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Williams Ramos Barboza Serra, Brazil
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Ubuntu Blue GDM

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Aug 19 2007
Thanks, but i'm just testing a virtual machine! - Aug 22 2007

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Jul 07 2007
Sorry, I'm just trying to help!
Is so hard to explain because I don't know speak(write) english like you because I'm brazilian (like you know, brazilians speak portuguese).But I'll try to explain:
In the gmd setup there's a option to active accessbility at start of session.
If it's enabled, your and many gdm themes of this site don't work(Only the original themes work with that). - Jul 09 2007
Don't suport accessibility. If the accessibility option is enabled, this theme don't work and is killed by system. - Jul 08 2007
It's inside the ziped pack.
Unpack this theme. And look in the folder. - Jul 08 2007
Burj al-Arab

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Jul 09 2007
This theme don't suport accessibility. If accessbility is enabled it crashs, is killed by system. - Jul 08 2007