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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
I do remember. Here are some reasons, why it can't be official KDE:
- im some cases poor programming practice, the rest is very poor :-)
- the plasmoid will stop working (or at least a provider), if the provider changes his web page layout. This is not desired for a stable package.
- parsing html files is no "clean" solution anyway. - Feb 20 2009
I think, that separating current weather information (which is an observation!) form forecast information (which is just a guess) actually does make sense. - Feb 20 2009
You're welcome.

I hate the yaWP icons, btw.

You can use icons from the weather provider, if you're using uk, in, fr or They work well together with transparency.

Still I might provide support for different icon themes in some later version.
yaWP icons are published under GPL, so there shouldn't be any problem.
I have to ask the author first, of course. - Feb 19 2009
Implemented in 0.8.2. Check out this preview: - Feb 19 2009
Fixed now in 0.8.2: Freely resizable, but selecting a new layout will set it to the layout's ascpect ratio, keeping plasmoid's area constant. - Feb 19 2009
I'll fix that.
For now, hold down "Ctrl" key when resizing (you can freely resize then, rtfREADME). - Feb 19 2009
I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Do you mean: Forecasts will look like 7 plasmoids next to each other inside the big plasmoid? - Feb 19 2009
Thank you.

It looks nice. Mission complete: about the same size as yaWP (if you would use only 5 day forecast). :-)

Concerning your request:
There is no real need for another plasmoid. You can achieve the same thing in the following way:

create a script inside ~/.kde4/Autostart, let's call it

Fill it with



for ((;;)); do

replace the values of IMAGE_URL, IMAGE_FOLDER and IMAGE_NAME by something you like (folder must exist!).
UPDATE_TIME unit is seconds.

chmod a+x ~/.kde4/Autostart/

Now you'll have the image updated every xy seconds after restarting KDE.
You can run the script from console to test it.

Now add KDE's picture frame plasmoid to your desktop, select "slide show" and add the folder "$IMAGE_FOLDER" to it with appropriate update time (more often than $UPDATE_TIME). (A slide show with only 1 image, this will make sure, the image is reloaded every minute or so)

Voilà, "satellite image plasmoid"! :-)

Of course, this only works, if the updated satellite image always uses the same url as the given example. - Feb 19 2009
Check out version 0.8.1.
I think it's a little ugly, but the proper way (set a svg as background) has no adjustable transparency and color. - Feb 19 2009
Do you mean a color pick button as for the font color? This is no real problem.
In principle, the color dialog could ask for RGBA color, so there would be no need for a transparency slider (color would contain transparency value already). But I don't seem to find the option in KColorButton.

However, I'll have to write my own plasmoid background paint function, so it might take some time. - Feb 19 2009
Wouldn't be difficult to implement. Expect this option in the next release.

In the meanwhile, just choose a different plasma desktop theme. - Feb 19 2009
Find in new version 0.8 of customizable weather plasmoid.
Restricted to 5 day forecast, of course. - Feb 19 2009
Thanks (also for your suggestions and bug reports).
New version (0.8) is online now. I guess you'll like it :-) - Feb 19 2009
Yes, the forecast day names are no problem (expect it in 0.8 :-) ).
Today/Tonight cannot be handled via sunrise/sunset.
- Not all weather provider have this piece of information
- For example, uses "Tonight" for Johannesburg at this very moment, but sunset is in 3 hours.

Probably I'll leave it to the user to decide, whether he wants names from the provider or automatically generated with "Today" for day and night. - Feb 18 2009
This was desired behaviour (for font size to scale correctly), but that's not necessary any more.

So expect it to work in 0.8. Might still take some time, many changes have been made, especially to make it smaller and possibly more readable.
I might add a button for extended information on current weather condition (as in yawp).
Wind description might go there as well. - Feb 18 2009
This is a problem by design.

yaWP for example uses data from an xml feed (which only provides 2 day forecast), and therefore it can rely on the day names that are provided.

But this plasmoid uses names from html files (and we have a 6 day forecast!), and names can have different layout:

Mon, 22 February, 23 Février, 23 Februar, 23 Feb, Monday, Tonight, ... ... ...

It depends on the weather provider. The only option would be: Set day names according to current day (but what about "Today"? When should it read "Tonight"?)

