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Feb 19 2003
Many people have forked and modified this over the years -- and are still using it! I find this awesome, but I also wish that more people would contribute their changes back...

To make this project easier to find and to receive contributions, I've put it onto github: - Jan 14 2012
I've discovered that many were, infact, getting this while using the software properly.

It was an incompatability with perl versions under 5.8

Versions of SD2XC over 0.0.2 now work with perl 5.6.1 and possibly earlier. - Feb 19 2003
The format of .CurXPTheme files is .zip, so just extract it with 'unzip' or ark. - Feb 18 2003
You should run it from within the directory of the theme, make sure it has been unpacked properly.

Extract the .CurXPTheme file(s) and then run the script. The CursorXP themes *must* have a Scheme.ini file.

The Xcursor-compatable theme will be extracted into a subdirectory called 'theme' which will be created, if it does not exist.
- Feb 18 2003
I've had reports of problems by users of KDE using this program.

The user 'Deciare' states here
that users should create a ~/.icons/default directory and use that for their cursors.

Those instructions are incorrect and will cause an endless loop with the themes generated by this program (because the themes by default inherit from 'default').

The PROPER way to change the cursor is to edit the Xresources, setting
Xcursor.theme to the name of the theme.

Put in .Xdefaults (or .Xresources),
Xcursor.theme: ThemeName

And move your theme to:

Hope this clears things up. - Feb 18 2003
It just generates the theme, it doesn't install it.

I am looking at a few things now, in this order:
1. Convert native "Mighty Mouse" cursors (
2. Write packager for .deb and .rpm.
3. Convert Windows .ani and .cur files.

I'll let someone else write the KDE and Gnome theme selectors, for now. - Feb 18 2003
CursorXP to X11 Mouse Theme Converter

Nautilus Scripts 23 comments

by KuduK
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Nov 12 2009
I'm the original author of this script. The primary reason it is "unmaintained" is that while I've found there to be quite a bit of interest in this script, and while there have been quite a few forks of it, none of the contributions and modifications have been sent back to me!

I'm not opposed to having someone take over the maintenance of the script, to be honest, but I'd like if this could be organized.

My webpage is please email me (eric at my list name .us) - Aug 06 2009
Vox -- Xcursors

Cursors 5 comments

by smeat
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Mar 06 2003
The kde-specific stuff is now in the new version. - Mar 04 2003
by uga
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Oct 14 2003
Do NOT override the default cursor by moving your 'cursor theme' to .icons/default. This would cause an endless loop if the cursor theme inherits from 'default'.

A more elegant and recommended solution is to edit the Xresources.

Add to ~/.Xdefaults and/or ~/.Xresources the following,

Xcursor.theme: ThemeName

and then move the cursor-theme them e to the directory,


The latter directory may be different according to your operating system.

If you wish to change the cursor before restarting, change the .Xresources/.Xdefaults file and run 'xrdb $file'. Only newly executed programs will see the changes so it is recommended to logout.
- Feb 18 2003