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Mar 16 2008
As usual, I'll say that I'm always available to answer to questions concerning this issue through private messages. I have no problem sharing the icon set - it's the public releasing of it that worries me. I'm writing you a PM with a link for the icon set. - Mar 12 2008
Sure!... Check your message box... - Mar 12 2008
I did change the tone and the saturation of the folder icons, so they are not 100% equal to the Leopard ones. However, I'm not sure about what is the license for those, as I explained previously on other comments. I'm writing you a PM with a link for my icon set. - Mar 12 2008
I didn't add the folder icon. I added an icon for the main menu, just like the one that appears on the screenshots.

And Kelfer, I sent you a private message. Did you check it? - Mar 12 2008
Hello there!... I'm trying to work on the Evolution bug, but meanwhile, just let me know, that feature you mentioned about Fawn is actually related to Emerald, right? Just to make things clear. Thanks for the compliments! Enjoy! - Mar 11 2008
Could you please give any suggestion concerning which colour would be better, following the theme's logic, as an alternative to white, in your opinion? Suggestions are always welcome. - Mar 11 2008
The issue with the Emerald theme is that some computers or system configurations (I have no idea of what is causing it) are displaying the theme's colours in a different way from what was programmed on the gtkrc file and from the colours used on the theme's pixmaps. Therefore, what was programmed as #262729 is appearing as several different colours to some users, even though Emerald is respecting it's own colour. This was my case, and of many other users who complained about a colour discrepancy between the window's title and the menu bar, and my last Emerald update followed a different colour from the usual in order to respect the way my PC was displaying #262729. I am aware that several other users STARTED having a bug after that update, but I came to the conclusion that everytime I fix that colour issue there will be someone else having problems with the way GTK is rendering the colours. It's a very odd bug, and it also causes that what might seem a good colour for me becomes unreadable or too clear/too dark for others. I guess all I can do is count on the bug reports people present and try to find a way to help all users. Thanks for pointing that out, and yes, what you did solves the problem for those who are having that kind of issues. - Mar 11 2008
Thanks for commenting, and sorry for the lack of replies here in the comment box. I've been feeling quite tired in the mental sense, but I'll catch it up.

As for the polemic blue colour, that was my only choice, with the poor knowledge I have for now. Thanks to OOO and FF's odd structure (and who said FF3 was more GTK-compliant? Gee... I'd rather have it built on QT if XUL is such a pain), in order to fix the unreadable menus I had to affect other parts of the theme. And since I could not keep the dark blue-nearly black of the menu text that existed before, since it made the menus on OOO unreadable, and because to put the latter on a white colour would turn all the other menus unreadable, I had to come to a midway solution: a lighter blue. First I tried to use the same light blue of the prelight buttons of the panel. It turned out to be too clear over a white background. Then I darkened that colour in several ways, and the one that I found today seems to be the best by far. In my way to see it, gray would definitely off tone with the rest of the colour's scheme. I could definitely do whatever I wanted with my theme and my ideas if the programs didn't restrain me. It is frustrating indeed.

Thanks again for your concern and care about Elegant Brit. Even if I don't answer, all of you who write comments can be sure that I'm reading you and taking note of all your opinions, bugs and suggestions. It means a lot to me that you even bother writing and giving your contribution to this project. Thanks a lot. Tight hugs. I hope you're all enjoying Elegant Brit. - Mar 11 2008
Olá! Obrigado por escreveres.

Back to English... Thank you, and please tell me: is this happening with the newer versions of Elegant Brit, and did this problem happen since the first use of the theme? Does it only happen with Elegant Brit? I never had that problem and I can't seem to reproduce the bug in my side, but I would appreciate the biggest amount of information possible to know what is going on. I don't know if this is a stupid question, but I'd like to know if this is happening with other OS's besides Arch. But anyway, I want to ask to all those reading this to let me know if they are experiencing the same, so I can see what is in common with all cases, in order for this to be solved quickly. Thanks again, and sorry for this issue.

