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The Ultimate Nautilus/Nemo Scripts Pack

Nautilus Scripts 15 comments

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Aug 27 2018
No worries. When I have some time, I plan to add some more to this pack. Whether useful or not for a particular person, I figure having these scripts in one place will make it easier to find and use for everyone. - Sep 27 2018
Added links. - Aug 27 2018
Added links. - Aug 27 2018
Thanks for letting me know. The first link works. I'll add it here:

I'll add it above once I figure out how. The site has changed since I originally uploaded them. - Aug 27 2018
Thanks for letting me know. The first link works. I'll add it here:

I'll add it above once I figure out how. The site has changed since I originally uploaded them. - Aug 27 2018
You're welcome. I'm a big terminal and script man, so having most commands that I use at my fingertips is always handy. Anyway, just thought others might like them too. - Apr 25 2014
Sure, no problem. Glad the alternate links worked. - Apr 11 2014
The Ultimate Bashrc File

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Aug 27 2018
Sorry to hear your problem. I found your problem on another thread (, but it provided no clear answer. As such, I had to figure it out myself. Using a couple different techniques, I made this:

function rm() {
for i in $@ ; do
date >> /tmp/rm.out +"%a %d %b %Y %T: rm -v $i"
/bin/rm -v $i

It works for all filenames, whether they have spaces or not. I didn't create the main justs of the code, but tweaked a couple I found to suite my needs.

I will update my bashrc when I get a chance. Thanks for being a long-time supporter of it. Gives reason for all my hard work. - Aug 05 2015
Did you ever figure this out? I'm afraid I don't know a way to manually tweak a Bashrc file without opening it up as a text file and physically editing it (such as adding/removing the '#' comments. But I don't know how a function/alias could do this. I would guess there are probably some GUIs for editing a bashrc file out there which might do something like this. But it would have to be a very good one to be able to tweak a custom bashrc file.

Finally, I don't know if this would work on a Mac OSX. Some functions/aliases might if they line up with the same ones under Mac OSX, but I'm not sure if any of the prompt stuff would. I'm no expert on Mac OSX, though. - Jun 28 2015
Hey there. Apologies for not updating this file in a while. I am hoping to very soon.

As for its safety on Saucy, I am not 100% certain yet as I have not tried it on Saucy. That said, I have tweaked it some to work fine in Raring, and just today looked closely at it to see if anything would need to be changed, and I don't see an issue. So using the one I'll update on here, you should be fine on Saucy. The big issue was the Natty one (my last one since) was Gnome2 and this is Gnome3, so a few changes had to be made. But I think it's good now.

Anyway, I'll update the file on here with the one I use on Raring. Whenever Linux Mint 16's Stable Release comes out I'll update it again for Saucy. - Nov 27 2013
Let me see if I can clarify for you. The 'bashrc' file can be an invaluable tool on a Linux machine, and its terminal. Now, before I get to its biggest ability, let me give you a couple quick things. For one, it can 'make pretty' your terminal window. If you want to change the color of the font, or what is said when you open a window, or what info is there, or etc., this can do that. If you want to run various commands upon startup of a terminal window, you can add them on this. If you want it to store/not store various things, you can tweak those settings here.

Now, in regards to the 'bashrc' file's biggest function, basically, a 'bashrc' file is a list of 'keyboard shortcuts' that you can use in the terminal. For instance, instead of having to input an entire line of code to perform a specific command, you can type a single letter, or word, and they trigger preset commands (called aliases and functions (little more fancier/lengthier than aliases)). And in general, people add a few aliases and functions they personally want inside their 'bashrc' files. In mine, though, after a long while of looking at what commands (shortcuts) I wanted in mine, I decided to make one "ultimate' one, not just for myself, but to make it easier for others to have. As such, after a couple of years now, I have amassed quite a few aliases and functions. Personally, I use the entire thing (and some other commands I link to specific scripts and such that are on my computers). For some, they prefer to simply extract whatever shortcuts they desire the most, and put into their 'bashrc' files. Finally, when it comes to this one, I have 17,000 lines of code (ie, a WHOLE LOT of preset aliases and functions). You are welcome to change whatever 'shortcuts' you want, and use all that you want. It comes in extremely handy for longer commands. In addition, I find having a huge file of commands in one place EXTREMELY helpful when I need to do something.

Hope that helps. - Dec 21 2011
I found the issue. While my computer wouldn't freeze over the issue, if I were to type a misspelled word, it would simply leave the terminal frozen, until I would hit Control C. I deduced which part of the Bashrc was the culprit through trial and error, and found the problem.

It was the function: command_not_found_handle. It was just added in my last update. Sorry about that.

Just comment it out and it should work.

I'll update the Bashrc for anybody else who has found this issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. - May 30 2011
Hmmm, well I do not really know what to tell you. To narrow down what might be the issue, you can just cut certain parts of the bashrc and that will tell you what part might be causing that. My computer is not having this problem so I am afraid I cannot duplicate the issue. I suggest removing the 'Functions' section first to see if things work for you then; often any issues are due to a particular function. - May 30 2011
Thanks again. Me too; it is hard remembering the several aliases and functions shortcuts I use.

