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Georg Hennig , Germany
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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
Please try lates version (1.2.3) or different weather provider. - Oct 06 2010
Thanks, fixed in 1.2.2. - Sep 14 2010
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, it's intentional, I forgot to mention it in the Changelog file.
I noticed cwp crashes when closed if run from plasmoidviewer, so I changed this stuff in Plasma_CWP::~Plasma_CWP().
Still I don't see the reason for the crashes though. - Sep 14 2010
Did a "world" symbol appear in the upper left corner of cwp window?
Try to click on it... - Aug 28 2010
Thanks for your work, see private message. - Aug 26 2010
Thanks, will be part of cwp 1.2.1 - Aug 26 2010
Sorry, cwp already uses the default font type:

Plasma::Theme::defaultTheme()->font( Plasma::Theme::DefaultFont )

however, the font type is saved and restored on plasma restart, so if you change your plasma font meanwhile, it won't be changed in cwp. - Aug 11 2010
That's a good idea, I'll try to use desktop font type as default font.

The plasmoid font size depends on the information type (current temperature is larger than other kind of information, ...) and the available space. So the font sizes can't really be the same as the desktop font size.
- Aug 11 2010
Please try to resize the plasmoid a little broader.
CWP will resize the font to fit the text inside the available space.
- Aug 09 2010
There's no way.
Use instead (they provide weather information for places outside UK, too). - Aug 09 2010
Please try cwp-1.2.0 - Aug 09 2010
OK, thanks.
I'll check if we can use location strings like
from the URL. - Aug 03 2010
I'm not sure at the moment, please download "Current XML files" and unpack them into /home/<name>/.cwp folder, and restart plasma (kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 5 && plasma-desktop) or simply restart KDE. - Aug 03 2010
Just resize it, it will remember the size.
Resizing is possible by dragging the upper left or right corner (depending on the position inside your panel). - Jul 15 2010
Thanks for the feedback.
I'll fix it as soon as I can. - Jul 14 2010
If you are compiling from sources, can you edit the file "plasma-cwp.cpp" and remove the line

setMinimumSize( 150, 150 );

and check, if it works? - Jun 30 2010
Thanks. - Jun 02 2010
I see. Obviously they did. I'll look into it when I find the time.

In the meantime, I suggest you to use with location "Saint-Petersburg-RSXX0091" - May 20 2010
Thanks, updated Arch Linux Package Link - May 16 2010
Sorry guys, computer crashed during upload - May 15 2010
As far as I see, has changed the location names?


seems to work perfectly fine, whilst


doesn't show current weather conditions correctly. - May 12 2010
What location are you using? - May 12 2010
Please try CWP-1.0.2. - May 11 2010
Sorry, this information is outdated. is no longer supported,as they don't publish their data as html (text) files, but flash animations. It's not possible to parse them for weather data. - May 04 2010
That's not easily possible, probably copying ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* files will help (but that's the complete plasma desktop settings!). - Apr 27 2010
Thanks for your comment.
At the moment, I don't have time to implement it, but I'll keep it in mind.
Don't expect any changes til summer.
Until then, just set it to 15 minutes (and hope you have a permanent internet connection). - Apr 27 2010
The weather information is provided as text, which means it cannot be transformed into other units.
But there are some weather providers using strange units, usually those using Fahrenheit. So just choose a provider with "°F" in its name, e.g. " (°F)".
But I guess there will be none with mph (angloamerican units) and kPa (SI units) combined (never saw kPa for pressure anyway, just hPa). - Apr 25 2010
Thanks, fixed.
I forgot "http://" at the beginning, and does not support "www....." urls. - Apr 18 2010
OK, now I see your point.
You think, cwp should translate "city identifier" to html url encoding (all special character into html encoding, for example "ó" to "%F3").

I'm not sure if that is possible:
If everything you enter inside "city identifier" box to html url encoding, you won't be able to enter anything like "gid=3117735&la=4" as required for, because it would be translated to "gid%3D3117735%26la%3Dla%264".

