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Fábio Barbosa , Portugal
Elegant Brit

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Mar 16 2008
Ok, now that is really odd... It hasn't happened with me. Neither in Firefox or in Thunderbird. Has anybody else experienced the same? I'll try to figure out why does that happen with you... - Feb 01 2008
That would be Lucida MacBold for almost all the desktop (except for the clocks, that are done with Calibri) - Feb 01 2008
The problem is that some applications deal badly with dark themes, or just dark aspects of it. It is possible to solve Firefox's issue using a personal chrome.css, packaged with some of the themes available around here. I will upload that one too in the following version. As for Thunderbird (an app that I don't use), I'm doing some research in order to solve that issue. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll appreciate any help in that sense. - Feb 01 2008
Thanks a lot. I intend to improve the theme, without making it lose it's simplicity, so in case there is any suggestion you'd like to do, I'll be very glad to hear it. - Feb 01 2008
The problem is now solved. You may now download the theme. - Feb 01 2008

I already added an Emerald theme to the package. In case you need a Metacity equivalent, I can work on that too (though I don't have any experience on it... Yet!).

The wallpaper was downloaded from the I Love Typography blog. They have some neat wallpapers there. Check them on this page:

The icon set is a mix of several icons I found around the Web, several even with proprietary licenses. That means that I am not sure if I'm allowed to publish the icon set here.But you can be sure I'd love to.

Keep participating! I need your ideas! - Jan 31 2008
Curves (brown, blue, gray)

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Jan 30 2008
Hey, thanks!!! Exactly what I was thinking! And my PC is actually a widescreen laptop. Good work. Red has always been my favorite color. - Jan 30 2008
How about a version of your wonderful wallpaper in tones of red, darker orange, a glimpse of brown, perhaps, all together in a good composition... You know, really warm colors. I know you have enough good taste to put it up in a very pleasant way. I love your wallpapers. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! - Jan 29 2008
Murrina Dark Pack

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Jun 25 2008
Hey, what is the Emerald theme appearing in the screenshots? Is it available online? If not, any chance to upload it? Thanks in advance. - Jan 12 2008

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by Pakos
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Nov 26 2009
Change the handler size to any size except Zero on the gtkrc file. That should solve the problem with OpenOffice. It did for me. - Nov 06 2007