Uhm, well I welcome emails. I'm also on Ubuntu Forums, if you want to shoot me an email on there. I'm always welcoming to further communication.

- Mar 01 2011
Actually it is just me and lots of free hours. Anyway, you're welcome. - Feb 27 2011
Thanks. - Feb 16 2011
You're welcome. - Feb 12 2011

Yes, it must be an inability to handle Regex characters or something in Arch Linux. Perhaps the reason it's not affecting me is because Ubuntu reads those differently, Idk.

I'm guessing then you no longer have errors once you remove those Regex errors?

I am using perl 5.10.1-12ubuntu2 and bash 4.1-2ubuntu4, the defaults for Ubuntu Maverick (10.10). - Feb 07 2011
It has to do with the complete function, _tar and issues reading that particular few characters. Idk why its affecting you and not me. Easiest solution is to just delete or comment out that whole function from:

function _tar()


complete -F _tar -o default tar

on lines 1255-1308. - Jan 26 2011
That is strange. I'm not sure why it would be accessing the page unless you are actually using the alias. But if it is, deleting makes sense.

Of course, you could always just '#' (comment out) that line, and it'll do the same thing as deleting it. That way, you can keep it there for the future, and/or if you ever need to manually figure out what that alias is. Hence why I've kept a lot of them inside that are commented out. Sorry about that. - Jan 19 2011
The Ultimate List of Radio Stations

Various Gnome Stuff 15 comments

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Apr 09 2014
Thanks for sharing. - Mar 11 2015
You're welcome. - Nov 16 2011
Thanks for the link. - Apr 23 2011
Sure. :) - Feb 27 2011
Longest List of Internet Radio Stations

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

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Jul 01 2015
If you are interested in even more stations, I wrote this a long while back. Feel free to add some to your own. It's been a while since I've used them, so I am uncertain how many still work after a year.

Anyway, nice list. Will look through and update my list. Thanks. - Apr 09 2014

Nautilus Scripts 62 comments

by Thura
Score 80.6%
Jul 07 2012
I have been using this script for a long while now, and it is really something I use a lot. Anyway, I just tried to use the latest version, but unfortunately, it won't run. I keep getting this upon trying to run it in a terminal:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 55, in <module>
class RenameApplication(Gtk.Application):
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/", line 268, in __getattr__
return getattr(self._introspection_module, name)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/", line 101, in __getattr__
self.__name__, name))
AttributeError: 'gi.repository.Gtk' object has no attribute 'Application'

I installed it the way the INSTALL script said, so I do not know what is causing it.

Oh, and I am running Natty. - Feb 21 2012
gtk-jzintv (Intellivision Emulator)

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

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Aug 22 2011
I know, not too many folks play Intellivision anymore, let alone even know what it is. :P

Weren't you the dude who posted on an Ubuntu Forums thread I made regarding this gtk-intv, the creator of it? Regardless, if you happened to download the package of it I threw together, I cleaned it up a bit.

In all, if you do happen to know of a way to throw together an Intellivision emulator for Android, that would be awesome. Even Colecovision has an Android emulator, so why not Intellivision. Hehe. There were always a few good games on it that no other systems had that I sorely miss (Snafu, B17 Bomber, Beauty and the Beast, others). And as intv is the only Linux Intellivision Emulator in existence, I thought maybe it'd be easier to port it to Android, rather than writing a new one from scratch (a bit out of my expertise, I'm afraid). I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who'd be grateful. - Jan 07 2012
Does anybody know how (or maybe have a possible alternative) to port this Linux Intellivision app for Android?

It is the one big emulator that I miss for Android, and knowing that this version exists, I am curious if anybody could make a 'apk' Android of it.

Anyway, I thought I'd just throw that out here on my artwork here. Thanks. - Dec 31 2011 (Nautilus Script)

Nautilus Scripts 8 comments

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Jun 29 2011
Sorry it took so long getting back to you...

Anyway, hmmmmmmm.... thinking about it, I can see your request as being a possibility; definitely not a waste of time. I just do not know off-hand exactly how to do that.

Technically, the part of this script that lets you right click a directory and play what is inside it is a single line:

mplayer -loop 0 -quiet -shuffle -playlist <(find -L $ARCHIVE_FULLPATH -type f | egrep -i '(\.mp3|\.wav|\.flac|\.ogg|\.m4a|\.aac|\.mpa|\.mid|\.aif|\.iff|\.m3u|\.ra)')

I am sure with a small tweak here and there it could be made to work the way you want. I will look into it and will let you know if I can get anywhere, but it might take a posting in Ubuntu Forums or something and some help from people far more skilled at bash scripting than myself to figure it out.

Regardless, it would be a good little idea if it could be done. - Dec 15 2011
It doesn't. Although, technically, just adding/removing file extensions at the end of it will make it work with videos. Just add 'avi', 'mp4', 'mkv', or whatever and viola, it'll play videos.

