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Aug 03 2017
I also see you didn't forget to add the gconf schemas to postinstall. Marvelous.

Thank you again! I will add the packages to downloads too as soon as I get the Ubuntu builds from Scott. :) - Nov 19 2010
Fantastic! I've added the link.
Will you be updating instantly every time I put out a new release? (Usually every 1-4 months) - Nov 19 2010
Global Menu serves an entirely different purpose than Window Applets. If that kind of functionality is what you were looking for then Window Applets were not for you in the first place. - Nov 15 2010
Oh you mean /usr/sbin/gconf-schemas ? - Nov 14 2010
What binary? Gconf-schemas is a config file. - Nov 14 2010
Well, this works, but it's not the approach I'm taking. For the next version I made it so that you do not need to set the maximum width, it just uses the space it has available and no more. I'm still having some trouble with the "Expand" option, because it has to be on all the time for this to work and I need a way to simulate the off mode. When I get this working, I'll probably push out the new release. - Nov 02 2010
I am aware of this. If you look at the TODO list you will see:
- WTA: Make sure applet does not exceed initial width.
Hopefully the feature will be ready for the next release. - Oct 30 2010
Yes, thank you for sharing this with us. I have already changed the default configuration setting in the trunk, so the problem will go away in the next version. - Oct 28 2010
Read the FAQ. Emerald has a bug that prevents it from being hidden. - Oct 16 2010
Glad I could help! :) - Oct 15 2010
I would love to, but I am not the one who makes the builds. You should talk to the person who did (his gnome-look username is reeve or click the link to his launchpad PPA).
Of course if someone provides the Debian builds I will not hesitate to add the links! - Oct 14 2010
Lovely! It will be included in the next version.

PS: But please next time don't make me use megaupload or any of the kind :D - Oct 14 2010
I deliberately made it this way because it enables more freedom to the theme creators. - Oct 14 2010
Canvas the images with transparency at the bottom so that they are the same height as your panel (21px in Ubuntu 10.10 and 22px in previous versions). - Oct 14 2010
1) I will probably add a way to limit the window title.
2) This has been discussed many times before. It is extremely difficult to do because it would require a GNOME theme parser (which is far more complex than the applets themselves). If someone can code it I will add the feature, but otherwise the themes stay. Another option is adding the code to export the button images from GNOME, which would be better but would require arguing with the developers. - Oct 14 2010
Does it exist anywhere or are you suggesting someone makes it? - Sep 13 2010
Hmm, good point. I've never tested it on multiple monitors before.
But the setting are already separate. For example I am using two title applets (one only showing the icon and the other showing the text). - Aug 30 2010
Alright, with ljrmorgan's help I've been able to locate the source of the problem.
None of you have Compiz installed.
But nothing to worry about - I will fix it in the next version so that you do not need it. - Aug 09 2010
Window Applets rely on libwnck to get the proper window information.
I am positive the problem lies within that library, so you should submit a bug report against it.
I will however test xmonad just in case, when I have some time. - Aug 06 2010
Thanks a lot for letting us know about this!
It looks like maximus could be our ideal solution. I'll investigate a bit and add a howto to the description. - Jul 17 2010
Yes I understand. There is a good reason why this is only possible with Compiz.
The problem is that Metacity does not have an option to hide the decoration like Compiz does. It can still be done on a lower level, but it is extremely problematic because then one of the applets (which one? buttons or title?) will have to take control over Metacity. And then if you remove the applet while the title is hidden, it will not come back.
The only proper way to do this would be to add a gconf option to Metacity (just like Compiz has one). Which means we need to talk to Metacity developers.

Someone actually made a patch for window applets (you can find it on page 6 of the comments), but it is very hack-ish, and will cause problems. - Jul 15 2010
It is extremely difficult to get the proper "images" from the current system theme. This is why I added theme selection in the first place.
I've tried getting the system images before, but it just didn't work all the time. If someone can find me a reliable way to do it then I will gladly implement it.

