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Ice-WM Themes 2 comments

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Apr 24 2020
You're welcome. It's good to have feedback. The icewm theme is nice to code because the whole thing don't change every 6 months (if gnome team could stop making our themes obsoletes so quickly !).. - Nov 22 2016
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3 Themes 53 comments

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Apr 24 2020
You can download it here:
I had to create a new page to make it work. I'd rather prefer to fix the present page with all the comment and feed back but didn't find a way for now. - Jun 18 2016
Thanks, you're welcome. - Apr 01 2016
Thanks for the notification and the solution. The fix is commited. - Feb 11 2016
Sorry, I dont have a repo. Noobslab have one : The port is not complete (if you like the squared buttons).

To install directly the theme under Debian, if you downloaded it from here, its different than in Ubuntu :
cd downloads /*if the compressed file is there*/
tar -zxvf 136162-Crunchy-themes.tar.gz -C /usr/share - Sep 17 2015
Thanks. It's meaning a lot to me to have feedback about that work..

These days, I'm working on the menus of the gnome 3.14 and above apps. But I want that the theme still be compatible with ubuntu 14.04 LTS..

It's hard to be always up to date with all the changes made by the Gnome devs. - Aug 05 2015
Thanks for pointing out theses issues. The fix for Chromium in gtk-2 is published. As I work on the gtk-3.14 compatibility fix, the other issues are not fixed yet.. - Nov 25 2014
This issue is now fixed with the recent version... - Apr 15 2014
Thanks because I didn't noticed that issue. I was working on a new gnome-shell theme (issues too with the 14.04 version).

So I'll check unity issues this week.. because tomorow and the day after will be really busy days for me. - Apr 06 2014
It's now fixed. Thanks for the notice.. - Dec 02 2013
Sometimes it changes after a reboot (the unity panel has to restart to update the color of the global menu buttons).

You have a unity folder too with links to items in metacity-1 folder. Perhaps that links are broken. I don't know if it's usefull or not for Ubuntu but this folder is in all the original ambiance themes.

Sure I could do a squared buttons metacity theme but I would have liked it to be only a metacity theme not a gtk theme too. In Xfce you can choose a gtk theme with a different window decorator theme.. In Ubuntu/unity it's not that easy to do it. - Sep 25 2013
Thanks. - Sep 11 2013
Fixed. Hope it will fit to your needs... - Aug 13 2013
For 2 hours, now, I'm looking for a clue how to fix this but didn't find one..

If you've found a dark gtk3 theme which do the job well, please let me know.

Nautilus runs well, so don't know where to look.. - Aug 11 2013
Done with the latest version. The icons size is fixed and the dark toolbar in Nemo too... Hope it will fit to your needs... - Apr 15 2013
Done. The new version fixes that. - Apr 09 2013
I'll have a look when Ubuntu 13.04 will be launched.

Gtk-3.0 has to much changes between versions so it's hard to follow and still be compatible with older versions. - Apr 01 2013
Yes, I know but I don't know a way to do it..

If you have an example of an Openbox theme that can do it, please let me know... Or if you hear of a way to name a close button in an Openbox theme, separatly of the others, it would help me.. - Apr 01 2013
Sent a new version that fixes this.. - Jan 06 2013
Won't be my priority for the next release. I have to check if everything still works well in Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity,..

But, you can go and look at the file "02-Crunchy-orange/gtk-2.0/apps/dark_toolbar.rc". Perhaps you'll find a way to make what you want... - Jan 04 2013
Thanks! - Jun 14 2012
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Apr 24 2020
This issue is now fixed.. - Feb 09 2016
Hello Jared,
Such a huge work you've done for a year! The update of the historical themes and 3 new ones that came these 9 last months!!!

I always test your themes when I have issues on mine to see if you have fixed them before me.

Everything is fine. I had just to spend more time to take care of my father (the regular eldery issues). - Aug 05 2015

Glad to have seen you back with a huge work on your themes since april!

And thanks for your answer (that saved me a lot of time) for the nautilus behaviour since Gnome choosed to incorporate the window manager buttons in it. In Unity, it's impossible to make a choice between the gnome-toolbar code and the one when a window decorator is present.. - Oct 04 2014
I know it but didn't find a way to fix it yet. I'm on hollidays for now. The only work around is to install Nemo. I need the rounded corners in GNOME-SHELL. GNOME made some changes in Nautilus. I haven't understand how to code the theme for it. - May 06 2014
Tried the line:
background-image: url("../../gtk-2.0/apps/img/panel.png"); xfce.css and it doesn't work for now...

I think there's a bug reported about that issue (for either a gradient background or image file background).

The only way is to choose a file as a background in the setting of the panel in your distribution. - Mar 31 2014
fixed ! - Mar 30 2014
I'm already on it.. It's a GTK3 dependance.. I'll publish a fix soon.. - Mar 29 2014
You're welcome - Feb 15 2014
I'm writing a new version where you'll be able to customize easyly your xfwm4 and metacity buttons from svg images.

