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Fábio Barbosa , Portugal

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May 08 2008 - May 10 2008
Elegant Brit

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Mar 16 2008
Meanwhile, I tried to port the icons so that they can be used in the current GNOME version: - May 03 2008 - May 02 2008
Hi! I tried to see your screenshot, but for some reason the page that should contain it is empty. Meanwhile, to see the address bar on Thunar, try to go to the View menu. There is an option about showing addresses. Under GNOME, I know there are some dirty hacks to change some links on the Places menu to use Thunar instead of Nautilus, but I believe it is impossible to change the whole predefinition to Thunar. GNOME depends a lot on Nautilus, which, for me, is a shame. - Apr 27 2008

I was using Xfce when I took those screenshots. That clock is actually a set of Xfce-panel Orage clocks, one for the hours, another for the minutes, and so on. I'm also using Thunar as my file browser, instead of Nautilus, which is GNOME's file browser. You can also use Thunar under GNOME or any other desktop environment. Just install it. In case you have any other questions, please ask. I'm glad you like Elegant Brit. - Apr 27 2008
Thanks for the update. It's a shame that so many programs seem to be stuck forever on the 0.* phase. I hope things will be more stable as Sunbird advances and finally hits the 1.0 version.

As for the Alt+Tab highlight request, I'm still researching and trying to see if pixmap themes allow it. I'd also love to see Elegant Brit with a flashing button on the panel whenever an application tries to alert us (like when a new message arrives on Pidgin), as someone else requested some pages back.

Sorry, therefore, if the theme isn't being updated that often. But I really appreciate your support. Keep writing! Cheers! - Apr 10 2008
Well, if the problem is that the volume icon on the GNOME-panel doesn't show up, that's because the icon effectively IS black, a monochrome icon, and therefore it isn't that visible when on the top of a dark blue panel like the Elegant Brit one. That's one of the reasons I always said that the icon set I'm assembling, even though I uploaded it to MediaFire to however wants it, isn't complete or perfect, and still needs improvements. Sorry for that. - Apr 09 2008
Are you using the userChrome.css file I'm providing with the theme? - Apr 09 2008
Well, after receiving more dozens of messages, I guess I should just post the link here... Uploaded it today, it's an updated version. Grab'em: - Apr 07 2008
There are some variations of Elegant Brit available on this website. Ayoli created Elegant Cold Blue, which is a bluer take on Elegant Brit, and also Elegant Dark (the name says it all). Meanwhile I also created Elegant Mine, which is also a dark theme with some light blue highlights. But thanks for the suggestion about other colours. I'm glad you're enjoying Elegant Brit. - Apr 06 2008
I will, in private. Licensing issues. I'm PM'ing you right away. - Apr 04 2008
Hi there! Sorry for this huge delay on answering your question. I believe the GTK version you mentioned is indeed the most recent one, but may I ask you which OpenOffice version are you using? 2.3 (the most recent stable version)? Meanwhile, the fact is that I still couldn't reproduce the bug you reported in my side. But I'll be very glad if I can help you. Thanks for your support and for reporting this bug. - Mar 24 2008
Working on that. Thank you. Talking specifically about Alt+Tab under Xfce, I've been testing other pixmap themes I use and they also display that problem, but of course there must be someone who already found a way to do it. I'm resarching. Sorry for taking too long to answer. - Mar 24 2008
Hello there!

I'm very sorry for taking so long to answer. There are definitely lots of apps which do not follow GTK as well as they should (especially the Mozilla apps, which use XUL, or OpenOffice, which is Java-based, etc.), and that has been bringing some serious issues to solve, BUT I believe that what you are asking about might have more to do with the fact that the window borders of Elegant Brit are very thin. I also experience some difficulties when trying to resize the windows, so, no matter where the problem comes from (even when it's only 1 pixel large, a border is STILL a border, there should be visible handles when we hover them with the mouse), it is very likely that it is what is going on.

If I didn't understand your question, please correct me. I'll be glad to help as much as possible. Thanks for writing and expressing your support to Elegant Brit. - Mar 24 2008

I saw your screenshot, and I'm definitely clueless about what is happening. It's not occurring here, and I don't know if other users have the same issue... But I'll keep track of the problem and try to know what possibly is going on, with my theme or not. Thanks for reporting. Obrigado! - Mar 18 2008
I'm using the Myriad fonts for almost all my desktop. Myriad Web, size 9, for the window controls, and Myriad Semibold, size 9, for the window titles. (The clock was made with Eurostile.)

I'm sending you a link to the icons right next. Cheers! - Mar 18 2008
I'm not sure of what is going on on your side, but it is definitely working on my side as well... How about putting it on your /$HOME/.icons folder to see if it works? I have a symlink in my /usr/share/icons folder to my home icons directory, so that the administrator applications can work with that theme as well.

