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Guillaume MARION
Smooth Tux Bootsplash

Plymouth Themes 2 comments

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Apr 09 2007
Hurry up!! i want to try it!!!!
the bootsplsh is the last place where there is no tux!! i need it :D - Apr 09 2007
MacOSX Session Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 8 comments

by Senki
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Feb 18 2005
@ummmmm: maybe i want to customyze my gnome with a osX like desktop... We are in a "free" community, so i can...

Gnome-look doesn't mean "all is for gnome" but "make you're own gnome". If i'm using Linux it's because i can do what i want, and i can make my computer MY computer and not bill gate or steve jobs computer...
so, don't blame theme which not inclued a gnome logo... - Jan 07 2007