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Plasma Look-and-Feel Meta Themes 9 comments

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Aug 18 2018
Uhmm judging by the screenshots it looks gorgeous, but can't it be installed it the normal way? (plasma desktop theme + aurorae window theme) I don't like having to execute it, besides where is the source code just like everyone else usually links to github? I use Linux Mint KDE which comes with Plasma 5.8 Lts, will this work there? I guess I shall test in a VM and comment again later. - May 16 2018
Win7 Show Desktop

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 16 comments

by Zren
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Sep 18 2017
I'm having a problem when using this on Linux Mint 18.3 (KDE Plasma 5.8.9)
I cannot "peek" the desktop, everything else seems fine (keyboard shortcut meta+d does show the desktop just as clicking the icon does), but I can't get to peek the desktop by hovering the mouse over it. - May 13 2018