So I still think this is not a bug, but a feature. You need to enter the city identifier as it appears inside the url of your browser. And for "Kraków" it's "Krak%F3w" that appears at the end of the url.
Changing cwp behaviour of city identifiers will break other weather providers. - Apr 04 2010
Thanks for your comment.
That's not a bug, it's a feature.
It's how cwp works: go to the weather provider page, and extract from the address line of your browser the part that identifies your city.
It's not necessarily a city name, might also be some number, ...
There is no way for cwp to translate your city name into weather provider's city identifier, sorry.
But as it works, I guess it's fine. - Apr 04 2010
Please try the following thing:
click on cwp icon in your panel.
The popup (too small size) will appear.
Resize it to the desired size by clicking on the corner of the popup window and resize. I think the position of this "resize corner" depends on the position of the icon in the panel, e.g. icon in lower right corner of your screen --> "resize corner" of the popup windows is upper left corner.
If I misunderstood, please tell me. - Apr 02 2010
Thanks for your comments.
I see that information inside README file might not help you, if compilation fails (although exactly those steps work fine on the systems I tried).
I guess a comment as "if you don't like it, don't use it" isn't useful either.
However, the problem is your distribution, not the application developer.
As distributions change within months, you'd effectively need to install about 10 Linux systems, and update your project every few weeks.
Sorry, no time left for that work.
Probably Opensuse build service might help, would provide suse, mandriva, fedora rpms and debian and ubuntu deb files.
Which does cover some of the larger distributions.
I'll see what I can do.
I see that you don't want to compile anything.
Good news: for cpw >= 1.0.0 you might not need to upgrade to each new release. XML files can be updated seperately, just by copying them to /home/<user>/.cwp folder.
I'm planning to release 1.0.x with only updates to xml files, and release xml files seperately. - Mar 30 2010
This is already implemented:
In the config window setup your first city including satellite images, and then click "New" button next to "preferred location" (below city setup). Enter a name for this preferred location.
Repeat for each city you want to have in this list.
Right-clicking on the cwp plasmoid shows these preferred locations, and you can quickly switch between these cities.
- Mar 27 2010
To find out, which version you're running: Open CWP properties window, and on the top there's a line showing CWP version number.

If you updated to 1.0.0, try to run



kquitapp plasma-desktop

to restart plasma desktop. - Mar 16 2010
Which CWP version are you using? - Mar 15 2010
New release fixes this problem (additionally install a png icon). - Mar 07 2010
I'm fixing it, but it will take some time ( page changed completely). - Mar 03 2010
I had a quick look at it.
Please try to use
instead of

The question mark icon is an icon that does not exist in oxygen (weather-windy) and is installed by cwp.
Obviously it's not at the correct position for kde 4.3 - Mar 03 2010
Which version are you using?
>= cwp-0.9.14 should make asynchronous downloads from the gui thread, which should be fine. - Feb 28 2010
OK, fixed it in 0.9.18 - Jan 10 2010

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Apr 09 2013
I modified the archive with this little change.
Packages are being built. - Jul 30 2010
inside doc/index.docbook file, can you try to replace the line

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdex.dtd" [


<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdex.dtd" [

? ("4.1.2" -> "4.2")

Thanks. - Jul 30 2010
Implemented a workaround in komparator4-0.4 - Jul 29 2010
Thanks, I could reproduce it.
It seems to be a bug or feature of Qt.
I'll see if I can find a workaround. - Jul 27 2010
Thanks for your comment.
1) I cannot reproduce the problem, with single or double mouse click enabled in KDE system settings. I selected several files inside the result lists, but it didn't open a single file.
2) I implemented a command line option "--minimized", which will start komparator4 minimized to system tray, if you enabled the system tray icon inside komparator4 settings. The next version will come with this feature. - Jul 26 2010
Can you test version 0.2?

I don't think it's worth adding it, with just a handful of people using it. - Jun 07 2010
Did you disable search for empty folders?
Do you expect many missing or newer files? Probably adding these files to the list is causing this issue? - Jun 07 2010
I provided some rpm's for several linux distributions.
I didn't test them though. - Mar 27 2010
This is most likely a bug in your system (kdelibs updated but not phonon afterwards).
Please reinstall/recompile phonon and kdelibs. - Mar 26 2010

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Feb 28 2008
It's dead as kde 3 is near to dead.
a KDE4 port is available at - Mar 26 2010

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May 15 2009

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