The themes are stored in /usr/share/windowbuttons/themes - Jul 01 2010
Or alternatively of course, you could compile from source. - Jun 30 2010
Scott's latest packages are meant for Ubuntu 10.04, because it has different dependencies.
You should either upgrade Ubuntu or try using a different version from Scott's PPA (I think 0.2.5 should do). - Jun 27 2010
Cool, thanks. I've added the link now.
PS: will you be making builds for every version? How long do you think it will take on average to make a new one? - Jun 25 2010
Thanks and you're welcome. :)

As for Emerald, I hope to see a workaround too, but I don't think much can be done in the applet though. - Jun 25 2010
Thanks. But the link appears to be broken? - Jun 25 2010
Much appreciated! - Jun 25 2010
And here it is. Took me all night to find what was causing that damn bug.
Turns out they changed something in the latest WNCK library that comes with Ubuntu 10.04 or perhaps in Compiz, so it wasn't really my bug. Either way, I had to work around it, and it should work now. Please test. - Jun 25 2010
Yes, I know about this issue. Should be fixed in next version. - Jun 08 2010
What decorator is used in your settings (under Window Decorations --> Command) ?

It should be "/usr/bin/compiz-decorator" (w/o the quotes of course). - May 25 2010
This is already in the TODO list. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because I'm trying to avoid having to use a "max width". I want it to be set automatically. However it is starting to look like a GTK limitation and I will probably be forced to use max width. - May 25 2010
Oh, I see. Well I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Could be some distro-specific conflict.

Anyway, try installing CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager), running it and enabling "Window Decorations".
In there you should find an option called "Decoration windows". It should contain this: "!(state=maxvert | maxhorz)" (without the quotes) - May 24 2010
From FAQ:

Q: How do I hide the window decorations on maximized windows so that it looks like in the screenshots?
- A: You need to be using Compiz, then right click on the Window Buttons applet --> Preferences --> Behavior --> "Hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows"

;) - May 24 2010
I can't reproduce this.
Can someone who has this issue please send me their IM address (any will do) in private, so that we may find the cause of this problem. - May 21 2010
Hmm, this seems odd.
Can someone confirm? - May 19 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes 1742 comments

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Aug 23 2017
I know, but it's not Emerald's bug. It's because of bad Compiz design. I've talked to developers and they actually don't wanna fix it because it's "too difficult". :/ - Oct 18 2010
There you go. It's broken on your own screenshots.
See how the image overflows into the shadow?
If you still don't see it I suggest you load the default reflection image. It's much more clear there. - Oct 16 2010
Too bad the Compiz Reflection plugin sucks and messes up the window shadows. - Oct 16 2010
Ambiance-X-Studio theme for WindowApplet

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Sep 30 2010
Feel free to do so. - Sep 30 2010
Perfect. Definitely going into the next version now!
Thank you very much. - Sep 30 2010
Well that's the thing. I'm not familiar with the original theme which is why I'm asking you :) - Sep 29 2010
Hey, nice theme. I would like to include in the official Window Applets build. I just need to know one thing first. Why are "clicked" and "focused" images identical? Is it on purpose? - Sep 29 2010
Light themes for Window Applets

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Dec 17 2010
Damn, you're right!

But they undoubtedly screwed it up. I mean what would be the point of that. I need to talk to the guys who made it. - Sep 29 2010
I'm preparing to include your new "Radiance" theme in the applets by default, but I think I found a problem. Is it just me or is the "close-clicked.png" image wrong?

Other than that, I absolutely love it! - Sep 29 2010
If someone can make it I will definitely include it and push out a new release of the Applets before Maverick is released. - Sep 27 2010
Window Buttons WoW theme

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

by amoob
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Jun 07 2010
Nice theme!
Would you mind if I included it by default in the next Window Applets (0.2.8) release? If yes, please also tell me how I should refer to you under credits. - Sep 29 2010
Talika applet

Various Gnome Stuff 114 comments

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Sep 01 2010
Unlike the DockbarX experiment, this is actually useful.
Keep up the good work! - Jul 02 2010
Sorbet theme for WindowApplets

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Jun 07 2010
Looks like it could go nicely with a lighter panel background. - Jun 25 2010
Ambiance Window Buttons Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 13 comments

by greoj
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May 21 2010
Hmmm. It's probably because I'm using Ubuntu on the desktop, and you're using it on the laptop (or netbook). Ubuntu has different theme definitions for those.

It looks like we'll need both versions. - May 17 2010