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Jul 27 2011
If you import box2d source code in project and compiled failed,that's because you've not compile qt-mobiltiy yet(multimedia).you can comment
these two lines in .pro file

CONFIG +=mobility
MOBILITY +=multimedia
- Jan 11 2012
you can compile Box2D src and import generated box2d libraries in your project And the simplest way is download Box2D src firstly and then copy Box2D'src directory to project folder.That's it. :) - Oct 27 2011
I think you can add INCLUDEPATH = Box2D header directory'path in your .pro file or
simply cp Box2D header directory(contains header files) to your QTDIR/include.
It works like a charm.
- Aug 03 2011
From the technical perspective, it's possible.Basically I make this in my spare time and I am busy with other project currently.I guess I have no time to re-write this with qml-box2d plugin.:)
Could you tell me what's problem you encounter?
The plugin is as easy as any other qt demo/example to compile. - Jul 30 2011
I appreciate your reply really.And I've updated source code for this problem,which is related to opengl support missing on X11.
ps:zoom in/out with mouse on X11 needs opengl support,otherwise game will becomes very very slow.
So if you run this on X11 in virtual machine or X11 missing opengl support.
the latest verison of HappyFrog will show a messagebox that recommand you turn off the feature(I mean zoom in/out with mouse)
Thanks again.
Gary.Wzl - Apr 12 2011
Thanks for your mention.
I've updated the source code.
zoom in/out with mouse has been supported.
Due to performance issue,sound effect has not been added in 0.0.2 yet.I will figure it out when I am free. - Apr 11 2011
Yeah,It's a qt app integrated with Declarative UI and Box2D instead of plain Qml app.
:) - Mar 31 2011
still busy in these days
I will figure out the points that you mentioned if I am free. - Mar 27 2011