Obrigado! - Mar 06 2008

Yes, I also feel it's a pity that there are no minimalistic-like thems for KDE. I'm wondering if there is any QT theme engine capable to do a theme like Elegant Brit, the Nova or the Mire series, or anything Lyrae (a wonderful themer) created.

Thanks again for the compliments. Keep passing by! - Mar 05 2008
You know what, since I did create THAT icon (it's an SVG file, btw), I'll include it on the Elegant Brit theme package from now on. What do you think? - Mar 05 2008
Toxich20 pretty much explained the situation. It is indeed a mix of several icon themes and individual icons found throughout the Internet. It started out based on a Mac OSX icon theme (blergh, yes, I know), back when I started using Linux, last June. But then I felt there was a poor colour variety, too much gloss and an overall boredom to it, so I started doing some mixes to make it more playful and interesting. Plus, the smaller icons (still a work in progress) are a bit closer to the Tango looks. Anyway, I'm not fully satisfied with it, and I'd love to find a good icon theme I could work with all the time. But the few alternatives I'd consider are either poorly maintained, not consistent or even... Paid??... Oh well, I guess all people have their own issues to solve. Can't complain.

Anyway, I know there are several icon themes here on the websites who are highly based on proprietary icons, or even totally copied from them. But in my case I'm also using free icons, icons from DeviantArt, mods I made out of them... And I sincerely can't remember who all the authors involved were. Not to mention that each one of them had a different license, of course. So, how to publish those icons here? Under what conditions? Would it be fair for the anonymous authors whose work would be published and enjoyed without even being recognized? I mean, here on Elegant Brit I try to be transparent about who did what, what inspired me, the people who have been helping, the themes I based myself on, etc., especially since I'm completely new to the theme creation process. But what to do with a set of icons whose authors' name I just forgot or that perhaps wouldn't like their work to be published by other people?

Meanwhile, in case you or someone else is interested on the icon set as it is, we can discuss it in private so I can share it, one to one. I simply don't think it would be fair if I published something like that to a wide audience just with my name on it.

Thanks, and let me know of whatever comes across your mind. - Mar 05 2008
That's ok, but in case you want to try out Xfce one day, let me tell you it's wonderful. For my personal taste, of course. It's the perfect balance between a full DE and that *box feeling I always loved in those lightweight window managers. And besides, as for the clock, you can do wonderful things with Conky, and you can get a similar effect. Then you could try to pretend it's a part of your panel with some screen gymnastics, I don't know... Give it a try!

Thanks for that Zen saying. It's very true, I try to do my best each day, though the mental energy isn't always the best. As for this theme, I definitely wouldn't have come to this point without the precious help of all those people who let me know they found this or that fix, people who do suggestions and give ideas, etc. I have a certain aesthetic sense (not perfect, of course), but the technical part is still a mystery to me. It's a lot easier to build good things when you work with a community. I guess that is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Linux.

Meanwhile, si, yo hablo un poquito de castellano, pero en verdad soy portugués. (Yes, I do speak a bit of Castilian [most known as Spanish], but I'm actually Portuguese.) Be free to contact me in the language you prefer, especially if in private, since there must be some rule about non-English messages here in the sites. - Mar 05 2008
Hello there! I actually use Xfce instead of GNOME most of the time, so what you see on my screenshots is actually a series of Orage clocks. Each one is dedicated to a different part of the time and date: one clock just for the day, another for the month, another for the year, etc., and each one has its own specific colour. I'm using the Eurostile font, too. If you need more details or something else, please say.

As for my issues, well, I'm still in danger of loosing my house, no job at all, the depression is, as usual, very intense and isn't showing any signs of going away (quite the contrary), etc. Thanks for asking, though.

