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Sep 02 2017
On my Gentoo system, Plasma 5 is not considered "stable" yet, since it is still missing important features (I don't know which). So I did not work at all on plasma 5.

But it seems to me that a complete re-write of the whole plasmoid is necessary, at least the GUI part. It is possible that I won't find the time to port it. - Aug 16 2015
Hm, strange. I don't find anything wrong. Did this ever happen again? - May 03 2015
I'm unable to reproduce the error. - Apr 19 2015
This plasmoid is not ported yet to kde frameworks. I think I will port it some time, but not within the next weeks or so. - Feb 04 2015
No real plans, but I think I will do once it becomes stable enough. I currently have no time to maintain more than one desktop system on my computer. - Feb 03 2015
Maybe I will add this, but the abbreviation is locale dependent as well as the date format: Some prefer 31.12., some Dec 31, some 12/31...
So it's hard to do it properly. This might require a custom field where users would enter "%d.%m." or similar... - Dec 31 2014
Did you run kbuildsycoca4 ? Did you reboot (sadly, this sometimes helps)? - Dec 31 2014
This is possible, however, not very easily. I will explain how to proceed:

1) identify the weather provider you are using (e.g. accuweather US fahrenheit)

2) copy the respective xml file to the cwp application folder in your home directory. On my system, this is the following command:
cp /usr/share/apps/plasma-cwp/www_accuweather_com_us_fahrenheit.xml ~/.kde4/share/apps/cwp

3) open the xml file in the cwp application folder with a texteditor (kwrite or kate, ...) and edit the date so it is newer than you installed file. So it will be used by cwp at next start. Be careful, a new version of cwp comes with updated xml files, so keep in mind that your modified xml file is only used, if its date is newer than the one used by the installed version of cwp. You can choose a date in the future.

4) now the important thing: edit the xml file so it displays the date as you wish. For your problem, edit each of the line
for each day (data_day1, ..., data_day7), so it reads for today:
name="date --date="today" "+%a %d.%m.""
and for day2:
name="date --date="+1 days" "+%a %d.%m.""
and so on until data_day7.

5) restart plasma (re-log in or run on a command line:
kquitapp plasma-desktop
and then:

6) Finally configure cwp to show the weather provider date. - Dec 29 2014
Thanks to everyone helping other to replace

The new website is really unparsable, therefore cwp-1.12.0 does not support it any longer. Instead, you may use the newly fahrenheit version of, accuweather or myforecast.

WARNING: If you update to cwp-1.12.0, you might need to re-select the correct weather provider from the list in the configuration window! - Nov 22 2014
Hi, this option intends to load yaWP weather icon files (yet another weather plasmoid), see

I hope this option still works. Otherwise, please report here. Thanks! - Nov 17 2014
Thanks, replaced bad by good link! - Sep 07 2014
Glad I could help :-) - Sep 07 2014
Hi, thank you!
It is not very easy to do that because the numbers and units are directly taken from the website. However, you can modify the weather data provider xml file (in_weather_com.xml).

I did that for you, please download

and extract the xml file to the folder /home/<username>/.kde4/share/apps/cwp and restart plasma-desktop (e.g. log off from KDE and log in again). The wind speed on the central applet should be in m/s then. - Sep 07 2014
Hi, please try latest CWP version, it should be fixed now! - Sep 07 2014
Hi, I'll look into that as soon as I find the time. But it won't be too soon, sorry. - Jun 01 2014
Hi, sorry, there is no way can be added as its weather information is now hidden in some javascript on their website. - May 28 2014
Unfortunately, had to be removed.
If you experience problems with this update, so that weather information is not shown, please make sure to re-select the correct weather provider in the configuration dialog. - Apr 24 2014
Thanks for your suggestion.
However, currently, I'm unable to do this due to heavy work load. Sorry! - Apr 24 2014
Oops. Please use 1.10.2. - Mar 16 2014
Thanks for your comment!

Your definitely right; the weather provider names list and selection is a bit broken. But it's harder to fix than expected, and I must carefully think about this. But I'll keep it on my to-do-list. - Feb 25 2014
Please try 1.10.1! - Feb 24 2014
Thanks! I'm currently not able to upload any modifications. Probably in 2 weeks. But you can still send me the patch. Thanks again for your help! - Feb 10 2014
Hmm. Strange. It does not redirect me to any other site than
Could you try to use
as location identifier? Or doesn't it work (for me it does, but it also does not redirect me)? - Jan 27 2014
Sorry, I currently don't have the time to do major modifications to the plasmoid. Probably, some similarity can be reached by playing around with CWP as it is now. - Jan 27 2014
Thanks, I'll include the modification in the next version! - Jan 27 2014

I could not find a problem in freemeteo. Probably, this was just a temporary problem? Anyway, you can try the latest version, it should work. - Jan 25 2014
Hi, this is an image and cannot be parsed. I suggest you use gismeteo from the weather provider list. - Jan 25 2014
Please try the newest version, 1.9.1.
Hopefully, the bug is fixed now. - Dec 23 2013
Hm. For me, it works. I'm using DE0006515 as an example. - Nov 22 2013
Sorry, this plasmoid does not show day and night forecast separately, only maximum and minimum temperature. - Nov 06 2013
I'm unable to see any problem for Kiew, Ukraine. - Nov 05 2013
OK, found the time. see 1.9.0

Please note that your current configuration may be wrong after installing this update (wrong weather data provider). Simply re-enter the configuration. - Nov 05 2013
Thanks for the suggestion.
I will consider it, but I barely find the time to keep the current weather providers up to date.
We'll see. - Nov 05 2013
fixed - Oct 16 2013
Hmm. I cannot reproduce this error. - Oct 07 2013
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your bug report! I fixed this problem in cwp-1.8.2. - Sep 19 2013
Cannot you link to an animated gif on your hard-disk, and run a cron-job to update this animated gif every hour or so?

yaWP theme packs should work, please find them here: - Sep 05 2013
Thanks for your bug report!

Unfortunately, I cannot test at the moment. As there was no such an issue since kde 4.2, I'm tempted to blame kde.

Did you compile cwp yourself? - Sep 01 2013
Hi, ok, I understand. But that means, the website is broken. There is not much I can do. The elements on top don't seem to be accessible without java-script. Sorry! - Jul 27 2013
Hi, you should use the location code
instead of GMXX0007. This is also suggested in the configuration dialog.
I hope this fixes the problem.
- Jul 25 2013
Which weather provider do you use?
Please make sure you extract the correct location identifier from the adress line of your web browser. - May 03 2013
I see what you mean. Can you test the version I just uploaded? - Apr 16 2013
Thanks, this should be fixed in 1.7.2 except for the rain information, as the website does not show current rain conditions. - Apr 15 2013
I'm not sure what you mean.
Did you modifiy your city identifier string accordingly?
Now it should read something like: phoenix-az/85003/weather-forecast/346935

and not 85003 any more. - Apr 15 2013
Thanks. I'll look at this as soon as I can. - Apr 11 2013
This should be fixed in 1.7.0 - Feb 17 2013
accuweather: switching between °C and °F seems to be handled by cookies, which cannot be implemented into cwp easily. So I cannot fix this, sorry.
But I included a "calm" weather condition with icon. - Feb 17 2013
This should be fixed in 1.7.0 - Feb 17 2013

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Apr 09 2013
Thanks! I'll upload a new package containing the modifications! - Mar 29 2013
Thanks for your comment!
I'm not quite sure what you mean. In src/CMakeLists.txt, target_link_libraries includes libkonq. What else is necessary?
- Mar 29 2013

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May 15 2009

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