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Franí§ois Gilbert , Belgium
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
Thank you for releasing this bug fix, I really appreciate !
I could also find a workaround. In the, I wrote this :

case "$LANG" in
*en* )
*fr* )

And I could launch the script with success :)

But I'll check your fix release ;) - Jun 13 2010
Hi !
Thanks for your reply ! :)

Yes I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 in french, the command returned :

(I live in Belgium)

By changing the language to English (including the home folders), I could get it to work. But it's quite annoying and surprising, as I didn't had this problem with my Netbook in 10.04 also... I have to switch back to English each time I wanna apply other settings with the wizard.. :(

The is also in the same folder.
I hope it helps ! And I'm waiting for the next release =D
Best regards,

François - Jun 12 2010
Hello !

I'm trying to install the 5.2 version... But it is impossible ! :(

When I run the install script, I always get a "** (zenity:3069): WARNING **: Cannot open file 'win2-7.tmp': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type (no such file or directory)

And all the dialog boxes don't contain texts.. :/
Do you know what I could do ? I tried to move the package to another location, I even installed a clear Ubuntu.. No luck ! :( - Jun 12 2010
Who Needs Windows 7 ? (GDM)

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May 29 2009
Excellent !
But do you think it's possible to add a browser of the users ?

It would definitly be great ! :)


Excellent !
Mais pensez-vous qu'il soit possible d'ajouter un navigateur d'identifiants ? Un peu comme le "vrai" de windows, et comme certains thèmes GDM..

Ce serait vraiment le top ! :) - Jun 01 2009
Who Needs Windows 7 ?

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May 21 2009
And last but not least (sorry for the tripple post :( )

Alpha blur match : replace any by
(type=Normal) & type=Dialog - May 22 2009
Small update :

After playing with the parameters in Compiz Manager, I've found some settings to reduce the CPU using =)

In the "Focus Blur Match" line, replace :

toolbar | menu | utility | normal | dialog | modaldialog
utility | normal | dialog | modaldialog

I couldn't see any visual changes.. excepted that it's smoother... ;-)

The change is very usefool if you use the "Flip" effect in the Shift extension (feuilleter dans sélecteur en cascade), or Gnomenu.

Of course, you're free to try some changes on your own ! =) - May 22 2009
Thanks a lot for your support.. =) really enjoy this !

Mmh, gaussian blur is a very CPU eater.. Not recommended for low-end computers.. =)

But the effect looks very nice.. !

Many thanks again !

Frankynov - May 22 2009
Hello ! =)

I've just downloaded your emerald theme, and it seems to look very very nice !

But I couldn't get the "Semi Transparency" effect on the title bar to work... =( It looks fully transparent but there is not the opaque effect..

Are there any settings in emerald manager or compiz manager to work on ?

Thanks a lot for this theme ! =)

Cheers from Belgium - May 22 2009