I'll think about it. - Feb 18 2009
Nice to hear :-) - Feb 18 2009
1) Look at the comment below from kejpi, number 3 and my reply.
2) There's no space left, but I consider adding a button (instead of humidity, wind, ... ?) which would show additional weather information like dew point, pressure, ... xml file has been fixed in 0.8. - Feb 18 2009
This won't happen in near future, but at least the GUI will be changed to avoid confusion.

-> Use instead. - Feb 17 2009
1) I thought it is not necessary, but I can implement that easiliy. Expect it in 0.8.
2) No, sorry
3) I guess that's not possible, as wind condition is only transferred as text. And therefore it's "NE" or "north-east" or "Nordnordost" or whatever, that cannot pe parsed. The other option would have been to use just providers, that do offer a good wind direction, but the result would be a provider that only offers US cities and a few bigger cities around the world. But most people don't live in the US.
4) Sunrise / sunset. Just saving space... - Feb 17 2009
Hi, I tested it on mandriva 2009.1, x86, and it worked.
I think it's a mandriva issue (nobody else is complaining).

Version 0.8 will have font sizes changed according to your suggestions.
There will be two other layouts, too, where the lost space is used (in fact similar to the current horizontal layout, but using all the space, and therefore with reduced width). - Feb 17 2009
Try to run

grep custom_weather ~/.kde4.2/share/config/*

plasmoidviewerrc is not the correct file.

The file plasmarc inside that directory might contain it as well (but it shouldn't, I think).

I don't recommend copying the settings.
But if you find them inside plasmarc, you can send them to me (for example via private message), so I might find a bug. - Feb 17 2009
I just tested with an anonymous http proxy, globally set in KDE systemsettings, and it just works.

I don't know, whether it will ask for proxy user name / password, if required, but that wouldn't be desired behaviour anyway.
Just imagine your desktop will ask you every few minutes for you password :-) - Feb 17 2009
The 7 day forecast is really unique, I think, there is no weather plasmoid supporting more than 2 or 3 days, I think.

I'm using KDE's internal download function, so a proxy probably should work.
I didn't find anything useful in KDE's KIO documentation, though.
The only real thing I found is a comment on yaWP (yet another weather plasmoid).

May I ask, if
- you can watch site in your browser (proxy not blocking anything...)
- you tried yaWP? Is your proxy working there? - Feb 17 2009
And I forgot:
If you start plasma from a console, you will see the debug output (also from customizable weather plasmoid!).
If plasma is still running, you can stop it by running "kquitapp plasma". - Feb 17 2009
Mandriva is causing a lot of trouble...

plasmoidviewer and plasma use different config files, so probably you have some invalid settings for the plasma version.

To reset them, open ~/.kde4.2/share/config/plasma-appletsrc with a text editor and find the parts, that configure the customizable weather plasmoid. They will look somehow like


feelsLike=feels like
font=Nimbus Sans L,12,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0

Remove them from the file after removing the plasmoid from your desktop.
Now re-adding them should make it work again. - Feb 17 2009
Probably I'll look into it, when I find the time.
You will only have 5 day forecast though. - Feb 16 2009
OK, enough changes for 0.7.
The problems you mentioned should all be fixed (except for the fahrenheit-only-problem on - Feb 16 2009
Oh, and I forgot:
Font size strongly depends on the used font, so you can scale the fonts manually (look in the configuration dialog at the bottom). - Feb 16 2009
I could reproduce the problem.
You are using, the US version of

- Unfortunately, it doesn't offer the possibility to change from English to Metric units (it's a java script, so the site cannot be downloaded with metric units enabled).

- Parse errors only appear in non-US locations, I'll fix that.

Use for now. - Feb 16 2009
This site only provides forecast for 5 days, is that true?
In principle, writing the appropriate xml file would be possible, but forecast for day 6 and 7 would always be empty.
Or did I miss the place where a 7-day-forecast can be found?
I used this link
so zip code would be the alias-name. - Feb 16 2009
of course, you will need a complete development environment.
This means:
- gcc / c++ compiler
- make
- qt/kde development packages
and their dependencies.
The names of the packages depend on your distribution, often they have a name with the suffix "-devel".
If installation of these packages doesn't help, please post the output of the cmake command.
Georg - Feb 16 2009
Unfortunately, plasma did have an api change from 4.1 to 4.2, so plasmoids from 4.1 won't work (out of the box) on 4.2 and vice versa. - Feb 13 2009
please try newest version... - Feb 13 2009
Are you using KDE 4.1.x?
Which Qt version?