And, of course, if there's any other thing you want to say or do about Elegant Brit, I'm always available. - Mar 05 2008
Thank you SO much... It's very important to me to know people are satisfied with Elegant Brit. And even if you weren't, I'd be glad to hear you. In case you have any suggestion to make, please feel free to do so. Once again, THANK you so much. - Mar 04 2008
Could you please precise which bugs are happening occurring in your side, so that I can actually try to work on them? You mentioned Sunbird. When does the crash happen? Thanks. - Mar 04 2008
Glad I could help! - Mar 04 2008
Oh, of course, if you want the Maximize or Restore button to go to the left of the Minimize one, you can switch that on Gconf, the same way as above. - Mar 03 2008

First of all, you need to open Gconf (if it's not on your GNOME menu yet, type gconf-editor in a console). You'll have a left panel with a tree-like structure. Open the "apps" folder. Find "metacity", and inside of it there is a "general" folder.

Then, after clicking on "general", look to the main window. There is a field called "button_layout". That determines the position of the buttons in the title bar of Metacity. Insert the following instead of what is there: "close,minimize,maximize:". Don't forget the colon. If you need a menu, say, on the right, you could try "close,minimize,maximize:menu". What is on the left of the comma stays on the left. The opposite happens to what stays on the right.

I hope this helped you. Enjoy Elegant Brit! - Mar 03 2008
I'll try to know more about which class determines that. That's a very good point, though I don't believe I ever saw any pixmap theme doing that (conventional theme engines are more supported, it seems; frustrating). Research is being done.

Thanks for another good suggestion. Keep passing by and letting me know what you feel and think! - Mar 03 2008
Hello there! Thanks for reporting the bug.

Yesterday I was also told in private about a bug on the left-click menu of Tomboy's tray icon. And I believe it is the same issue that is happening with Sonata. I'm just trying to test each part of the code to see how the theme reacts (I've no previous experience with gtkrc files). So, my current thesis is that both elements work with the same classes of regular drop-down menus, which, according to Elegant Brit's logic, have a white background and dark fonts and the opposite for the selected options. The difference is that Sonata perhaps doesn't respect the dark blue background of the selected menu options when we hover the song's title (I understand it, it shouldn't be necessary).

So this tells me GTK apps are ready for the more conventional engines, like Clearlooks or Murrina, but not pixmap-based themes, which might go beyond and put in practice some more innovative ideas. Concluding, I might need to restructure the whole menus (even because of OOO as well) and drop the existing scheme we have today. Which is a shame. So, if my thesis is correct, the menus need to have less contrast. No more white background with dark blue for the selected areas. I'll study it, and I'll also try to learn more about how classes and styles behave.

Meanwhile, thanks again for letting me know of the bug. - Mar 03 2008
Update... If you are still following this theme, please check the Mac Menu version I uploaded today, thanks to Ayoli's work. Let me know of any bugs you might be experiencing. Thanks! - Mar 02 2008
EDIT: I meant, the orange tone would be applied to the fonts on the button, not to the background itself... Which I believe it was your point when you mentioned a lighter gray... Sorry. Anyway, any opinions? - Mar 02 2008
Hello there! Thanks for the compliments!

1. Actually, the colour you're mentioning (which I think that is #6c9eab) is not green, it's a lighter blue that also appears in the prelight pixmap for the panel and also in the minimize/maximize/restore buttons on the Emerald and Metacity themes. So I thought it fitted in the theme and also felt that it came out to be a nice way to detach the Applications/Places/System menu from other elements in the theme while still being compliant. But I'll study your suggestion anyway. Thanks for pointing it out.

2. Definitely a good idea. I was actually thinking of using that red-orange tone for the flashing buttons in the panel (#e04613). Any thoughts on that? - Mar 02 2008
Thanks a lot!... Even though Elegant Brit is an assemblage of several ideas already appearing in other themes (it's not a total invention of mine, I had no experience in theming before I did this), I'm glad you like it. I'm constantly trying to improve it, and all opinions are welcome. Thank you, once again. - Mar 01 2008
Actually, I have to thank YOU... You wouldn't imagine how much your words mean to me. It's quite encouraging and it also means that the work developed in the last month was worth it. Thank you again and again. Also, in case you have any other suggestion or remark to do to the updates being released, please feel free to tell me what you think. Cheers! - Mar 01 2008
EDIT: I changed my mind. Now the value of the Y thickness is 4. I came to like that idea. None the less, I'm still available to hear suggestions about that or other elements. If you, fellow users, don't like it, let me know. I can't solve what doesn't please the community if people don't tell me why they don't like the theme and/or any of their elements. So thanks again, aitorhh! - Mar 01 2008
Hello there! Thanks for pointing that out. I updated the theme with that change on the arrow-up pixmap. You were correct, that was a bug. I also changed the Y thickness to 2 because I felt 4 would be too big. I understand that it would contribute for a better symmetry, but I like the closeness of the menu letters to the red stripe. However, I'm thinking about it and studying that idea. Probably I'll change it to 4 if there is a great request. Thanks for the suggestion.

