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Aug 03 2017
Well there is no such option at the moment. I could implement it, but it wouldn't be a small change. May I ask why you need it? - May 17 2010
Thank you.

But what do you mean by "becomes flat"? Can you explain in a bit more detail? - May 12 2010
I'm not sure if it is allowed by DEB standards to remove personal settings. I'll have to talk to Scott about this.
Otherwise a simple "Remove From Panel" applet command will delete the settings, unless there is something wrong with your distribution. - May 12 2010
Fixed in 0.2.6. - May 11 2010
I've fixed the font bug in version 0.2.6 which I will release soon. - May 11 2010
>> have it follow the active and inactive metacity text colors automatically
It actually does that, but the problem is that each theme (at least in Ubuntu) has applet-specific font/color settings. And obviously they do not exist for WTA. Still trying to figure out some kind of a workaround for this.

>> and make the title draggable like the Ubuntu netbook UI.
Adding this option could be a good idea, agree.

>> if you try to set the font to, say, DejaVu Sans Book 8.5, Very Bad Things happen when you return to the preferences dialog.
I've just tested this (on fglrx/compiz) and it only crashed WTA. This looks like a gtk/gnome bug though. I will look into it.

Thank you for the report. - May 11 2010
Well, they are stored in gconf (/apps/panel/applets). But if you remove the applet the settings should reset. - May 01 2010
Hmmm, where do you think it should be implemented? The Title applet?
What would be the advantage to simply using Window Selector instead? - Apr 13 2010
You're right. I will need to fix this. - Apr 02 2010
I'm not sure I understand you completely. What naming conversion? You mean the theme names, or the actual image names?

I'm very tired, maybe that's why I don't understand your post. Either way, PVT me some more details on what exactly you would like me to do. - Mar 08 2010
How do you imagine this would be implemented? I need some more concrete ideas first. What are we talking here: perhaps right-clicking on the title applet and selecting a different window? - Mar 08 2010
Thank you very much for your patch! I have been busy lately and didn't even have time to reply. I will most likely include your patch in the next version when I have some time to review it. - Mar 08 2010
Thank you very much, and you're welcome! :) - Jan 27 2010
What do you mean?
It's already possible, just add the Title Applet to the panel. - Jan 24 2010
>> Why all of the themes are in bright or grey colours?
They're grey-ish transparent so they match most of the backgrounds.

>> I need some in dark colours, preferable "dust" on black background. I can not change that now, can I?
That's the idea. There's already a "dust" theme, have you tried it? Or did you run into some kind of trouble?

>> Very nice work by the way.
Thank you!

>> Ahh, and a newbie question - how to switch off upper panel of ffox and other maximized windows?
Rightclick on Window Buttons --> Preferences --> Behavior --> Hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows
You will need Compiz though, because it's the only window manager that allows this.
- Jan 16 2010
The requested feature is now available in version 0.2.5. - Jan 15 2010
No, it is not possible. Yet.
But it's a small change, so I can (and will) add this option to the next version. - Jan 14 2010
Thank you!
I will try my best to keep it this way! - Jan 05 2010
If this still happens, could you please contact me via personal message, so we may resolve the issue. - Jan 05 2010
Committed: - Dec 13 2009

I will test this out as soon as I have some time on my hands. I will probably include it in the code. It seems like a very logical change.

Thank you very much for your contribution. - Dec 01 2009
Hi, thank you for your suggestions.
I think the first suggestion might be a useful addition to the applet. It would take the applet to the next level. It wouldn't just replace the window buttons anymore, but would add new features like manipulating all windows. But that needs to be thoroughly thought through. There's lots of details that need to be sorted out before implementing such a feature. Like, what would the un/maximize button do? Toggle all windows? Should minimized windows be affected? Should there be a warning before closing all windows? Etc..

But I don't agree with the second idea, because of two reasons. Firstly, session management has nothing to do with my applet so it wouldn't really make sense to add it. And secondly, there's already a very small applet called "Fast User Switch Applet" that does exactly that. Even if I added these features, we wouldn't really save much space.

Thank you for your feedback! - Aug 31 2009
First of all, the namebar applet is completely unrelated to Window Applets. They are two separate projects. Please ask questions about namebar on its gnome-look page or contact its author.

Now, about your installation problem: It would seem that your package manager has developed some issues.
Try running
sudo apt-get install --fix-broken
sudo dpkg --configure -a

If that doesn't work, you can try to force-install windowapplets, although I do not recommend it:
sudo dpkg -i --force-depends windowapplets_0.2.1-0~ppa3_i386.deb

Also, next time please provide full error messages as it greatly helps in solving problems. - Aug 15 2009
Everyone thank Scott! :D - Jul 14 2009
You don't see it, because the package you've installed didn't update the schema file.

