme can re-back to original version, so need just reinstall High Ubunterra. Its easy. - Aug 31 2018
I`l be really glad if GDM ever change his ugly theme, on something like i did!
But 18.10 it`s not a LTS, and not much people like to u use non LTS. I`m not ;)
And thanks for + - Aug 29 2018
Yeah u right, sure I will. - Aug 24 2018
Thanks - Aug 19 2018
И да просто "sudo cp your_background.jpg /usr/share/path/..." or "su -c 'cp your_background.jpg /usr/share/...' " пароль не запросит для этого pkexec юзать надо. - Aug 01 2018
Если юзать такой способ как ты предлагаешь придется каждый раз вводить пароль, это никому не нужно, если ты хочешь попробовать 5-20 обоек подряд ты просто задолбаешься пароль вводить. Это не выход это плохой UX. А безопасности рут на эту папку вреда это не принесет, разве что если быть сильным параноиком. Я лучше укажу эту инфу в доку и пусть люди знают но менять не буду т.к. это и для меня тоже удобно, ни каких эксплойтов или подобного в моих скриптах нет, ты сам видел. Просто более удобного варианта для пользователя чем такой нет! - Aug 01 2018
Та а чего ты хочешь блин? Ты же написал что тэмпы единственные 2 папки которым можно дать рут права. Предлагай блин. Т.к. для работы скрипта без гемора для пользователей это размещение его в рут папке. Предложения!!! - Jul 31 2018
;) thanks but I think we understood each other clearly. - Jul 31 2018
Thank u for a new information for me. If u want to help me i will be glad to read your suggesting, i change path of background to /var/tmp, i tried /tmp but content of this folder wiped after system reboot, so now background will be saved in /var/tmp which has full permission by the script. - Jul 31 2018
and what, explain. If u afraid about your safety, i understand it. But its just backgrounds folder. Its safe. you can not use this Theme. I did this theme first of all for me. I want to share it if some want use it like me. So explain what u mean "I just leave it here..." its it's not respectful! - Jul 31 2018
Hm, it's make sense, thanks! - Jul 31 2018
Hhhha, If i knew this, i would do it myself ;) - Jul 22 2018
Yeah your propose make sense, but, i think its not to comfortable for users to enter password each time u want to change wallpaper. About me, i do it really often. About first part with prefix & suffix, yes maybe. But anyway thanks a lot about care my dev. - Jul 09 2018
what kind of distro do u use. Is this a Ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04.? Or else? - Jun 18 2018
ATTENTION: TESTED ONLY ON UBUNTU 17.10 with GDM3 (xorg) and 18.04 LTS (ubuntu). (Any other OS based on Linux didn't tested!!!) - Jun 11 2018
and dont have to work. ATTENTION: TESTED ONLY ON UBUNTU 17.10 with GDM3 (xorg) and 18.04 LTS (ubuntu). (Any other OS based on Linux didn't tested!!!)
- Jun 11 2018
if u did all by tutorial, u make ubuntu.bak file its your backup. so just remove ubuntu.css rename your ubuntu.bak on ubuntu.css - May 27 2018
what is your distro? - May 27 2018
Watch my video tutorial, and tutorial by Shivam ashtikar
- May 27 2018
dont see u, - May 24 2018
If you follow all steps carefully, it have to work fine. Do u see blurred background on any screen, mean lock screen or login screen. And if u have FB please IM me there, dont wont to flood comments. - May 22 2018
what distro of Linux you using? - May 22 2018
Yes true, issue exist, but for now i don`t have way to resolve it. I'm using Plank long time, so i don`t have a problems. If u like to use dash to dock this theme not for you. But i working on it. - May 19 2018
I`l try to do this for u - Mar 15 2018
just setup it from first step, like reinstall. About user name, type it in comment and i'll do corrections. - Mar 15 2018
I really sorry but I think it wouldn't work on Manjaro. I test it on ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 alpha & beta, work fine. - Mar 14 2018
and this - Feb 11 2018
I think problem is your Ubuntu system language, if you using not English it can be problem (^_^) - Jan 31 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 79 comments

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Dec 20 2018
Thanks - Nov 21 2018
Where to get GTK theme. On this site i cant find! - Nov 20 2018
GDM3 Theme Blur

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Nov 19 2018
Even interesting what your variant can do - Nov 19 2018
I see you made it anyway. - Nov 19 2018
Zafiro icons

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2 days ago
Hello please add icon for a TeamViewer. Thanks - Oct 19 2018

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Oct 30 2018
Hello, really great work, thanks. But, can i ask u to add few icons "Filezilla and Virtualbox" thanks! - Oct 19 2018
+ - Oct 19 2018

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Oct 19 2018

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Oct 19 2018 +