Gyorgy Kortvelyessy London, United Kingdom

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Sep 04 2017
Hi Martin,

Thanks for this great plasmoid. I'd like to request a new feature:
When a state of a key CHANGES, an OSD or a notification would be great to show up (sometimes I can't notice that I accidentally pressed the CapsLock key).
On certain notebooks (ThinkPad+Windows, Chromebook) a small OSD indicates the key state in the bottom-left corner by default. As far as I know QT doesn't support to scale and position OSD therefore a simple kdialog would be great, at least for me.
Here's a sample: $ kdialog --title 'CapsLock' --passivepopup 'ON' 1

In case others like this and so can you, could you implement this into your code, please?
(An OSD example in another project:

Thank you in advance,
Gyorgy - Nov 18 2016
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Aug 05 2015