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Feb 28 2008
Yes, next version, which will come out soon, will include that feature. - Aug 07 2007
OK, I changed it. - May 09 2007

I'm not quite sure what you mean.
If you compare the folders, usually (if file size comparison + eventually md5 and binary comparison are switched on) komparator will discover, which files are real duplicates, and which only have the same name.

In your case, these files should appear in the "Newer files" tab, the newer file black and the older one blue (if they were the same files with different time stamp, the older one would be colored purple).

However, if you don't know, which file you want to keep, just right click on the file and choose "Compare newer files pair" (or, if you want to compare two different named file, select on each side one file, and choose "Compare selected files"). You'll find the context menu in the second screenshot here, and the compare dialog with preview in the 3rd one.

If this was not the thing you meant, please tell me so.

Georg - Oct 05 2006
With komparator-0.4 they cannot be excluded. However, this feature has been requested some time ago, and in komparator-0.5 you will be able to exclude hidden items in general, or only specific ones (by regex).
I'm about to release komparator-0.5 the next days, so come back later this week. - Sep 12 2006
As mentioned above, komparator is no GUI for or clone of unison. komparator won't sync anything automatically, as it wasn't designed for this purpose.

If you like to help improve komparator, please write a bug report including information how to reproduce the bug you've found. - Aug 09 2006
Thanks for that hint! I'll try it. - May 25 2006
Hi. I tried to reproduce this bug with "qemu -smp 2" and Ubuntu 5.10, however I didn't manage it to make it crash. Googling for that error didn't give much information. Backtracing a crash would be helpful. However, as nobody seems to experience these problems, I tend to think that it's either a smp (hard for me to find as it doesn't occur on qemu smp) or your installation related problem.It would be good if you contacted me personally if you still have these problems and you want to try to fix that bug. - May 25 2006
In the next release you'll be able to "Don't show this message again".
Btw: These messages pop up before the main window on my system. However, the ftp password query pops up behind it. I don't know why. - Mar 30 2006
That's true. komparator was not designed to keep folders automatically synced. For this purpose one could use rsync (as a cron job, for example) or cp with appropriate arguments, or unison, or kitchensync (never really tried it), or ....

However, last time I rsynced a folder on a reiserfs and a vfat file system (file names' cases were corrupt, two upper case letters were converted to lower case), I got all those lower case named files in my reiserfs folder. It was hard to get them out again.

komparator lists all files that were possibly changed, and lets the user decide, which were really changed, and need to be copied. Plus: the kioslaves are rather practical to access many types of remote and local folders and archives.
Of course you should chose the application that suits your needs best. A database holding information about synced folders is currently not planned. - Mar 23 2006
Sorry for the long delay. I don't exactly know, what's so time-consuming on your setup.
Please try to disable search for empty folders, only search for file size (not md5 checksum and binary comparison).
Unfortunately, I don't have too much time at the moment; but I'll keep this problem in mind. - Mar 21 2006
Can you check, how long it takes to search for all files "*" in this nfs mounted folder using kfind? - Mar 10 2006
OK, I created a nfs share on my computer and accessed it on the same computer; however, in some cases, kfind (and therefore komparator, too) ate up all my memory and swap.
In the other cases, it wasn't really that slow.
Probably you could mount the nfs share, so you don't need to use the (buggy and/or slow) kioslave? - Mar 06 2006
> please don't feel offended

Surely not, I'm always glad to hear constructive criticism, so I can improve komparator.
Let me commment on these issues:

> - speed
I just installed unison to compare the speed. On my test setup (~2GB, 500 files), most of them different, unison needed ~200s, and komparator ~10s.
But if both directories were identical (worst case for komparator), unison took the same time, komparator ~240s. I think that's because unison doesn't use the md5 checksum, but a rather fast "fingerprint". I consider using a faster but less accurate checksum. If you have found a more drastical difference of compare speed, please tell me you test setup.

> - doesn't fit to screen (1024x768, kicker left)
I'll fix that. I thought it usually fits on the screen, but that will depend on translation and window style.

> - profiles for recurring tasks
Did you have a look at the "presets" option? I think, that's what you were looking for. If not, write me, what you are missing.

> - restart/go button
OK, I thought hitting the button twice ("Clear" & "Search") would be fine for users, however, it's no problem to add such a button.
But as you noticed, the interface is already too big, so I'm not sure where to put it.

If you have any questions, bugs, suggestions, feel free to ask again. - Mar 04 2006
1) I'm not quite sure what's your problem. The "reference folder" just affects the selection of the duplicate files, not the search for different files (use the "What's this" help).
I guess, the "Newer files" tab is what you want: Different files are shown, different by file size (if you enabled size comparison) and by time stamp, but with the same relative path.

Please use "What's this" help again to find out about the information that different colored files give you. They'll show you the files, that are really different (newer files aren't necessarily different).

You can disable the "Different files" and "Missing files" tabs, if you don't need these results.

2) Unfortunately, komparator is designed for exactly 2 directories. But in principle, it might be possible to implement this.

I'll think about it. - Mar 02 2006
G**gle is your friend:
But it seems to be stuck in alpha stage. - Jan 08 2006
Yes, it could. You'll need to take some empty folder as the second one.
However, keep in mind that md5 sum checking (or byte comparision) might be slow on thousands of songs.
And it surely will only discover duplicate files (=same size (+ same md5 sum)), not duplicate songs (if in different file format, length, bit rate, ...). For this purpose, I remeber some command line app "fdmf" = "find duplicate music files". - Jan 08 2006
gordin is right: "kio-slave protocols" partly work now. In principal, nfs should work in unmounted (konqueror) lisa style.

However, there are still some issues:
- Permissions are not properly checked, if file read operation fails, it gives an error message box. And if the tree contains hundreds of unreadable files, there might be hundreds of error messages...
That might come from the kio function "isReadable": "true if the file can be read - more precisely, returns false if we know for sure it can't. In some cases (remote files), we may return true even though it can't be read"
- Cancel button sometimes freezes. That's a problem (see above...).
- Non-local files must be downloaded to create md5 checksum / binary comparision. This can be very slow.
But I'll keep an eye on that... - Jan 08 2006

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Aug 01 2011
I really like amarok, but there are two minor things, that I'd like to see (or I just haven't found them yet) concerning sorting the songs:

I have several songs, whose album is unknown. However, from the same artist I have songs that belong to albums. I am sorting by "genre, artist, album". The files with unknown album are inside the (virtual) album "Unknown". But I would like to see them directly under the artist's name (just to save one click every time I want to play a song from an unknown album). This means: Sorting by "genre, artist" when album unknown, and by "genre, artist, album" if it is known.

Second thing: I have some soundtrack albums, where the titles are played by different artists. This means, sorting by "genre, artist, album" is useless, it should be "genre, album" (if I want to be able to play a whole soundtrack). Is it possible to set sorting somehow individually for each genre?

Thanks for your great app! - Feb 16 2007

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by alwin
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Aug 21 2013
Thanks for this useful app. Just a minor bug: I checked out an svn directory with spaces in its name, and locally the folder that was created did not contain spaces but "%20". Updating or committing was not possible, until I manually changed the "%20" in the folder name to spaces.
Files inside that folder containing spaces were named correctly.
I'm using 0.8.4. - Jun 15 2006

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by wbsoft

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May 15 2009

Audio Apps
by wbsoft

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9   Oct 14 2010