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Guillaume TrouvĂ© Nantes, France
Bluebuntu arabesque Usplash

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by gsaw
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Jan 29 2009
It should but i'm not sure... well, try... ;-) - Jan 30 2009
JapUbuntu Usplash Theme

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by gsaw
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Jan 17 2009
No, it's normal. I only put the 1440x900 image in the package and two others wide-screen ones i don't remember, which means that you won't even have a distorted image if you don't have a wide screen. Sorry for that ;-) - Jan 28 2009
Maybe you do not have widescreen resolution? - Jan 19 2009
Ubuntu Intrepid Usplash

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by gsaw
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Jan 10 2009
Oops! Sorry! As i'm french and not used to english urban language, i did not know what "Bad shit" meant. Now i know! So, thanks, man! - Jan 10 2009
Could you please explain your comment??? - Jan 10 2009
Ubuntu Intrepid Original Usplash

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by gsaw
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Nov 07 2008
Are you sure you have 16:10 screen resolution? - Dec 27 2008
Ok! Sorry for the inconvenience. I really do not know what was going wrong. If other people have the same problem, please let me know! Take care - Nov 21 2008
PS: if you wish to uninstall it, just install "boot-up-manager" - Nov 21 2008
Hi, did you really install it on Intrepid? It does not work on other versions (as i allready said on my comments) - Nov 21 2008
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

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Nov 20 2008
I love this!!! Though, could you please add 16:10 resolutions? My screen is 1440x900 and i would love to see it proper size! - Dec 18 2008
SudUbuntu Usplash Theme

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by gsaw
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Jan 08 2009
Hi! It's a script made by a french guy called Hizoka. You can download it here:, but you will have to speak french...
Take care! - Nov 30 2008