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Maximilian Dietrich
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Victory Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes 241 comments

Score 78.8%
Jul 22 2018
I do not have scrollbars in firefox and thunderbird when using 16.10 - Oct 26 2017
Nevermind, I fixed it. I was missing the necessary engine. - Aug 14 2017
I installed your theme and so far it's my favorite except for this bug i encountered in menus, also happens in the file browser menu. See pic I already tried adding the lines to gtk-widgets.css like you suggestedd below - Aug 14 2017
La Capitaine

Full Icon Themes 172 comments

Score 81.3%
Feb 17 2019
What is the correct name of the theme to enter in the Inherits field of index.theme of another theme? La Capitaine, la-capitaine, la-capitaine-0.5.0 etc don't work. - Oct 03 2017