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Dolphin Service Menus 225 comments

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Aug 06 2017
its trure - i check in other kubuntu comuter if i first install ruby auto install from dolphin work.
So is possible to check ruby state ? )or auto install before install plugin ?) - in default kubuntu distro users dont have instaled ruby so when try install have big error - big beacose there any error message- click install, script is show as instaled but not work. Thanks for script its very usefull ! - Apr 06 2012

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

by nu11
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Jun 27 2007
i see message make sure to cros infrastucture is isntaled - and see to doc - where is doc ? - Feb 01 2010
how to do it ? i have digitemp but it dont work - Feb 01 2010
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts 379 comments

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Jan 05 2017
i use avconvert miltions times, and it works fine but i can delete oryginal files please add this function i know is dangerous etc, but dont by like microsoft - you are to stiupid to do it :)
please add delete originals after convert its easy function and very usefull :) - Aug 12 2009
Hy, now avconvert work fine but still i very want option - delete original. Can you add it ? i think it can by in format select window. - Jul 19 2009
Hy i try convert my .raw photos to jpeg - and i cant with same size - please add to window select size - option dont resize - very many peoples want only convert format image so please add to size window dont resize or like oryginal.
Thanks for great script :) - Jul 11 2009
Hy i try convert video file (avi with mjpeg compresion) run conversion, progres go to end and output file i empty 0 bytes, you know how to check why ? - Jul 05 2009
Hy, i think it will by very nice and usefull if you put all messages window to one window - now when i convert many files - and try work (convert in bacground) i see every few seconds message window - conversion start etc. Mayby iss possible to run info window as one window - so if i leave it on second screen they dont go to curent window for all files. - May 19 2009
here is .nef file - May 11 2009
and i have some problem i convert .nef (nikon raw format) files to .jpg Conversion is ok but always have error message for all converted files :
An error occured during the conversion

The message was: "ufraw-batch" --silent --wb=camera --black-point=auto --exposure=auto --create-id=also --out-type=ppm16 "--output=/tmp/magick-XXsZV7Rx.pnm" "/tmp/magick-XXcSPHii"
ufraw-batch: Typ pliku wyjściowego 'ppm16' jest niepoprawny.
is possible to remove this message ? - May 10 2009
Hy thanks for great work, is possible to add to script option replace original (afret convert delete orig) - May 10 2009

Karamba & Superkaramba
by nu11

Score 50.0%
Feb 01 2010
Score 81.9%
May 10 2009