Hope it will answer to your needs.

Not ready yet but I want to post it during this month (sept 2013). - Sep 03 2013
If you\\\'re using the standard window manager in xfce, in the folder "xfwm4" you have the file themerc. In it, you can set the text colors. The font is set in the settings manager of XFCE.

If you\\\'re using compiz, you\\\'ll have to set it in the folder metacity-1 in the file metacity-theme-1.xml (The "draw_ops.." lines are here for that). And to have this window decorator activated, you\\\'ll have to install and launch :
* in Xubuntu 12.04 : gconf-editor (the theme is set in apps > metacity > general)
* in Xubuntu 12.10 : dconf-tools (the theme and font settings are in org > gnome > desktop > wm > preferences) - Jan 02 2013
in the folder /Crunchy-orange/gtk-2.0/apps, you have a file "panel (to have black bg in panel).rc".

It's from an old version of the theme.. I had some issues with it but it can be a way for you to find how to make it black... - Jan 02 2013
I'll send you a private message to give it a try and perhaps make it available for everyone.. - Aug 03 2012
Ambiance Crunchy

Openbox Themes 26 comments

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Apr 24 2020
To be able to improve them, I need more information from you.

Is it relative to the font size of "Active window title" that must be set to 11? I don't know why but without this set, the buttons are cut.

Is it a problem of colours?

The problem with theming is that the gnome part of it make us spend so much time because of the non-compatibility between versions: 3.8 vs 3.10, 3.10 vs 3.12 and now the 3.14 version... that we have lesser time to maintain for example the openbox version. - Jan 14 2015
Sure you can put it in it !

Which desktop will you choose (Xfce, Gnome-shell, Unity, Cinnamon, Mate, Lxde,..)?

It's a good way to have the theme tested and have a lot of questions.. - Apr 20 2014
Thanks - Jan 31 2014
A new fluxbox theme is now included.

I know it doesn't answer fully at your request but I'm not part of the development team of the Openbox window manager... Rounded window corners can only be fixed by them.. - Sep 22 2013
The other screenshots are from other environments. Openbox can't have window rounded corners.

This theme is set to be effective in a lot of desktop.

At first, I made it to be used under Crunchbang Linux (Openbox+Debian). Now, its evolution made me do it for Linux Mint (Mate and Cinnamon), Gnome (Unity, Gnome-Shell), for Xfce,..

I'm having a look in Fluxbox theming to answer to your needs that Openbox can't reach. I have problem with transparency that seems to be a default there. I don't want it for Crunchy. Still looking for a solution... - Sep 20 2013
The OpenBox theme doesn't have rounded window corners. I didn't find the way to do it or a trick to give the illusion to do it ;)

Don't know if with compositing activated it's possible or not ?

Transparency or rounded windows seems to not being features available in Openbox. - Sep 14 2013
I've just tested from the live CD of Crunchbang.

You just have to set one thing in the OBox GUI:
->Appearance/Fonts:Active window title
-> the size of the font has to be set at 11. - May 13 2013
Didn't know that a new version of crunchbang was out! I'm busy now but will have a look on it soon.

Have you tried the fix that worked for Lubuntu 12.04: delete the config file (~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml). Then you open your Openbox GUI setting manager again and set back the font, order of your buttons,.. - May 10 2013
The new update should fix this... - Dec 28 2012
* you must be logged.
* on the same row as the download button, you'll find choices like : send to a friend, edit, delete..
* if you pick the edit button, you'll be able to update your theme.
- Dec 28 2010
* Open your HOME in a file browser.
* Ctrl H to show the hidden files and folders
* go to the folder .themes
* If you have one or more ambiance crunchy folder(s), either delete, move or rename them.
* extract the new version of the theme in place.
* if you haven't your ambiance crunchy folder(s) in your HOME but in /usr/share/themes. Do the same there under root privileges before extracting the new ones.
- Dec 27 2010

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

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Dec 02 2013
You can ask for deletion at the spam group :

I will do it because they had spammed my page too.. - Dec 03 2013
Blue Highway

Wallpaper Other
by sebelk_double

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Oct 29 2013

Karamba & Superkaramba
by illusionist

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Oct 29 2013

Wallpaper Other
by jfest

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Jun 30 2012
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes
by satya164

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Jun 29 2012

GTK3 Themes
by Huku9H1F

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9   Dec 04 2013
Ambiance Burgundy 2pk

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by BBOSAK2143

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9   Sep 11 2013

GTK2 Themes
by DDZ

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9   Mar 11 2013

by DDZ

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9   Mar 11 2013
Score 67.1%
9   Mar 11 2013
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9   Sep 02 2012
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9   Jan 01 2011