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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
There are no plans to support other weather providers. I'm currently very busy and therefore cannot support more weather providers. - Mar 25 2012
Currently, there are no plans to support hourly view. Not all weather providers support this. - Mar 25 2012
I did not receive your message.
Updated link to your repository, though. - Mar 22 2012
cwp seems to be in the official Debian tree, see
so there's no need for this link any more.
Just install cwp from your debian package installer. - Mar 22 2012
Indeed, it's stored inside a cookie.
This cannot be fixed. Let's wait until they change their site again. - Mar 12 2012
I'm working on it. I hope I can release it tonight. - Mar 12 2012 is a Russian website in Russian language. Please choose another weather information provider for English language. - Feb 29 2012
Hey. Sorry for the delay, I included your xml file for It's working fine.
Thank you very much for your work! - Feb 28 2012
Hi. If you are not satisfied with the weekday names from the weather provider, you can choose system names (short or long) from the Layout 1 tab of the configuration dialog.

If these names are not translated correctly, your system is broken. - Feb 12 2012
Select a custom image in the configuration dialog, just below the weather provider settings: on the right, there are two buttons. The left one allows you to select a local image, the right one shows a list of images. Choose the one you like.

When the weather data is loaded, a blue icon (a globe) will show up in the upper left corner; click on it to show the image (which can be a map). - Feb 12 2012
If you chose "33130" as location code, the weather information for Miami, FL is shown for (US) provider.

The example (for (US): "85001") gives you a hint, which part of the URL you have to use as location code. - Feb 12 2012
There is a way: Download the icons from yawp, yawp-theme-pack.
There are some icon sets you can activate in "Layout 1", custom icons (select a svgz file).
You can edit this svgz file and replace the yawp icons with your custom icons using inkscape. Please make sure, that their IDs are correct (right click on the icon, object properties)! FOr example "clear" for the sunny icon. - Dec 18 2011
Please try cwp 1.5.4 - Jun 11 2011
Concerning the screensaver bug: It seems to be a feature of KDE, look at

I will check if there is a way to bypass this feature. - Jun 09 2011
I hope, the new package works on Ubuntu 11.04. - Jun 01 2011
At the moment, I'm not able to reproduce the bug. Probably the server was down for some time? - Jun 01 2011
Thanks, I'll fix it as soon as I can. - Apr 10 2011
I can't reproduce the bug. What exactly is wrong? On my system it looks like this: - Mar 24 2011
I can't reproduce the bug. What exactly is wrong? - Mar 21 2011
I'll fix that as soon as I can. - Mar 17 2011
Thanks. Hopefully we have them all now... - Mar 16 2011
Sure, kde-look messed up the format <kde4> - Mar 11 2011
Thanks. Version 1.5.0 will display "N.A." if no valid update time can be found. - Mar 07 2011
Thanks. I'll fix that in the next version. - Mar 06 2011
- checkinstall cannot be easily installed on my gentoo system
- checkinstall's homepage is unreachable
- compilation of "installwatch" fails on my current system
- checkinstall does not find a file that's obviously there

Conclusion: checkinstall is broken, and I cannot find out, why. I can't fix that, sorry. Please contact checkinstall developer(s). - Feb 28 2011
That's a good point, I'll replace the ~/.cwp folder by kde's app folder. - Feb 28 2011
Can you copy the www_gismeteo_com.xml to ~/.cwp folder, replace the date in the topmost line by the current date and append in the end

i65="d.sun.c1.s1" o65="41"
i66="d.sun.c1.s2" o66="41"
i67="d.sun.c1.s3" o67="41"
i68="d.sun.c1.s4" o68="41"
i69="d.sun.c2.s1" o69="41"
i70="d.sun.c2.s2" o70="41"
i71="d.sun.c2.s3" o71="41"
i72="d.sun.c2.s4" o72="41"
i73="d.sun.c3.s2" o73="41"
i74="d.sun.c3.s3" o74="41"
i75="d.sun.c3.s4" o75="41"

inside icon_transform tag?
These changes will be included in the next release, too.
Thanks for your comment! - Feb 26 2011
OK, fixed in 1.3.4. - Feb 24 2011
OK, I'll look at the problem, and hopefully fix it soon. - Feb 24 2011
Resize it by dragging the correct corner of the plasmoid window. In your case it should be the upper left corner. CWP will remember the size for the future. - Jan 11 2011
If you want to translate cwp also for other people, you can use the source, copy the plasma_applet_cwp.pot file (inside po folder) to el.po (also inside po folder) and translate it using "lokalize" (a KDE4 program).
You have to repeate cmake, make and make install to install this translated po file.

If you don't know how to compile it, you can have a look at README file of the source package, or contact me via email. - Dec 12 2010
I'll fix it as soon as I can, thanks for your comment. - Dec 11 2010
forecast for day+1 is not possible, but I fixed the icon problem, I hope.
Please try cwp-1.3.1 (or just current xml files).
Actually, it should have worked already in the evening, as the site seems to change around noon. - Nov 17 2010
Current CWP 1.3.0 uses new identifiers as written in configuration dialog: "polska/warszawa_warszawa". - Oct 31 2010
Did you notice that location code has changed? modified their site, so this was necessary.
Look at an example code in configuration dialog. - Oct 31 2010 is obviously down, so cwp is using
I'll rename the xml file in the future to to avoid confusion. - Oct 26 2010
Can you test cwp-1.1.1 and use current xml files as described below? - Oct 25 2010
I guess your KIO::Scheduler is broken. It's part of KDE, and handles connections: it will limit your parallel downloads to 30 active connections, and it's used by >= cwp-1.2.0.

However, as it turns out to be unusable, I'll revert these changes made in cwp-1.2.0.
They are deprecated for kde 4.5 anyways. - Oct 25 2010
Can you test cwp version 1.1.1 using latest xml files?
download "Current XML Files" package and unpack the files to /home/<user>/.cwp folder. Restart plasma and verify, that the new xml file version is used (inside configuration menu). - Oct 25 2010
Did you try to manually reload (right click -> reload)?
Can you try to kill all download processes (careful, kills all KDE download processes!) "killall -9 kio_http", and then reload? - Oct 25 2010
I tested it, it works here (both with plasma or plasmoidviewer).
Can you try to install this previous version? - Oct 25 2010
I don't see what's the problem, sorry.
Which KDE version are you using? - Oct 25 2010
please use cwp-1.3.0 - Oct 25 2010
Can you tell me your location code?
Can you check, if offers current weather condition information for your location? - Oct 25 2010
Hi, (US) is currently broken, I'll fix it as soon as I can. does work fine with the give location code, for both plasma-desktop and plasmoidviewer.
Are you using a firewall? - Oct 20 2010
Can you tell me weather provider and location code setting? - Oct 19 2010
Please try lates version (1.2.3) or different weather provider. - Oct 06 2010
Strange. Can you try 1.2.3? - Oct 06 2010

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Apr 09 2013
I'll think about it. This will require GUI changes.
For now, you can use an empty directory as reference directory, and disable search for newer / missing files. - Mar 22 2012

I really appreciate your comments and your offer for help.

Concerning your duplicates search problem: Try to click on the check mark (next to the tab title "Duplicate files"), it will disable the tab (and also the duplicates search. Probably you'll also have to disable the "Newer files" tab, I don't remember. You can also disable md5 sum check and even file size check to speed up the search. It's always a good idea to use the "What's this" help, it's quite elaborate in komparator4.

I don't use a version control repository, just a simple folder on my hard disk :-)

Your help is very welcome, and if you want to, you can contact me via email to exchange ideas and discuss the ways to exchange code.

Georg - Jan 24 2011

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