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Georg Hennig , Germany
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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
accuweather homepage °C and °F switching seems to be impossible without cookies. This cannot be implemented easily, so I cannot fix this. Sorry. - Feb 17 2013
Thanks for your comment, I'll look at it as soon as I can.

However, this may be due to the way the accuweather homepage works. Maybe, this issue cannot be fixed. - Feb 12 2013
Thanks for your comment, I'll look at it as soon as I can. - Feb 12 2013
Thanks for your comment.
Can't you use Accuweather (world)? I would prefer to not add another weather provider; I can hardly manage the existing ones.

Concerning "calm" wind status: I will see if I can implement this properly. "Calm" and "Unknown" is currently handled in the same way, therefore the question mark. Probably showing no icon would be less ugly. I will see what I can do. - Feb 12 2013
Thanks for this hint. I'll fix the xml file as soon as I can. You can use in the meantime. - Feb 07 2013
Thanks for your comment. I'll fix it as soon as I can. You can use in the meantime. - Feb 07 2013
Please use cwp-1.6.12. - Jan 13 2013
I tried to fix feels like temperature and rain in cwp 1.6.11.

accuweather (US) updates every 5 minutes, just as intended, on my system. - Jan 01 2013
Strange. The plug icon means, that no weather data could be downloaded. Could you try to set refresh interval to 15 minutes, and see, if this works? - Dec 30 2012
Thanks for your comment.

The "feels like temperature" will be fixed in the next release.

Concerning the update time: I don't see any problems. However, the website sometimes cannot be accessed. Please try to force update (using the context menu) and check if it really updates the information. - Dec 30 2012
Please update to cwp 1.6.10 - Dec 28 2012
Please update to cwp 1.6.10 - Dec 28 2012
Please try 1.6.10 - Dec 28 2012
the websites changed. The update of CWP takes quite some time. So, this won't happen before Christmas. Sorry. - Dec 23 2012
Thanks for your comment. I'll fix it, as soon as I can, however, only some timer after Christmas. - Dec 15 2012
Please try 1.6.9! - Nov 16 2012
The reason for this behaviour is a change in the accuweather homepage. The setting °C and F are stored in cookies, which is not supported by cwp.
Sorry! - Nov 16 2012
Thanks for your comment. I'll look at the wind direction problem, as soon as I can. - Nov 15 2012
Please try the latest cwp version. - Nov 14 2012
what is your weather provider? Also the location string would be helpful. - Nov 13 2012
Please try the newest version. - Nov 03 2012
Please try cwp 1.6.6. I hope this fixes the issue. - Oct 21 2012
Thanks for your comment.
I'll look at it as soon as I can. - Oct 19 2012
Did you try to resize the popup-widget? It can be resized by dragging one of the corners, in your case most likely the upper left corner. - Oct 16 2012
Does it work again? Sometimes, weather provider homepages are down... - Oct 16 2012
Sorry, I do not find the time to work on this issue at the moment. - Oct 07 2012
I hope this is finally fixed now in 1.6.5. - Oct 07 2012
Thanks for this fix. I included it into 1.6.5. - Oct 07 2012
Can you put these files into your cwp folder, e.g. <home>/.kde4/share/apps/cwp or similar. The folder will exist on your system. Probably you have to restart plasma-desktop afterwards. This can also be done by logout and login again to kde.
Please test if this works in all cases (day, night). - Sep 26 2012
Thanks for your comments.

Issues 2 and 3 should be fixed now in 1.6.4, although I cannot verify solution to issue 3.

I could not reproduce issue 1; I found identical values for cwp and the website. I clicked on the recent weather information when opening the website using the link from cwp. - Sep 24 2012
Can you try cwp 1.6.4? - Sep 24 2012
Sure, I'll fix it as soon as I can. - Aug 06 2012
Thanks! Done. - Jul 18 2012
Strange, it works fine here for weather provider and "USMN0657", showing complete weather information for St Cloud, MN. - Jun 07 2012

I could reproduce and hopefully fix the bug.
Please try the latest version, 1.6.1.

Thanks for your patience. - May 06 2012
I tested both cases.
1) this is expected behaviour: accuweather (world) uses identifiers for cities around the world that are different from US zip codes. Therefore, US zip codes have to be used with accuweather (US). In this case, I see weather data for Okahumpka, FL.
2) I see different weather data for LA for all days. So I still cannot reproduce the bug. However, as it is night in the US right now, I will retest this evening, while it is day in the US.

Thanks for your help. - May 06 2012
I could not reproduce the "duplicate weather information" bug, please try again with newest version. seems to be repaired for now. - May 05 2012
Thanks! I'll fix it as soon as I can. - May 03 2012
Please try current version - Apr 06 2012

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Apr 09 2013
does 0.8 start and work for smaller directories, or does it crash right after starting komparator4? - Sep 09 2012
I'll need to investigate this further, which will take some time. - Sep 09 2012
Which version are you using? If it's 0.6, could you try to install the compiled package from

or (64bit)
- Sep 09 2012
Did you compile komparator4-0.8 from source?
Are you using local directories?
Do they contain any special files, symbolic links etc?
Could you try to find compare two folders which contain only very few files?
Probably, also a debug output or running komparator4 from the console may be helpful. - Sep 09 2012
Download location changed, please look at

Unfortunately, opensuse build service integration is broken on - Aug 10 2012
Can you test

and report if it now works?

If you are using presets, you need to remove and re-add them
manually re-set every filter (2 filters per tab) and save your preset.

The default preset should now work as expected. - Jul 29 2012
OK, I think I found the bug.

This happens for files > 9999MB, eg. large iso files.

The filters (highlighted blue in the tab where the file should appear in the list) exclude files larger 9999MB from the list.

I'll fix it as soon as I can. - Jul 29 2012
can you open kfind and see, if it correctly finds the iso files? - Jul 29 2012
Are there any restrictions under "extended search options"? Solution: set to default.

Default is:
Filename "contains * and not <empty>"
Size "(none)"
Modified or created "any"

Are you using "Use file index"? If index is not current, it might not find all files. Solution: disable "use file index".
- Jul 29 2012
Are both ISO images identical?
What is their file size?
Did you expect them to find in the "duplicate files" tab, e.g. are they identical?
Are there more identical ISO images, so they appeared hidden under another name in the "duplicate files" tab?
Were they readable (otherwise they are ignored, however, there will be a warning)? - Jul 29 2012
I'm not able to reproduce this bug.

Can you tell me, how to proceed, what result you expected to see, and what result you actually saw?

Thanks - Jul 29 2012

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May 15 2009

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