Either install the applets from source, or manually fix by setting the title color in preferences. - Jul 13 2009
>> window title no longer shows up
Seems to be a package issue. To fix, set the panel color in the preferences.

>> icons stays very very small even on a 48 pixel panel
You mean the window icon? Yes that's supposed to happen. I could make it scale with the panel, but it's going to look ugly, because the icon the window managers provide is only 16x16 pixels large.

>> buttons no longer show
Tested on two different computers and it didn't happen on any. Try installing from source, maybe it's a package issue.

>> also, window buttons no longer works. No buttons come on panel, and on next startup gnome prompts me there was a problem con windowbuttons applet and offers me to remove it from panel.

Same as above.
- Jul 13 2009
Oh, please disregard the parent message. It looks like I misunderstood.

Where do you see both of them? If in the panel, just remove the one you don't want.
Or do you mean in the "Add to Panel" dialog?

Either case, please contact me on private so I can help you work this out. - Jul 12 2009
You see them even when there are no maximized windows present? - Jul 12 2009
>> only setting visible in preferences is "show windows from any work area" (sorry, translation may be incorrect)

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

>> pressing OK in preferences makes disappear the OK button, but the preferences dialog stills, button-less

This does not happen to anyone. What gtk/gnome version are using and on what distribution?

>> in actual behaviour, only maximized windows will have their title visible in the applet. Maybe that would be convenient to add a minimize and de-maximize button, too, not only the close-window one. At least the de-maximize one !

Have you seen the screenshots? This is already implemented. Maybe you've hidden your buttons?

>> icons would be much better to see if they would scale according to panel size
(using horizontal panel here)

Well, it depends. Personally I would rather use larger icons if I had a wider panel. But I will consider this.

>> overrall look may be imprved by removing the background from apps and app title.

Sorry don't understand. What background? There's no background. It is transparent. - Jul 12 2009
Fixed. - Jul 12 2009
PS: Scott fixed the packages, and I've updated the links. - Jul 12 2009
Well aware of the "issue". The simplest "solution" to limit how much the applet can expand is putting a Separator applet to the right side of WTA.

Since the applet is intended to expand as much as it can anyway, this isn't a real issue. But I will try to work it out and somehow limit it automatically. - Jul 12 2009
Ah yes, it seems Scott didn't package the latest version right. I will notify him.

Meanwhile, I suggest you install it from source. - Jul 10 2009
Fixed & uploaded working version. - Jul 06 2009
You're right, sorry about the inconvenience. I will fix the problem now. - Jul 06 2009
Thanks for your feedback.
Are you sure you were in the base folder when executing "make" ?

Can somebody confirm this? - Jul 06 2009
Yeah I agree completely. I actually tried implementing that, but it appears to be a real pain in the ass. I'd basically have to replicate Metacity's theming engine. And that means a lot of code. - Jun 19 2009
It is now implemented. You can set any order you want. - Jun 14 2009
You have, in fact, been looking in the right place.
To be exact, it's in:
CCSM --> Window Decoration --> Decoration windows
This is the option that my applet's preferences modify. - May 25 2009
Just remembered. There's already a media control applet. It's called "Music Applet". In Ubuntu it's included by default. Here's the website: - May 20 2009
Thanks :)

As for the media control applet. Are you sure such a thing doesn't exist already? I find it unlikely that it wouldn't. I could be wrong though. - May 20 2009
I don't know how to hide Metacity on maximized windows without Compiz. But in general, you don't need it. - May 20 2009
You need to check "Hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows" in Preferences under Behavior. - May 20 2009
Ambiance Window Buttons Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 13 comments

by greoj
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May 21 2010
Don't wanna be picky, but could you make it even darker, like this:
:) - May 17 2010
Could you make the "clicked" images darker and 'pressed' like they appear in the original Ambiance theme? - May 15 2010
Score 50.0%
Feb 13 2010
Yes please, by all means, include it! Of course you can use it as default too if you wish. In fact I would be glad if you do. :) - Feb 08 2010
Hello, I love your screenlet, but I didn't like any of the themes. So I created my own.
And here it is: - Feb 07 2010
Who Needs Windows 7 ?

Beryl/Emerald Themes 31 comments

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May 21 2009
Nicely done, but the ugly huge-ass icons in the panel ruin it. - Nov 06 2009
Impulse - PulseAudio visualizer

Conky 202 comments

Score 85.7%
Dec 12 2010
Well it depends on which theme I use. The Circle LCD uses almost all of my CPU. The others run at about 30%. And it's not outdated, it's a Core 2 Duo T1700.

I might take a look at the code, but I can't promise anything since I'm rather busy lately.

Good job so far though. - Aug 07 2009
This is a great concept of desktop utilization. All that needs to be done is GPU rendering. But while it uses 90% of my CPU it's a huge distraction as I can't do anything else while it's running. - Aug 07 2009