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by robby
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Jan 29 2019


I'm using Tellico for some time now for my DVD movie collection.

Now I want to store my books in the same program.
Since I live in the Netherlands, I would like the possibility that
Tellico can search the Dutch ISBN database.

A lot of (of course Dutch) books are not found with the current ISBN
search template which the program uses now.

I'm not sure where the dutch ISBN database is located on the web,
but I managed to find the next site which might clarify things.
" "

The (Windows) program "Book Collector" (
apparently already uses a dutch ISBN search template.
Almost every book I search for are found in this ISBN database.

Is there already an Dutch ISBN search template for Tellico, or has this to
be programmed from scratch ?

Maybe a possibllity could be to modify an already existing search template ?
How difficult is this ? (I'm not a programmer.)
(I'm not sure if this is legal, though.)

Who helps ?

Best regards,
Frits - Nov 21 2006