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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
This has been discussed several times, please look through comments.
I don't think there is a way for cwp inside official KDE, at least not in its current state.
Probably later, would require complete rewrite (might do it later this year). - May 16 2009

I don't understand your request:
It is already possible to save the city with the appropriate provider, so you can select via right click city+provider.
Of course, you could simply add a city several times using different providers.

Translated weather description text: very much work for translators, obviously weather providers don't use a very limited set of weather description messages. - May 16 2009
Hm, there is no in cwp... Strange.

I'm not sure, how well Ubuntu packages work on Debian. At least different Qt versions are known to break things.

I suggest, that you try the following things:

- Make sure you have >= KDE 4.2.0 installed

- right click inside empty plasmoid widget, and see, if you can configure it (set it to a valid location, and see, if anything appears)

- Follow installation instructions from README file (mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. etc...)

- Apr 30 2009
In README file, there is some information how to implement an xml file.

However, I might do the work, but it will take some weeks, sorry. I'm quite busy at the moment. - Apr 27 2009
I'll try to reproduce the bug and try to fix it. - Apr 27 2009
Are you using a dual monitor setup? - Apr 27 2009
KDE doesn't include weather-windy icon, it's part of CWP.
Please try to reinstall CWP, and take a look at install messages, it should install weather-windy.svgz into the KDE oxygen icon path.

Which system do you use? Did you compile it yourself?

Alternatively, I suggest to use YaWP icons: download a theme and open it in CWP configuration dialog ("custom icons"). - Apr 26 2009
Probably, you don't have g++ compiler installed? On some systems, it isn't installed by default with gcc compiler.

You'll also need the development files of some packages, see README file. Plus "gettext" package. - Apr 26 2009
On my system it works just fine.
Can you check, whether you have the file


inside your KDE installation folder?

If you do, you can try
with location code

It shows some "windy" icons during the next days. - Apr 26 2009
Have you followed the installation instructions from the README file? - Apr 25 2009
Oxygen does offer svg weather icons, on my system inside
They are gzip compressed, so they're called "*svgz"...

I think I understood what you mean. I'll see what I can do.
- Apr 23 2009
I can see what you mean.
I guess, is just not very good for smaller cities.

If things like that happen, check the site


for forecast, and check, whether the site shows the information correctly.
If it doesn't, cwp can't help you, sorry.

For example, at the moment (10.30) it's showing weather information from (01.15)... - Apr 23 2009
The "blurring" of the icon is strange, I use SVG scaled losslessly to that size...
The problem is, that plasma popup applets (which automatically show a popup window when clicked on the icon, etc) obviously only quadratic icons in panel.

I would be possible to implement it, though, but that would mean some poor hacks, for example how to find out whether it's running in panel mode or not, and reimplement mouse click/mouse over/... stuff.

So I don't know whether I'll implement it soon. - Apr 23 2009
I thought about it. But there are some problems:

- The code has grown too fast, and therefore is a mess
-> rewrite would be necessary, to split data engine from visual stuff (which would be a good thing, though).
Of course, that's easier now, as we know what features we want to see.

- But: I don't have too much time at the moment.

- I'm not sure, that the concept of parsing html web pages to receive weather information is acceptable for upstream KDE: weather web page providers might not be too glad that their advertisement is not shown at all.

- With great power comes great responsibility: many choices of weather providers, and completely hiding the internals from the user might be difficult, as any weather provider does it differently. A very difficult weather data engine selection might not be desired in KDE upstream.

For these reasons, the plasmoid will remain as it is for the next few months.
But splitting the data engine from the plasmoid is definitely on my todo-list, even if it cannot be merged into upstream KDE.

Georg - Apr 22 2009

I thought about it, but I don't think this is a thing that would fit in CWP (sorry): wallpapers would show a weather tendency only anyway, so one can use the limited KDE's weather engine, and simply use the closest bigger city. - Apr 22 2009
This behaviour is intended. I don't think this is really disturbing, and some weather providers have very long icon descriptions, so a non-overlapping description would result in a very, very tiny icon.

However, it is possible to solve this issue by resizing the plasmoid (increase width) and using a smaller font (reduce font scaling).
- Apr 22 2009
Thanks! :-) - Apr 22 2009
Thanks, added it to the packages link list. - Apr 22 2009
Probably that's intended.

However it should not overlap with the temperature (above the icons) and not with the last line of the icon description.
If that's the case, something's going wrong, so please tell me if it does.

If it bothers you, that multi-line icon descriptions overlap with the icon, you should either choose a weather provider with shorter descriptions, or resize the widget (and reduce font scaling), so all icon descriptions fit inside one line.
- Apr 22 2009
Can you tell me which location? - Apr 21 2009
Please send me your current file via email (find it inside README file), I'll look at it, when I find the time, and hopefully include it in 0.9.9. - Apr 17 2009
Please read the README file first.
I suggest to copy an existing xml file and rewrite it.
Which site are you planning to use? - Apr 16 2009
KDE only provides a small set of icons.
So with some special weather conditions no appropriate weather icon can be found.
If you see the "no icon" icon, try to change icon theme to "weather provider" and see, whether it is shown correctly.

Alternatively, you can use a yawp theme file, which might offer a more complete icon set. - Apr 10 2009
The size of plasmoids is usually fixed, so this would mean bigger changes that I don't have the time to do.
Probably in later releases. - Apr 08 2009
Sounds reasonable.
I guess that's no problem: Current weather conditions + today's forecast.
I think it will look like 3-day-vertical, but omitting the lower two days of forecast.
- Apr 07 2009
I tried to reproduce it: upgraded to 4.2.2 from, not reinstalling cwp: no problem.

