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Rostislav Axamitnyy
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Nov 08 2016

First of I wish to thank you for developing such an impressive theme - I really appreciate your work.

And because I really liked your theme and wish to continue using it I would be very grateful if you could advise me regarding fixing following issue.
I am using Fedora (Korora) 22 with Cinnamon Window manager and when there are many running applications and in such a way many buttons on the panel a system tray (area on the panel with system icons such as display, network etc.) starts to slide towards clock, so that some of the system icons are clipped by the clock as on the following image where keyboard layout is clipped by the clock:

I checked with some other themes (e.g DeLorean) and I did not observe sliding effect. I browsed through cinnamon.css but so far I did not find anything relevant, so I would be more than grateful if you could suggest a way to prevent effect of the sliding of the system tray.

Thank you very much in advance! - Sep 12 2015