This plasmoid is for >= kde 4.2 only. Unfortuantely, only KDE 4.x can be selected on this page. - Feb 09 2009

I don't understand this comment...

If that's your problem: only and will work out-of-the-box.
For other providers you will need to write the xml file yourself.
Please read the plasmoid's description carefully before using... - Feb 08 2009

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Jun 27 2008
This plugin won't ever work on kde 4.
KDE4 has only a very limited support for thumbnails (no automatic rotation, no raw images) and no support for displaying meta data.
You can right click on an item in konqueror and display its properties: Sometimes thumbnail image, never any meta data.
It doesn't make any sense to develop such a plugin, if no file management program is capable of showing the information.
But the lack of raw image support plus the extremely slow dolphin are the things that annoy me most in kde 4.
So I'll stay tuned. - Dec 07 2008
Please try to find "", for example using "locate libexiv2" or similar.

If it doesn't exist, please install libexiv2-dev package or similar.

If it exists, please try to run configure script with the correct prefix
./configure --prefix=/usr/...
or link the existing to /usr/lib - Dec 05 2008
you'll need to install libexiv2, too.
Obviously, you could install libkexiv2 without libexiv2.
Please try again with installed libexiv2, and post the result.
Georg - Jul 06 2008
Weather Plasmoid

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Jul 10 2008
You're welcome.

Unpack the plasma-weather-0.4.tar.gz file with
tar xvf plasma-weather-0.4.tar.gz
go into the resulting directory
cd weather
and apply the patch with
patch -p1 -i /path/to/patch -p1 -i ../plasma-weather-0.4-forecast_3.patch
Then build the plasmoid as described.
- Nov 30 2008
OK, didn't know that it would disappear.
Trying two other locations: - Nov 30 2008
Yes, temperatures are wrong, because the plasmoid uses the temperature as it is felt due to the wind, I think.
If you want the correct temperature, try this patch
This also displays the 2-day-forecast and includes the corrected weather icons. - Nov 24 2008
You can apply this patch to a fresh unpacked 0.4 directory. But this also applies the forecast modification. But you can just copy the resulting patched svg file... - Oct 29 2008
I fixed it, and uploaded a patch:

Apply it to the original weather plasmoid 0.4 directory (unpatched). - Oct 01 2008
icons for weather code 11 and 12 (rain, light rain, ...) are missing (not statically linked into svg file?).
inkscape gives errors like
** (inkscape:28124): WARNING **: <image xlink:href="weather1_files/11_showers.html"> did not resolve to a valid image file (base dir is /xyz/weather), now trying sodipodi:absref="/home/daten/PROJEKTE/weather_icons/11_showers.png"
Georg - Sep 22 2008
Thanks for your work.

I created a simple mod, displaying some "forecast" (actually the xml is restricted to current day + next day forecast). It also displays sunrise / sunset + humidity:

You can patch weather plasmoid 0.4 by
patch -p1 -i plasma-weather-0.4-forecast.patch

Find the patch here: - Sep 19 2008

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Feb 28 2008
Sorry, that I answer so late. I'll look into it, and hope, I can solve this problem. - Feb 17 2008
This homepage is using frames, so if you visit
you'll see the email adress... But I'll include it also in bug.html.
You seem to have enabled the systray icon. Can you disable it to see whether it continues crashing?
Probably it is better to continue the discussion via email.
Georg - Oct 14 2007

thanks. Always good to hear from people actually using it...

Your idea is good, and I think, I will include such a "shortcut button" in the next release.
At the moment you'd have to copy the missing files manually, and automatically renaming the older files is impossible.

But I don't know, how soon the next release will come, as I plan to rewrite big parts of the GUI. But it will come.

Georg - Oct 12 2007
Komparator will show you files that are different / newer / ..., but you have to copy the files you want to manually. - Aug 27 2007

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