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Simeon Aitken
Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
Hey, love your work, and been using it for a while now. Just curious; what would it take to get transparency for the gnome-panel -- all of it, including the menus, notification applets and such?

Would a simple editing of the panel_bg.png work?

Thanks :) - Oct 23 2010
+1 for the icons... :) - Apr 27 2010
Also, just out of curiosity, is it the same font you used for the window title? - Apr 18 2010
1) What is the font you're using in the screenshot? It goes very well with the engine.

2) Not exactly sure why, but my panels look flat, not rounded like in the screenshot. Any ideas?

Great engine, keep up the good work! - Apr 18 2010
Just move your windows buttons back to the original order, ie Min,Max,Close.
Open up gconf-editor, Apps, Metacity, General, then find the string called "button_layout". A colon signifies which side of the window the buttons will be on; having the string value set as "menu:minimize,maximize,close" will give you exactly what is depicted in the preview above. I have mine set as "minimize,maximize,close:menu" - Mar 25 2010
The theme displays fine without the icon pack (which is still currently under development, see the description above). Gnome is just telling you that it won't look as intended without said icon theme. - Mar 24 2010
Yes, I was referring to the menu button (didn't know what it was actually called...) That solved it, thanks so much! Keep up the good work! We'll be eagerly awaiting the release of those icons.... :) - Mar 24 2010
hey, just want to say this is definitely the greatest looking engine I have used in my Ubuntu system. Just curious though, what is the fourth caption button on the top left side of the windows in your previews, and how do I enable it? I've looked all over, but I can't seem to find any mention of it in any rc files or anything....

Thanks - Mar 24 2010

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Sep 05 2017
Finally -- A beautiful, usable, complete (for the most part), yet still minimalistic icon set....
Have been following you and your art for a while now and I was eagerly expecting this icon set, and I have got to say, Well Done. :)

That said, I have but one new/future icon suggestion: I use a music player called Listen, It's very rich, and I find that the interface fits my expectations for a media player in nearly every way.
To see a Faenza Icon for Listen would be great. :)

Once again, great job, and I look forward to seeing more! - Sep 18 2010

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9   Oct 15 2010