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Greg Hasser Pacifica, CA, United States of America
Cairo Clock
GM Faenza Button(Dark)

GnoMenu Skins 2 comments

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Sep 08 2010
Never mind my friend. I figured out a way to do it! Thanks for the great work! :) - Sep 19 2010
Looks great... but I'm not a big fan of GnoMenu.
Do you think it would be possible for you to upload the Ubuntu Icon into the Icon directory on here so I can use it with the regular menu?

Thanks!! :) - Sep 18 2010

Cairo Clock 10 comments

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Sep 05 2010
I changed the clock-hands, original artwork with my noob Inkscape skills. - Sep 05 2010
You're right, I was inspired by KuduK's Mechanical-Clock theme. And yes, our clock faces look similar, but I if you look closer, my clockface is a higher resolution, and my clock-hands are different.
So I could give kudos to Kuduk (which I did on the Mechanical-Clock theme-page), but I don't think I need to seek permission. - Sep 04 2010

Cairo Clock 5 comments

by KuduK
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Mar 20 2010
So yeah, never mind. I downloaded MacSlow's Cairo-Clock and it works fine. My bad! :D

Great theme! You've inspired me. - Sep 04 2010
I'm using this as a theme for the Cairo clock in Screenlets, and for some reason the clock is not centered and the clockface image is getting cut-off... any idea why this might be happening? - Sep 04 2010
Polar Theme

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Jun 05 2009
Thanks for this great theme!
I'm kind of over all the "shiny black" themes, so it's good so see my desktop a little brighter. One question though, it appears like your panels are translucent? How do you do that?

Cheers! - Jun 05 2009