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Rita Mordio , Vatican City State
Marx and Ubuntu

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Aug 20 2010
"Who invented socialism?"
The same man who coined and defined the term Captialism, Karl Marx.
"Who has written, that "capitalists should be starved to death by taxes"?"
Apparently only you have. I'm sure that if he really said that it would be well documented.
"Who said, that owners of capital should be physically eliminated?"
Sure as hell wasn't Marx, as he advocated worker ownership of the means of production.

Also the Nazis adopted a Corporatist economic system. They just used the term "Socialist" to gain support after WWI. - Aug 20 2010
Fine, fine Hayek, whatever. Still part of the same group of moonbats who didn't understand Marx. (and to this day scientific theory)

But to his credit at least he knew Laissez-faire policies are destructive. Can't say the same about other Austrians though... - Aug 20 2010
"alternative history"
Oh you...
Not denying that Soviet Russia was bad, but Marx had as much to do with that as the Adam Smith had to do with the great depression. - Aug 20 2010
"Milton Friedman"

You're joking right? - Aug 20 2010
"Milton Friedman"

You're joking right? - Aug 20 2010
Ubuntu, Linux for...

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by mtax
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Mar 04 2010
A bit hypocritical to be anti-ubuntu because of it's user friendliness.

After all Fedora uses live CDs and GUIs. The same "I don't understand anything about GNU/Linux" mentality that Ubuntu encourages.

People would take your "I hate Ubuntu" rants seriously if you used Gentoo. After all, what's the point of using command line if you are just continuing to use "windows"? - Jun 15 2010
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9   Oct 08 2010