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Dustin Dustin
Amiga BlueTabs-Light

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by Aitvo
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Jan 18 2005
own reply cause i also love your amiga icons where did you get them?


Dustin - Jul 26 2005
I have noticed on a lot of thie pics on this site you have a top bar in your gnome interface just like you do on KDE i am new to gnome and i can not figure out how you guys got the top bar up there as there is with KDE... am i just stupid or something please help guys.. - Jul 26 2005
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

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Aug 23 2017
me again I don't think the last comment added. I was just wondering where to download superkaramba and how to get a top bar like you have in the screen shots... the finder bar wanna be thing. I am confused can anyone help email me please.


Dustin - Jul 25 2005
I love the theme it works great I got the buttons to work and everything. I do got a question. Where can I download SuperKaramba and what program did you use to do your top bar like that. I know you can have one in KDE but I do not have one in Gnome.. Can someone help please email me at


Dustin - Jul 25 2005