For those who are not aware of those details on the files of the theme (so that more people can tell me what would they prefer), what is being suggested is that the menubar could have a bigger height, so that, for instance, the text of the menu would be placed farther from the red stripe of the bottom of the menu row. - Mar 01 2008
Thanks for the suggestion. In fact, I haven't tried FF3 with Elegant Brit yet, but I do hope it will work better than FF2. For instance, the scrollbars at Elegant Brit were designed to have a "cool" (so I think) effect once one of the steppers becomes inactive - it's supposed to take the same colour of the scrollbar itself. FF2 wasn't allowing it. But I'll try FF3 right away.

If only was such an easy issue to fix... Gee... It's so frustrating, because the problem could be easily solved if I just made the theme look uglier. Why do some essential programs have to be so badly designed?... Meanwhile, all I can do is to keep researching, tweaking the code, etc. I'll get there!... - Feb 29 2008
Thanks, mate... To me it's very important to feel people are satisfied with this project. I hesitate to call it "mine", since I know very few or almost nothing at all about theming. People in the community have been absolutely 5 stars with their hints, suggestions, bug reports and even pieces of code for the theme's files... This is one of the things that attracts me and passionates me the most about opensource (we can't only talk about the Linux community, since GTK is also used in BSD, for instance, but yes, I'm aware that the people who contacted me were Linuxers). Elegant Brit wouldn't be possible without the inspiration of all the people contributing to this project. I thank YOU and all the other users here at the websites for their support. It means a lot to me. - Feb 29 2008
If you were waiting, Elegant Brit already has a Metacity version. Check it out! - Feb 28 2008
Hello, thanks for the compliments!

So, first of all I have to remember that I use Xfce (the best of both worlds, to me). What I do is place a series of Orage clocks on the Xfce-panel, one for the day, other for the month, other for the hours, other for the minutes, etc... And give each one a different colour. In my previous screenshots, I used Calibri as the clock font. Now I'm trying on Eurostile. - Feb 28 2008
Thanks! I've been facing some emotional and financial issues, including the possibility of losing my house in a couple of weeks, but I promise I will keep working on Elegant Brit. Sorry for the current absence of a Metacity (and a Xfwm4) equivalent. I have no experience on that yet, but I'll work on it. - Feb 27 2008
I really have no clue about how to adapt the theme to the Mac Menu patch... I can try to do some research on it, though... - Feb 27 2008
I just sent you my .conkyrc with the scripts to your Gmail address visible at your profile. As soon as possible, I will upload them with a future update of Elegant Brit itself. And thanks for mentioning Openbox; I will try to create themes for the *Box environments. That will be a first time for me, since I never created any window borders themes, except for Emerald, but I'm learning how to do it... So I hope. Cheers! - Feb 03 2008
Hello, thanks for the compliment! Glad you're liking the theme until now.

My top panel is just plain Xfce-panel (I prefer Xfce to GNOME any time), with the Xfce menu, the Places menu applet, two clocks, a tray and the usual tasklist. The icon of the Xfce menu is part of my personal collection of icons.