And if you want it to play everything Mplayer can play, just remove all of the extensions at the end, and it'll randomly play anything and everything inside a particular folder. - Jul 01 2011
You're welcome. That's what I was trying for, nothing special; just something that works. - Jun 30 2011
Sure. Enjoy. - Jun 29 2011
Install all Google Fonts via Naut Script

Nautilus Scripts 6 comments

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Nov 05 2011
Oh good. That does happen sometimes. - Nov 14 2011
After looking into this a bit, I am afraid I do not really know why it is hanging for you if you are indeed waiting a bit for it to complete.

Really, this is all the script actually does as far as downloading:

if [ -d $HOME/googlefontdirectory ] ; then
cd $HOME/googlefontdirectory
hg pull -u || return 1
echo "The local files have been updated."
cd ..
hg clone $HOME/googlefontdirectory || return 1

It is basically just that one line just above. - Nov 05 2011
It takes several minutes to download/install the fonts.

How long did you wait before you canceled the action? It seems to take a good 7-10 minutes on my system. - Nov 05 2011
RGB/HEX Color Picker

Nautilus Scripts 16 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 19 2011
Awesome, thanks. - Oct 20 2011

It is just a bit odd why 1.2 works in Natty (GNOME2) but not in Oneiric (GNOME3), while 1.3 works in Oneiric (GNOME3), but not in Natty (GNOME2). Oh well. As I said, just got to remember which Ubuntu (and maybe GNOME) version I'm using and which version of your Color-Picker script I am using as well.

On that note, if I am right about that, maybe keeping both versions of the scripts available on this page would be a good idea. That way one or the other should work. Anyway, just a suggestion. Thanks again! - Oct 20 2011
I forgot to say thanks for this little script. Its handy, and I definitely was a bit upset a week back when I first was testing out Oneiric (and GNOME3) and found it to not work. So I'm glad you've updated it. - Oct 20 2011
It is not working for me, either. I'm using Natty at the moment.

Here's what I think it is, though. Version 1.2 works just fine still in Natty (with GNOME2), requiring python-gtkmozembed as a dependency, however 1.2 does not work in Oneiric (with GNOME3), as python-gtkmozembed is no longer in the repos and it creates a lot of headaches trying to install it and all of its dependencies to work in Oneiric.

My guess is those who had issues with 1.2 working now is because they are using Oneiric, or at least, GNOME3, which is why an update was required. I'm guessing 1.3 works fine in Oneiric (GNOME3), with the dependency of python-webkit, I just haven't had a chance to test that out.

Unfortunately, 1.3 doesn't seem to work in Natty, (GNOME2). As such, I guess I will stick with 1.2 until I install Oneiric, (GNOME3). - Oct 20 2011
ASP: Airelle Scripts Package

Nautilus Scripts 13 comments

Score 82.4%
Jun 01 2014
Nice scripts. Appreciate the upload. - Oct 07 2011
Hide file

Nautilus Scripts 3 comments

Score 63.3%
Jul 27 2011
Nice script. Simple, but effective.

Just to mention, if the desire isn't to essentially rename (or move) all files to include a '.' at the front of them, you can merely put the names of the files/folders you want to hide into one specific '.' file. Just an alternative. Here is that script I threw together that will do just that: - Jul 28 2011
Moomex-Revisioned Theme

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Aug 08 2011
Sure. You're welcome. - Jul 03 2011

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

Score 57.1%
Jun 15 2011
Thanks, it works now. - Jun 12 2011
Thanks, I'll check it out when I get a chance.

Unfortunately, the link you have above still only gives the Metacity part, not the Gtk2-theme with it. - Jun 12 2011
I like the Metacity part of your theme. I'm curious if you will upload the rest sometime, like what you see in your screenshot. Anyway, looks promising. I've been wanting a nice wooden theme for a while, and the few available on here have their ups and downs. - Jun 11 2011
Space-Sunrise Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes 19 comments

Score 76.3%
Jun 17 2011
I am afraid I do not use this theme anymore, as I find this adaptation of this one even cooler: However, from what I remember, and from that video link of it I have above, it seems it should keep turning the entire time. I may be wrong though, and if it is not for you, and that is the only issue, I would not worry about it. - Apr 23 2011
Turbo-Secure (GPG & SSL Editions)

Nautilus Scripts 20 comments

Score 72.2%
Feb 01 2012
Oh no problem. Thanks. - Apr 01 2011
I've tried it a few times, but unfortunately, every time I try to extract the two files in the 'Turbo-Secure.tar.gz', the '' says the file is broken.

Any help would be most appreciated. - Mar 30 2011
Nautilus Extension Kill Thumbs

Nautilus Scripts 27 comments

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Mar 18 2011
Thanks for the update and the deb. Awesome. - Mar 25 2011
I cannot seem to get it to download. It says there is no file to be found.

Any help?

Also, could somebody make a deb version of this? I have a deb version for 1.0 and it works great. - Mar 17 2011
Score 79.6%
9   Jul 09 2011