Are you using a dual monitor setup? If you do, try to add cwp to the other screen, and tell me, if it changes anything. - Apr 07 2009
Automatic upgrade didn't show KDE 4.2.2 for my virtual machines, just 4.2.0.
I'll see what I can do.

Do you have a build environment installed, so you can compile it yourself? - Apr 07 2009
Thanks for your acclamation. - Apr 07 2009
Funny comment. I don't really think, it can break anything in KDE trunk, as it is not inside KDE trunk :-) - Apr 07 2009
This specific animation is done by javascript, which cannot easily be shown animated.
Sorry. - Apr 02 2009
Thank you very much, I applied it to my development version.
This fix will be included in 0.9.8, which I hope to release during the next week. - Apr 01 2009
Sorry, 0.9.8 needs some more testing, and translators need more time, so it will be delayed another week.
You should be able to use this wetter_com.xml file in the meantime:
Just replace the original wetter_com.xml file (either manually in your installation or in the source directory -> reinstall), and then reload cwp weather information.
If your browser is not able to download it (tries to show it), use wget or similar. - Mar 30 2009
Further investigation related to these problems showed, that this problem is KDE/folderview related, not CWP. - Mar 25 2009
I'll fix that. Obviously the site has changed.
Expect it in 0.9.8.
- Mar 24 2009
I decided to implement the several-satellite-images thing, but it will take quite some time, it's not easy to do it cleanly. - Mar 22 2009
I can add the images from this page, but can you send me the image links, including a short description (in English, as for the other images)?

I'll implement the option to translate the image names.
But I don't know whether all translators want to translate 200+ messages.
I'll leave it up to them.

The suggestion with multiple satellite images is good, but very difficult to implement.
So I can't do it at the moment, I'll leave it up to a future release. - Mar 20 2009

none of them.
In principle, you can display any image by url (http://...) or local image.
The url is configured under "custom image".
You can quick-select the satellite image by clicking on the icon right of the url selector (small word icon on the button).

Georg - Mar 19 2009
OK, thanks.
I also tested prebuilt cwp from
now, and it works flawlessly. - Mar 18 2009
Tested a fresh installation of 11.0, x64, with kde 4.2.1 from kde 4 factory repository: Absolutely no problem, folderview plasmoid is fine (actually one of them running as desktop, 2 as plasmoid widgets).

Of course, konqueror is crashing immediately after startup, but that occured also before cwp installation.

Using 0.9.7, sources, btw.
One instance of cwp running in panel, one on desktop.

Can you create a new user (or temporarily move .kde4 directory to .kde4.bkup when logged out), to see, whether it's something which happens from a non-fresh installation? - Mar 18 2009
And you compiled it yourself?
Which version of CWP are you running?
I don't think I can test 64bit, because my host system is running 32bit only. - Mar 18 2009
Click on the small "world" icon (only shown, if the image was loaded successfully), or click on the small image preview (depends on layout you are using). - Mar 18 2009
I tested it now, every combination of loggin out/in, rebooting, having CWP both inside panel and on the desktop, with several folderview plasmoids (and also one large folderview plasmoid as background, as it was usual in grandmother's desktop times ;-) )

Result: no empty folderviews, just a single (unreproducable) plasma crash, which I couldn't backtrace, because I forgot to install gdb :-(

Is seems, CWP is running perfectly as it should.

Are you using latest version 0.9.7? You can find out by opening configuration dialog, and it will be shown on top of the first configuration tab.

I compiled from sources, probably you are using some pre-built package? - Mar 18 2009

I'll install Opensuse 11.1 32 bit in a vm and test it there.
At the moment, I can't think of any reason why configuration files are messed up.
I recommend that you keep a copy of plasmarc and plasma-appletrc for now, so you can easily restore your working plasma session.

Georg - Mar 18 2009
BTW: You link provides information with English system (°F), if you're not using cached information. And this is exactly the problem. - Mar 17 2009

this is not easy to implement, as Metric or English units are only accessible by java script functions.

However, why don't you use It offers the same non-US locations as, same language, ...

for example use with

Georg - Mar 17 2009
Thanks for your comment.

1) Finally fixed that stupid task bar symbol thing. Some undocumented Plasma::Dialog stuff. -> in 0.9.7

2) added those images, no problem. -> in 0.9.7

3) I don't think I can implement that. It would mean complete implementation of a "weather warning provider" with "weather warning provider location identifier", with xml files how to parse those specific site, and we would need sites for many different locations (not everyone lives in Europe...), etc.
I don't think I can do that, sorry. - Mar 13 2009
I found one issue, but it should only appear when starting cwp (or plasma, of course).

Can you try with this patch applied:

Apply it inside the cwp-0.9.5 directory with the command

patch -p1 -i /path/to/cwp-0.9.5_1.patch - Mar 10 2009
sorry, this is the command (corrected apos'):

sed -i '/^lastsize=/d' ~/.kde4.2/share/config/plasmarc - Mar 10 2009

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Feb 28 2008
No qt4 / KDE 4 version is planned, at least for the next months.

These compile issues might come from outdated development packages on your system. This library is no explicit dependency, maybe it's pulled in by qt.
So please upgrade your distribution. - Apr 06 2009
Please try to install
or similar (depends on your distribution).
Before installation I got an error messages "unknown protocol...", now it works (tested with smb protocol, but should work with other kioslave protocols as well).
- Apr 02 2009

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May 15 2009

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