As for the lower part of the screen, yes, it is Conky. I use two scripts with it: one to fetch what I'm listening to through Quod Libet; and another is used to tell me of new messages at Gmail, of course. Now let me ask you: do you want the whole .conkyrc file, just the TEXT section inside of that file, or one of the scripts? I can and I will upload my Conky settings with the scripts (in the same package of the theme or outside, I'm not sure) if there are users interested. Which means that, if you need it, I'll surely upload it. Just let me know how can I help. - Feb 03 2008
Well, Calibri is one of the fonts that come with, ugh, Windows Vista. As for Lucida, you can try to install the Sun Java fonts or follow a link to a website that has all the fonts packaged with Macintosh. Since they are proprietary, I believe I can't post any link right here, in public. However, if that pleases you, I'd be glad to discuss that through a private message or an e-mail, whatever is best for you. I hope I helped. - Feb 03 2008
I also have all the icons in my menubar, and it hasn't been a problem... Would it be Swiftweasel's issue, then? I'll try to research more on that... - Feb 01 2008
Just a question, though; which extension are you using to reduce the menu? I use "Tiny Menu". - Feb 01 2008
Just a question, though; which extension are you using to reduce the menu? I use "Tiny Menu". - Feb 01 2008
Elegant Brit for the Mac Menu patch

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Mar 16 2008
Hello again. That screenshot, as I informed above, was offered by Ayoli, and therefore I believe that he modded the theme to introduce a dark border. But, as you will find out by downloading my theme, it has a white border, just like the screenshots I took for the original page show. I'm sorry for the misleading image, I'll try to correct that as soon as possible. I had to borrow it since I don't have the MacMenu patch installed. Sorry, once again, and thanks for paying attention to those details. I need and appreciate that. Cheers! - Mar 12 2008
As far as I know, both the Metacity and the Emerald themes for Elegant Brit still have white borders... Could you be more precise? - Mar 12 2008
Oh, thanks!... My bad. I was going to object that the red-orange stripe, in the middle of the title and the menu, would break the continuity of that dark blue field both share, but I just remembered... The menu is on the top of the screen, NOT under the window title!... Oh my head!... So YES, you made a GREAT suggestion. So I'll be working on a new Metacity and Emerald version for the MacMenu users and then post it. Thanks for pointing that out, I wouldn't have thought of that otherwise. I hope you're enjoying Elegant Brit! - Mar 12 2008
How exactly? - Mar 11 2008
Brit Leaves

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Mar 12 2008
Thanks for the sources. I'll take a look on them right now. And by the way... I'm also a newbie on this. Never created a theme before, so... We're even! Hehe... Congrats for the idea and the wallpaper, mate. - Mar 12 2008
That is such a lovely wallpaper that I was really moved by it... Thanks for creating it! It's so awesome to know that Elegant Brit already deserves a wallpaper in honor of it... And after wall, the theme is a work of the community! It's GREAT! I would only make a request, if possible (and if you saved the sources on Inkscape it is easier): could you please make a widescreen version of this wallpaper? I'm using a 1280x800 screen, and I know other users also have widescreen. Just a request. And thanks in advance! Rated good! - Mar 12 2008
Elegant Brit

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 16 comments

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Mar 12 2008
I believe that is not an issue of the Xfwm4 theme, but a feature of the GTK theme instead. If you want your icons to appear on menus again, please open the gtkrc file under the gtk-2.0 folder of the Elegant Brit theme and change the gtk-menu-images parameter from 0 to 1. Save it and then apply the theme again. That should do the trick. - Mar 11 2008
I just wanted to thank you for this great rendition of Elegant Brit. I was just about to create a Metacity and Xfwm4 version for it, but you already did a great work on Xfwm4. Once again, thanks. I will put a link to your theme from my page right away. Hugs! - Feb 27 2008
Elegant Brit Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes 16 comments

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Mar 06 2008
The icon set I'm using is a custom mix of icons I found here and there on the Web. I'm not publishing because of the licenses involved and also to respect their real authors, but I can share it in private if you want to.

I'm using Xfce, and the clock is actually a series of Orage clocks, each one for a part of the date and time, and each one also with a different colour. - Mar 06 2008
Hello there, thanks for reporting the bug.
Definitely, I have no idea of what is causing this problem and also the colour discrepancy that was also noticed today. After messing with Emerald back and forth, those bugs do not disappear. It's a pain in the back, to say the least. I guess I'd better build the theme from scratch?... I don't know. Thanks again, mate. - Mar 06 2008