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Apr 16 2018
OSX-White-Plus? Excellent news, pal!! I already uploaded a silly issue to GitHub. Thanks for taking my suggestion into account!!!! - Feb 11 2017
Cool! 1.3.8 could include the alpha version of OSX-Arc-Light ;) - Jan 23 2017
I meant fork, not forro. - Jan 22 2017
Got it. Meanwhile, I can use the dark gnome shel theme in the original arc theme.

But there's something that will really make the difference for your forro of Arc: take the versiĆ³n you call "White" and make it really light. I mean, follow the macOs patter and get rid off every dark panel it has: the one in nautilus, the one in the open and save windows, the buttons and other artifacts with that dark grey tint. That would be something really original for Arc and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that wishes for this. - Jan 22 2017
One of the most beatiful things about the original Arc theme is its simplicity, according to modern times. Everything there is flat and fits perfectly. I like how you added a white version of the shell theme, something the original one lacks of. But why did you make the top bar have a shadow? That totally break the harmony of the Arc theme, making it looks as if it overlaps the maximized windows. Also, the font you chose does not look pleasant neither. Can you correct that and have it 100% flat as designed in the original Arc theme? - Jan 20 2017
That won't happen automatically. You will have to replace manually the bottom bar by a dock, like Plank. - Jan 20 2017
Score 83.9%
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