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by Fry26
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Jul 12 2006
The whole thing is request driven - one put of a single find could be meant as a single put but also be a part of a "put a whole bunch of files" action. There's just no way of figuring that out.

If there was an always running app core and a kio slave just talking to it there would be a chance of having some continous flush of the in mem database and a final sync when disconnecting. But that's a lot of work and I definitely need help on that side. - Jul 28 2008
Sorry, but I don't have access to a SuSE10 machine - all I can provide is SuSE packages for 9.3 and 10.1, i586 and X64 - Jul 10 2006
I just have no idea if it'll work since I don't have a 3.3.2 installation here. Just try it out.
If I remember correctly konqueror crashed in 3.3 because of the extra fields showing track metadata like album, artist etc. Maybe you can get it working by removing the extra field names in the ipodslave.protocol file but that's just a guess.

Michael - Jan 13 2006

the iPod Shuffle is not supported yet, although I'm working on it for the 0.7 line.

Michael - Apr 08 2005
Thanks for the heads-up on this. I changed the ipod detection mechanism so I hope this problem is fixed with the 0.6.3 release. Please tell me if the problem still exists.

Michael - Apr 06 2005
Well, this is a feature planned but I like to do a lot of cleanup/code reorganization so it'll take some time before I'll add new features. Possibly this will result in a new directory structure - something like this:

Michael - Apr 06 2005

The problem with displaying meta information in konquerors list view is that konqueror segfaults when reading a protocol configuration file containing extra field definitions. The code is already in ipodslave but I needed to comment it out until this error gets fixed (reported it a long time ago but the report didn't even get noticed yet) :( - Sep 18 2004
what does your /etc/mtab and your /proc/mounts look like?

The mounted ipod needs to show up in /etc/mtab (should always be the case)

Fry - Aug 25 2004
hmm, interesting.

what exactly did you have to include?

Michael - Aug 14 2004
Hope the -1 release fixes your problem.

Fry - Aug 13 2004
it seems the linker doesn't include some needed libs to the link process (I assume it's libstdc++)

check that your development tools (gcc, libtool etc) are up to date.

hope that helps
Michael - Jul 14 2004
what's the exact error message?
You can find it in config.log

Michael - Jul 11 2004
Well, it seems that the build process can't handle pathes with a whitespace in it.
The fastest way to get around this would be to rename your "iPod Slave" directory to "iPod_Slave" or something like that whithout a whitespace.

hope that helps
Michael - Jul 07 2004
well, in that case I'd make sure "/usr/lib" is listed in /etc/ and check that the file points to really exists (IIRC in your case that would be

You'll also need the id3lib headers.

If all that is the case I don't understand why it doesn't work.

hope that helps
Michael - Jul 04 2004
what arch type do you have?

maybe it looks in the wrong path - for example if you have an AMD64 and you configured with enable-libsuffix=64 it expects to be installed in /usr/lib64

Michael - Jul 04 2004
... thanks :)

If you're interested in joining the project have a look at the project page at

have fun
Michael - Jun 06 2004
A college at work gave me his iTunesDB file so I was able to test ipodslave with some data other than mine.

It showed me a problem with empty Artist/Album tags - these will not be shown in the listings. I'll fix this in the next release

have fun
Michael - Apr 16 2004
Cool, thanks. Just give me a lttle bit of time to figure out what of these things can be done in the KDE framework and what needs to be done with hotplug scripts.

thanks again
Michael - Apr 16 2004
not at the moment, sorry. But I'll create a project on sourceforge - if I remember correctly SF has these features.

have fun
Michael - Apr 16 2004
cool - I'll definitely have a look at it. Thanks :) - Apr 13 2004
If you want to buy an ipod mini you should wait a while accoring to this story over on slashdot:

Anyways, thanks but I suppose the project still needs a lot of work to be really usable. If you would buy your iPod tomorrow I would recommend gtkpod ( instead :) - Apr 12 2004

Part of the project is the library libitunesdb which will provide read/write access to the itunesDB file format used by itunes/ipod (at the moment read only but it's just a matter of time). Applications could use this lib to handle itunesDB files - imagine juk being able to transfer songs to/from the ipod

have fun
Michael - Apr 12 2004
Well, first of all I need to get it done and stable ;)

One with a Neuros (I don't have one) and the knowledge about how the music is organized on it (?) should be able to write a replacement for the ipod specific part of this project.

have fun
Michael - Apr 12 2004
Thanks :)

I'm _very_ interested in this kinda stuff but AFAIK the future of HAL and DBUS in KDE is not so clear.
My first idea is to have a shellscript in /etc/hotplug that mounts the ipod and fires up a dcop call ... somehow ;)
But admittedly: not very elegant compared to the possibilities HAL/DBUS would make possible.

have fun
Michael - Apr 11 2004

There's a lot of work to do :) On top of my head there is the itunesdb lib which needs write support - there are class bodies for this waiting to be filled with code. But that's the fun part: _I_ wanna do this ;))
Also I still have the feeling that the IOslave works just barely so this needs some work too.
I'll setup a sourceforge project in a couple of days and will update the page

have fun.
Michael - Apr 11 2004