And as for those different images at the corner of each folder, they're called Emblems. Just right-click on a folder, choose Properties and find an Emblems tab. Then, pick the emblem you wish for that folder. - Mar 18 2008
As I said in previous comments, I can and I have been sharing the icon set through private messages here on So, right next I'll send you a PM explaining you how to get the icon theme. Cheers. - Mar 17 2008
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll work on that!

And also, thanks for the support, I'm glad you're enjoying Elegant Brit. Cheers! - Mar 17 2008
Hello there!

First of all, I have to say that I'm using Thunar, not Nautilus, for a file manager. So the looks are naturally different. However, if all you really want is to take away the text from the toolbar buttons of Nautilus and other GNOME apps, there is a GNOME tool, called Appearance dialog from the 2.20 version on, if I'm not wrong, where you can change that, if you click on the Interface tab. I hope I was helpful. Let me know if it worked to what you needed. Cheers! - Mar 17 2008
Hello there, your comment before this last one was pretty clear, thank you. Also thanks for being so helpful for the other users as well. If only all bugs were so easy to solve... - Mar 16 2008
Just to make it clear (since I also never used Gmusicbrowser... I'm such an awful app-tester), where does that line exactly go? Does it have a place on the gtkrc file of EB, or does it only have to do with an internal preference of Gmusicbrowser? Thanks again. - Mar 15 2008
Bug reproduced. Thanks for reporting it, since I don't like a cluttered environment I don't even use the bookmarks toolbar, so I'd never spot that bug if you didn't point it out. Next step will be to do some research and try to sort that out.

And as for more important things in life... Well, I don't know about other people, but right now my life is everything but interesting. Or even important.

Thanks again for your continued support and interest about Elegant Brit. I like users who pay attention to the details. Cheers! - Mar 15 2008
Hello there.

I'm not sure why are you having such diverse results from a computer to another, but as for FF3, I'd ask you to be sure you put the userChrome.css inside of the chrome folder when you have no Firefox instance open. Especially if you have both FF3 and FF2 installed, and even though I'm no expert, I believe it's always best to do that kind of operations when the program is not loaded, in order to avoid some strange results. Then again, don't quote me on that one; I'm pretty much a newbie on the technical sense. Thanks for sticking with Elegant Brit. I'm working to solve the bugs still appearing with the theme. - Mar 14 2008
I will still see what is happening with Evolution, but as for FF3 and OOO, I couldn't reproduce the bugs. However, of course, I'm available to listen more bug reports in case more people are experiencing the same issues. I'm listening.

But as for FF3, did you use the newest userChrome.css that is packed with Elegant Brit since 1.1.10? It was supposed to solve the issue. If it didn't, then I'll try to work that out.

Cheers, and thanks for your interest on Elegant Brit. - Mar 13 2008
OK, now I got it... I'll try to figure that issue out. Since I'm a Xfce user, I'm used to think separators are meant to be invisible, since they can expand and so on... But I forgot GNOME-panel lacked that feature. Thanks for pointing it out. - Mar 13 2008
Do you mean the handles on the gnome-panel (three dots displayed in a vertical row)?... - Mar 13 2008
I don't currently use NetBeans, but I will try to find out how to solve that bug... I appreciate any help I can get. - Mar 13 2008
You could change the gtk-menu-images parameter on the gtkrc file from 0 to 1. And vice-versa if you want no icons at all. From this update, the icons are now visible, in case someone preferred the previous option, please let me know. It's an experiment, not really what I intended to when I created the theme. - Mar 13 2008
You can edit the pixmaps of the theme, through GIMP, for example, to change the colours as you want. - Mar 13 2008

Pek-WM Themes 12 comments

by lyrae
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Apr 26 2008
This is wonderful, absolutely breath-taking. Well done, Lyrae! - May 02 2008
Elegant Mine

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Mar 30 2008
Hi! Thanks for the compliments and also for reporting the bug.

If that bug you mentioned under Thunderbird is common to all the other dark themes, then I hope it will be easier to find a solution on a forum or a mailing list across the Web. Thanks for telling me about it.

As for the volume icon on the set I assembled, I have to say I started collecting the icons when I still used themes with clear-coloured panels, and when I started developing Elegant Brit and Mine I was already using Xfce most of the time, so the icon for the volume mixer was taken from somewhere else. Therefore, I never had the opportunity or the time to search for a good volume icon that looked good both on clear and on dark panels to replace that one on the theme. Thanks for pointing it out anyway. And sorry for those issues.

Be free to let me know of whatever comes across your mind.
Cheers! - Apr 10 2008
Hello there!

I'm currently researching about it, but first of all let me ask you: on Epiphany's preferences (that's your browser, right?), did you allow the webpages to use their own colours instead of those of the GTK theme?

If that part is OK, we'll have to look for another solution. You see, in Firefox, for instance, we can use a custom userChrome.css to solve that unreadable text issue. I also noted you were trying to read a LOCAL .html file, so I think there must be some way to tell Epiphany to use black text on a white background, etc. Of course it could be a problem from the theme itself, but I also know most dark themes have problems in cases like these, so I'm trying to rule out some of the most common issues. Thanks for reporting the bug, and I'm very glad you're enjoying Elegant Mine!

