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Alexis Sanchez Santiago, Chile
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Beryl/Emerald Themes 19 comments

by Puli
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Mar 17 2009
perhaps this will help too.

Make sure you have this package installed:

then in System > Preferences > Compiz Config Settings Manager go to Effects section and enable Windows Decoration, now, enter to it's config and in Command enter: emerald --replace (if is no already there ;) ).

Hope it helps, and, I apologize if my english is not accurate - Nov 17 2012

Conky 165 comments

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Apr 14 2011
I just Have the same issue and managed to have it working with the advice that dbstraffin give us abobe.

Just like he says, our screenlets framework is kinda picky about the names of the directory from witch install screenlets to our system.

Just extract the package you just downloaded and rename it to "InfoPanel", then archive it again.

see ya! - Oct 10 2012
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Beryl/Emerald Themes
by Puli

Score 70.0%
9   Nov 17 2012