Cheers! - Mar 31 2008
As I mentioned in the description text, this is a custom icon set I've been gathering from several icons found throughout the Web. Many of them are proprietary, others aren't, there is a mix of licenses, which is why I'm not releasing it in public. I didn't even create the icons, so it wouldn't be fair for those who actually designed them. Therefore, I also offered myself in the description text to share the theme in private, through MP, etc.

Thanks for the compliments. Cheers! - Mar 30 2008
Hi there!

I'm on Xfce, and I use several Orage applets on the Xfce-panel; one for each piece of the time and date, and with a different colour for each one of the applets. - Mar 24 2008
area o.42 SVG icon theme

Full Icon Themes 22 comments

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Mar 31 2009
This literally made my chin drop. They're beautiful!!!!! A dream!!! Oh wow, I'll download them right away! Thanks for your work!! - Apr 03 2008
Elegant Brit Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes 16 comments

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Mar 06 2008
First of all, as for the shadows, are you using the latest version of the Emerald theme?

About the lower bar, it's a compound I made with Conky and the notification are of Xfce-panel. I put the tray on the lower right, and then told Conky to appear in the background, with the same height, giving some blank space to the right.

I hope this helped. Cheers! - Mar 28 2008
Emerald is very flexible in what concerns the position of the elements of the window s' titles. That means that there isn't only one rigid position for the buttons and the title. They can be easily changed. All you have to do is to go to the Emerald theme manager, click on the "Edit theme" tab, and then on the "Title bar" tab. On the right side of the window, you will be able to change the layout of the title bar. In my theme, it's CNX::T(2). But you can change it to the opposite, for instance: (2)T::NXC. I hope I helped you. - Mar 16 2008
by ayoli
Score 58.0%
Mar 19 2008
While this issue isn't solved, I'd suggest other users who might want to download Ayoli's theme to type this on a terminal:


It worked for me.

And Ayoli, GREAT job. Rated good, and testing it right away. Thanks for your work (and also your faithful cooperation with Elegant Brit). Hugs! - Mar 18 2008
Elegant Splash Screen (GNOME)

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 12 comments

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Mar 14 2008
Hello there!

Please check the directory /usr/share/pixmaps/splash in your system. You'll have to open this folder as root if you decide to change anything inside of it. I'm a Ubuntu user, so in my case the splash pixmap is ubuntu-splash.png, which anyway is just a symlink to ubuntu-slick.png. In your case, try to see if there is any relevant image there, and if you want to change your splash, please backup your current splash screen before pasting a new one on its place. I hope I could help you sort out this issue. If you find any other issues, please let us know. Cheers and hugs! - Mar 17 2008
Most likely, yes. I was just thinking about that today, so... Keep passing by to check out the new releases! - Mar 15 2008
I didn't create an icon theme of my own until now... Only collecting icons, so I guess it will take a bit longer... Though I'd love to do it. Icons are probably the hardest part of the customization task under any GNU/Linux environment... Even Tango isn't perfect. But anyway, keep passing by, I'll try to post new stuff all the time. I'm also trying to fix the remaining bugs of the Elegant Brit GTK theme. Even though I'm releasing new stuff because I needed to create it, Elegant Brit is not a finished project, and it still has to walk some more in order to be nearly perfect. All help is important, and the community has been responding in a wonderful way. Thanks. - Mar 15 2008
Project Blackwater

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Mar 29 2008
Oh, and I'd like to make a request and also ask a question... First, could you please do a Metacity and a Xfwm4 version of your Emerald theme? Also, I'd like to know which font are you using in your screenshots (besides Calibri, from what I can see). Thanks in advance, and keep up with the great work! - Mar 16 2008
I'm speechless, your theme is definitely awesome, I love it!!! Breathtaking! Rated AWESOME! - Mar 16 2008
Brit Waves alpha

GDM Themes 11 comments

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Mar 17 2008
Thanks! - Mar 15 2008
I like your GDM theme a lot. I was thinking about creating a second version, and I tried to look into your SVG file, but for some reason it isn't loading correctly. When opening it on Inkscape, all I can see is the dark blue background and the buttons. Anyway, I like the way you applied the Elegant Brit look. I'll come with another version of it soon. Congratulations! - Mar 15 2008
Elegant Brit for the Mac Menu patch

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Mar 16 2008
It's done! - Mar 14 2008
Free as in Beauty

Wallpaper Other 12 comments

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Mar 14 2008
This newest update now includes a fourth wallpaper. Try it on! - Mar 13 2008
Thanks for the advice! You guys are awesome. Now all text is vectorized. Try it on! - Mar 13 2008
Hello there! Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't remember that. I'll research now about how to convert text to a vectorial object using Inkscape (I only have very basic notions about how to use it). - Mar 13 2008